9th wedding of 2016! Amanda & Mason!!!

Venue: Seacoast Science Center, Rye NH

Date: 7-9-16

Couple: Amanda and Mason Cox

Photo: The man, the myth, the legend Mikhail Glabets (who shot my wedding as well!)

Amanda & Mason everyone! I honestly am on a roll with the couples I get to work with. Every couple is different in many ways but have one thing in common – they are awesome to work with and they all just want a fun party vibe for them and their guests. I was introduced to these two via email from our mutual wedding photographer Mikhail. After a couple of drinks and a face to face meeting the rest was history and we were in constant contact for all of the music details of July 9th, 2016.

They were so laid back and easy going and very open to suggestions as well which I loved. Amanda asked me if I would be okay mixing in some Arabic dance songs for her and her family. Of course that isn’t a problem! This is what makes weddings still fun and exciting for me to do. Even with a MacBook loaded of 70,000 songs – every couple still has stuff I haven’t heard yet. It introduces me to new songs and artists. I also never know what type of crowd I am going to walk into and I love that challenge of getting 100 or so guests I have never met up and dancing.

Once I arrived to the venue and got set up the guests slowly started to trickle in from the ceremony which was held at a separate location. Cocktail hour to start was fun they wanted a mix of some jazzy mellow stuff from Ella Fitzgerald to Pink Martini. It went really well with the setting of being right on the water. The venue was gorgeous for it’s view! Once cocktails wrapped up and everyone came into the tent we were into introductions. The parents and wedding party were all announced to “Can’t Stop This Feeling” the newest and very fun song by Justin Timberlake. Amanda and Mason were then announced to “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities. I think I’ve said this before but it’s great when couples choose fun upbeat songs like this for introductions. It’s a party and really sets the tone for the night to follow! As soon as they were announced they went into “Everything” by Michael Buble for their first dance. Believe it or not – this was (I think) the first time I’ve ever had a couple choose Buble, such a good choice for a first dance.

Dinner was up next and was a similar style to cocktail hour but also mixing in some must play theme songs that Amanda and Mason wanted from the movie Up and also the show West Wing. I have some James Vincent McMorrow playing which someone asked me who it was they loved the song so much. And then during dinner something crazy happened! We lucked out with weather that it didn’t start pouring rain until everyone was at least inside the tent, so they were able to enjoy cocktail hour. Halfway through dinner though – all of the lights and some of the power went out. I think everyone thought I was controlling the lights at first haha but not the case. The best part though is I must’ve been plugged into a different power source because we never lost the music! I don’t know if anyone really noticed but since it was raining SO hard on the tent I tried to subtly play “No Rain” by Blind Melon and “The Rain” by Missy Elliot. Once the lights came back on everything was fine and it was time to cut the cake and get to the dancing.

Mason and his mother danced to “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins which I just found out was Mason’s first concert. I have been to 90,000 concerts and I have never seen Phil – I am VERY jealous of that! Amanda and her father danced to a classic Bob Dylan song “Forever Young”. From there we were off! Dance floor was PACKED all night long and I was mixing in the Arabic dance party songs every few tracks that Amanda provided me. It was great to be able to mix American top 40 and old school stuff with those – everyone was loving the flow and vibe. Seriously one of the most fun crowds I’ve ever had – don’t care if that sounds repetitive either – I really mean it.

CONGRATS Mr and Mrs Amanda and Mason Cox and thank-you times a zillion for having me!!! It was one to remember!!! (I even got to rock my T-Rex cufflinks!)

Enjoy a few of my quick iPhone photos!

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