2013! Finally a blog post.

So as you can see I am not the best at updating and keeping up with a blog. However here I am! 2012 ended up being a great year with lots of amazing weddings and events. Now as spring is just around the corner, wedding season is back upon us! I am very excited to work with some great couples this coming year along with continuing my weekly bar gigs.
In addition to wedding season, it’s all concert/festival season and tons of new albums being released.

Here are some albums of 2013 that have dropped and others I’m eagerly awaiting the releases of.

The Gods have returned! My Bloody Valentine releases their third album in February after a 22 year hiatus. It’s hard to believe ‘Loveless’ came out in 1991. This album is easy to get lost in. Check out the tracks “If I Am” and “New You”. Let’s hope for a full North American tour at some point!

Legendary guitarist Johnny Marr steps out front for the first time with his first full solo album. Released February earlier this year, great brit-rock album, playing Coachella this year and the Paradise in Boston, check him out!

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (who are also returning later in 2013, thank God!) & his wife Mariqueen Maandig team up to create How To Destory Angels. They released two EPs in the last year which are great. The full length album “Welcome Oblivion” (March 5th) shows the two of them trading off vocals which work really well together. This is a great departure from NIN, very very different. They are on tour playing Coachella and Boston’s House of Blues in April!

JT’s new album after a 7 year hiatus. This drops March 19th and from the streaming on iTunes the past week I am already obsessed. I love the retro R&B sound he’s going with. JT & Jay-Z are touring this summer, with two nights at Fenway Park if you’re in the Boston area.

Suede reunites and returns with their newest album this March. It leaked online already and I’ve been listening to it nonstop, really. Solid album, in love with the opening track “Barriers”.

Depeche Mode return with their 13th studio album March 22nd. The two singles I’ve heard so far “Heaven” was just okay, but “Soothe My Soul” is an awesome classic DM track. They are touring later this year also and amazing live if you have the chance to see them.

April 8th, The Knife drop their fourth album “Shaking The Habitual”. I LOVE this band and their side project Fever Ray. The two singles released are amazing, I have high expectations for this record.

OMD, 80s synth pop heroes release “English Electric” on April 8th this year. I love that this band and Depeche Mode are still going and putting out quality music after all these years. I am very excited for this album, I loved the “History of Modern” album in 2010 and tour. Very excited to also see these guys at Coachella and the Paradise later this summer. The single ‘Metroland’ is fantastic!

YES! Judge away but I am excited for the next chapter of Snoop. I have grown up listening to him and have seen him live several times. He’s a blast and I am curious to hear his departure from hip-hop. How original Snoop, you’re dropping you’re reggae album on 4/20 of this year!

April 22nd, french dance rockers Phoenix drop their 5th album “Bankrupt!”. Little ironic of a title considering they are from that point in their career. The first single “Entertainment” the first few listens didn’t do much for me but ended up really growing on me after a while. It will be hard to follow up the last album anyway but I have high expectations for this one. Hoping it leaks at some point before seeing them headline Coachella.

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  • Johnny March 19, 2013

    BIG Trent Reznor fan! Also, I snagged a ticket for the Justin Timberlake / Jay-Z concert at Fenway this summer!


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