Happy 2017! Wedding #1 of the Season is in the books!

Couple: Angela and Terry

Venue: Jones River Trading Post, Kingston MA

Date: 1-14-17

Only two weeks off in between 2016 and 2017 wedding season – no rest for the wicked! The last few years of doing weddings my season typically has begun in April/May and gone through October/November at the latest. I was so lucky with having that extend as it was into December for 2016 and now kicking things off right away in the start of a new year in January. I always wondered what doing a “winter wedding” would be like. What if there is a blizzard? What if the Patriots are playing in a huge playoff game the same night as the wedding?! Well, one of those two things did happen haha but this ended up being one of my all time favorite weddings to DJ and have become friends with Angela and Terry as an added bonus. (Oh, and the blizzard also did take place but luckily was a weekend before this wedding so getting to and from the venue wasn’t bad at all.)

I was connected with Angela first through an email on my website stating how her then fiancé and now husband Terry who only listens to sports talk radio or Pearl Jam only – apparently had heard me DJ’ing on a random Friday night at 6B Lounge’s 90’s Night. I guess he had a good time and suggested to get in touch with me to DJ the big day. The three of us met up and hit it off right away in our consultation meeting. Terry and I shared a love for Pearl Jam and 90s rock music and also a mutual love for all things craft beer and IPA’s. Angela and I connected with our love for indie rock bands like Miike Snow, M83, and so on. Seriously I felt like I was talking to myself throughout the meeting with how into the same things we were. Needless to say they ended up booking me and I was on board the rock the house for these two.

They were SO easy to work with throughout the entire process of about 10 months or so leading up to the wedding date. Angela was very organized knowing just what she wanted/didn’t want for different parts of the night and we met up a couple of times just to make sure we were all on the same page of music, timeline, vibe, flow for the night so I could provide them more than what they wanted and expected from me.

Once the day finally arrived as always I got to the venue super early for set up and sound check. The venue was SO AWESOME in person (and sounded great in there with acoustics). It was basically like an old boat house renovated into an event space – I loved it. I also have to say it was probably the easiest wedding I’ve ever done in terms of setting up. ONE SET UP FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT! I am used to running around like a madman with multiple setups and gear all over the place – but this was one and done.

The ceremony was held right there on site and I had a little mix going on for pre-ceremony music of Vitamin String Quartet which always works well. As soon as the actual ceremony was ready to start the bridal party all processed to “Over the Rainbow” by the Hawaiian legend Israel K. Angela processed to “Pachelbel Canon in D” one of the most stunning pieces of music ever written. The ceremony was great – serious and humorous at times – a very nice balance. Once it came to an end Angela and Terry walked off to Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply”.

As we went into cocktail hour I played a really fun mix of the indie rock music Angela (and myself) both love and mixed in a few old school classics as well to keep the overall crowd engaged and enjoying it. Up next were introductions. We introduced the Bridesmaids as an entire group to the song “Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)” by the Hollies – and the guys were all announced to ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”. The newlyweds were announced to “Helicopter” by Bloc Party which was awesome to play for an introduction!

Angela and Terry went directly into their first dance “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam. As we started the dinner portion of the night I kept a similar mix to cocktail hour going and adding in a little more classic rock as well as some of the more “mellow” 90s rock tunes to appeal to Terry (and appeal to myself!). I don’t usually get to play stuff like that out so that was a treat for me. The speeches were all great and Angela’s sister had actually gotten in touch with me before the wedding explaining how one part of her joint speech would reference Disney and if I could download and play the Disney theme music – it worked out great and was timed perfectly and a nice little surprise for Angela.

As dinner was winding down we dimmed the lights down and threw on my lighting rig and got the dance floor going! Kicked things off with some classic old school funk/soul Jackson 5, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder and mixing that into some newer school funk/soul stuff from Justin Timberlake/Bruno Mars and from there I took the crowd all over the place. 80s/90s/classic rock sing-alongs etc. and kept it new and fresh with some Top 40 being sprinkled in throughout the night. The crowd was TOP NOTCH and crazy fun to play to. Very open minded to anything being played and kept moving all night long.

I did keep the crowd posted on the Patriots playoff game score and course I had to represent somehow and wore my Pats tie for good luck – and sure enough as the wedding ended the Pats won!! What an amazing night to be a part of.

Thank you A&T so much for having me and CONGRATS to you both!! We will hit a show sometime soon and drink some awesome beers!!

Here are a couple of iPhone pics from the night to check out:

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Final & 28th wedding of an incredible 2016 is here with Nicole and Jamie on NYE!

Venue: DoubleTree Hotel, Danvers MA

Couple: Nicole and Jamie Brooks

Photo: Wendell Fernandes Photography

Date: 12-31-16

What started back in April comes to an end with my biggest and busiest season yet. 28 weddings from April until now December 31st – 2016 you were amazing to me and every couple I worked with knocked it out of the park beyond anything I imagined! The final chapter of this season comes in with Nicole and Jamie who had the most amazing New Years Eve wedding ever. This was almost my first ever NYE wedding and I was so happy to be a part of it.

I met these two a while back and we all got along very well right away and soon after they booked me. SO easy to work with – Nicole was insanely organized which puts me at ease with details of music, timeline of the day, exactly what they did and did not want for music and the overall vibe of the night.

I arrived very early the day of the event since we had a couple of set ups to take care. The ceremony was held onsite on one part of the hotel in this gorgeous little courtyard area which I set up a speaker and supplied music and a mic for the ceremony itself. For pre – ceremony music we had a nice shuffle blend of Vitamin String Quarter songs going while guests arrived and took their seats. One the ceremony started their friend and officiant Malika took over and did an AMAZING job. The bridesmaids all entered to “Moon River” by the Honey Trees while the ring bearers and flower girl walked into “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Eva Cassidy. Nicole herself walked the aisle to live bagpipe music which sounded so gorgeous – awesome touch to the wedding. Once the ceremony ended and they said “I Do” they exited to a balloon drop from the ceiling and the song “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. It was such a fun ceremony to witness but also very serious when it needed to be.

Cocktail hour was held in a separate room and music was done by the bagpiper from the ceremony. As that was all going on – I had my final set up and sound check in the main ballroom waiting for everyone to enter. I had on some chill funk/soul background music as everyone made their way into the ballroom and found their tables. We then lined up the wedding party and Nicole and Jamie right outside for introductions. The wedding party was announced to “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd and everyone did a mini mannequin challenge! Nicole and Jamie were then introduced to “Miami” by Will Smith – they are both from Boston but actually met in Miami so that was just too perfect and fitting! They went directly into their first dance Lee Brice “I Don’t Dance”.

Up next we had a couple of speeches and toasts and I went into dinner music from that. We had a mix of some old school funk/soul stuff with a little bit of modern chill acoustic lounge stuff from the XX with some Of Monsters & Men, and of course some classic rock gems from the Stones/Petty and others. The crowd seemed to be into the dinner playlist which was great.

As dinner came to a close – I grabbed both Nicole and Jamie to do the parent dances and then open up the dance floor itself. Jamie danced with his mother to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts – then Nicole was up next dancing with her father to Bette Midler “You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings” – and from that we were off! I usually start things out old school but this crowd was ready and they were there to party so we went more Top 40 based and kicked off “We Found Love” by Rihanna and from there into everything of 80s/90s/old school classics like “Twist and Shout” etc. Since this was a NYE wedding also – Nicole & Jamie supplied party props of glow sticks and some bubble machines which we kicked on and the place was going crazy! SUCH a fun energetic crowd and went right into midnight with a countdown – at midnight itself I played about a minute of the classic “Auld Lang Syne” into Prince’s “1999” (a little 2016 in memory of him) and right into “Shout” from the Isley Brothers. We closed things down with a couple huge group sing alongs and before I knew it – time was up! This wedding FLEW by as it was just so energetic from start to finish.

I cannot thank Nicole and Jamie enough for having me run the big day with music. CONGRATS to you both!!

Couple iPhone pics to check out below:

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Wedding 27 of the season with Margaret & Kevin! THIS is how you do a wedding!

Venue: Lenox Hotel, Boston MA

Couple: Margaret and Kevin Miley

Photo: THE LEGENDARY (who also shot my wedding earlier this year) Mikhail Glabets Photography

Date: 12-17-16

I was very lucky this season as I stated from my previous post to extend working into the month of December. And it happened, folks. THE FIRST REAL SNOW OF THE YEAR FELL EARLIER IN THE DAY! (Loading equipment in snow was fun lol!) This was hands down, no question one of the best weddings I’ve ever been a part of with one of the best couples I’ve ever worked with! Kevin and Margaret crushed it on every detail and aspect from start to finish. I was connected with these two from our mutual photographer, the crazy man himself; Mikhail Glabets. It was so much fun to work another wedding with him and I cannot wait to see the shots he got of everyone partying, which is all they did, all night long. Partied and then partied some more.

The three of us met down a couple of times in the months leading up to the big day to go over the venue, music, any and every detail possible so I was 100 percent ready to deliver what they wanted. Kevin is from Ireland actually so all he wanted was Dropkick Murphy’s the most authentic Irish band out there. (Kidding of course, DKM were on the do NOT playlist). Instead he wanted a little old school U2 & Snow Patrol mixed into the earlier part of the evening while Margaret was into the indie rock scene and old Motown funk/soul stuff – which is all personal favorites of mine so this was awesome to bring to life.

Since the ceremony was being held at a Church in Boston I made my way to the Lenox nice and early to get set up and sound checked. Their cocktail hour was being held at the hotel in another lounge area with a live pianist playing which sounded incredible! Once all of the guests made their way into the room dinner and dancing was held, I was there to greet them with some Motown/jazzy big band mixes going on while they all took their seats. The room we were in was stunning – all gold and a huge dome ceiling – appropriately titled “The Dome Room”.  We then lined up the wedding party and couple right outside and went into introductions. The wedding party was announced to the classic “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison while Kevin and Margaret were announced to “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” by the Tempations. They went right into the first dance Coldplay’s “Til Kingdom Come”. Margaret then danced with her father to the Tempations “My Girl” (which erupted into a sing along with the entire crowd). Kevin was up next with his mother dancing to “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King which also had another huge sing along from the crowd. Up next were some speeches and welcome toasts which was so well done, heartwarming with a nice touch of humor as well and a little bit of a roast from the Best Men and Maid of Honor.

Dinner started and the food was amazing. Seriously amazing. Our dinner playlist was a mix of some indie rock stuff with some Irish artists and still throwing in the oldies as well. The classics never get old! As dinner wrapped up and Kevin and Margaret made their way around the room to chat – we dimmed down the lighting and turned it into open dance floor and it was nonstop with this crowd. They were super energetic and open minded to everything being played and I was able to stick to most of the must playlist as well for the couple. Lots of 90s classics and some top 40 sprinkled in with some Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye. Since it was a week before Christmas as well – during dinner I snuck in a couple of old school tunes for that theme and during the dance party we had a massive sing-along to Mariah Carey and the Pogues – it was AWESOME. K & M wanted to close the night out with the greatest Rock N’ Roll band of all time, THE ROLLING STONES – and as soon as the opening riff of “Satisfaction” hit the crowd sang every word at the top of their lungs to finish off a flawless night.

Thanks again to Mikhail for connecting me with these two and thank-you times a zillion to Kevin and Margaret for choosing me and having me!! CONGRATS and we better continue to do drinks/dinners – we just won’t have to go over wedding details anymore!

Enjoy a couple iPhone pics here: (especially the one of the three of us holding the T-Rex Mikhail brought in for a prop!) lol.


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Micayla and Joseph Bush Loudly Ring in the 26th Wedding of 2016!

Venue: Ocean View, Nahant MA

Couple: Micayla and Joe

Photo: Chris Connor of 26 North Studios (Awesome guy)!

Date: 12-2-16

So my past wedding seasons up until now have usually ended in October or November. Micayla was my first ever December wedding and what a night we had! I had known Micayla for quite some time now and we share a love for the heavier side of music as Deftones being a mutual favorite of ours (And I even snuck in some acoustic Deftones in the dinner setlist)! We had emailed back and forth a bunch going over what vibe she and Joe wanted musically for the night and it was great to bring it all to life for them as the night unfolded.

I had never been to this particular venue before and it looked awesome online but WOW – in person?! The view is seriously something else and photos don’t do it justice. Micayla and Joe held their ceremony at a chapel off site and had their own music going for that but it sounds like she took my suggestion of using Vitamin String Quartet with the classy rock n’ roll covers. The photos I saw of the ceremony looked incredible and I heard it was very well done.

After arriving to the venue hours early as I always do for set up and sound check – I was good to go and even had my own stage for the evening! Felt like a rock star, it was a pretty awesome set up. The guests all trickled in and headed directly into the cocktail hour lounge where the venue coordinator and I had set up a playlist for background music of just chill old school music. Very fitting for a classy time of the night with drinks and appetizers.

As cocktail hour wound down the guests then all made their way into the reception area where I was set up and waiting for them. I had some chill Sinatra, Rat Pack style music going as they came in and once everyone was seated we went right into introductions to stay on track with the timeline. The wedding party was introduced to “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris and then Mr and Mrs Joseph Bush were announced to “We Found Love” by Rihanna and Calvin Harris. People loved these two and it meant – get ready to party! They took to the stage for their first dance as husband and wife to the classic Elvis Presley “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

Dinner was underway with a couple of toasts and speeches and the dinner playlist the couple wanted was a mix of anything from The Smiths and The Cure to chill classic Stones and Petty, and I threw in some modern chill Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men along with a little more rat pack-esque stuff for good measure. Again – to make sure we stayed on track with the timeline – as I saw things were slowing down with dinner I grabbed M & J to get the parent dances underway so we could then open the dance floor and maximize our dance party time.

Micayla was up first to the stage with her father dancing to “In My Life ” by The Beatles . Up next Joe danced to a personal fave of mine “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. From there the floor belonged to the crowd and the guests for the remainder of the evening and they tore it up! We had a blend going the couple wanted of some 80s and 90s throwbacks – some old school funk and soul – along with Top 40 current tunes to keep it fresh and new. We even had a Jason Aldean song right near the end of the night as requested by Joe.

CONGRATS to these two! Thank-you tons for having me DJ the big day – it was a pleasure working with you both from start to finish!

Here are a couple iPhone pics I snapped, enjoy:

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Jillian and Kevin said “I Do!” for Wedding 25 / 2016 season!

Venue: Lakeview Pavilion, Foxborough MA

Couple: Jillian and Kevin

Photo: Enchanted Moments Photography

Video: Fisher Video

Date: 11-12-16

This wedding was so awesome, so fun to work and see a new venue, and Jillian and Kevin were a dream team during the entire process! I was connected with these two on a recommendation from a past 2015 couple – Bridget and Ted. After a few emails and Jillian and Kevin invading 90’s Night at 6B Lounge one Friday while I was DJ’ing – they wanted to work with me and I couldn’t be happier they asked me to be in charge of tunes for the big day.

Jillian was beyond organized which made my life very easy needless to say with spreadsheets of music lists and suggestions from start to finish of the night. I had everything organized and ready to go and arrived to the venue hours early to get everything set up and soundchecked. The venue was stunning in person – the ceremony area itself which you’ll see in a photo down below was gorgeous and I loved the cocktail hour area with the fireplace and photo booth. They made good use of all the space and it came out perfectly.

I supplied audio for the ceremony which Jillian and Kevin chose a mix of Vitamin String Quartet songs as pre-ceremony while guests arrived and took their seats. As the ceremony began the wedding party processed to “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk. Jillian then entered to Ingrid Michaelson’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (SUCH an awesome version of this song). The officiant did a great job with the entire ceremony and as it came to a close and they sealed it with a kiss, they recessed to “Love Never Felt So Good” by Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson which was a great setting the tone song this was going to be a party!

All of the guests moved around the corner to the cocktail hour space where I had a smaller set up and playlist running of artists Jillian wanted such as Jason Mraz to Phil Collins, Frank Sinatra, and Stevie Wonder. It was a fun upbeat cocktail hour set which again set the tone for the party about to break out that evening. In the meantime during cocktail hour – the ceremony location was then being flipped over to the dinner set up and soon after we had everyone seated and were ready for introductions. The entire wedding party walked into the classic old school jam “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D while Jillian and Kevin switched over songs to “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. Everyone was cheering and going nuts and the song choices were great and very fun for intro’s. They went directly into their first dance; Kenny Chesney “You Had Me From Hello”.

Once everyone was seated back down we went into toasts and dinner began. Jillian and Kevin’s dinner playlist was all suggestions on their end from Van Morrison, JT, Ben E. King, Zac Brown Band, and some Mariah Carey. It went over very well with their guests and kept the vibe flowing nicely – people were getting ready to dance! As dinner was wrapping up – J & K did their cake cutting to “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. We then got into the parent dances which is where things got very emotional but it was so well done and very sweet to see happen. Jillian danced with her brother in memory of their father, Tom, who was mentioned throughout the evening. He sounded like an amazing person and in his memory they danced to Cole Swindell’s “You Should Be Here” and towards the end of the song – their mother joined in for an amazing group family dance. Kevin then danced with his mother to DJ Keo “All To You” which surprisingly enough – was the first time I’d ever played that for a mother and son dance! Kevin also shared a dance with his Nana to “I Love” by Tom T. Hall – and from there it was OPEN DANCE FLOOR.

They had me cover all time periods and genres of music – the crowd was incredible and danced their feet off! Kicked things off old school style with some Stevie Wonder, Kool & The Gang into some 80s gems from Whitney & Prince, touched on the 90s with some Montell Jordan and *Nsync and into Top 40 stuff from Walk the Moon, Drake, and Calvin Harris. From that we were back into some country from Zac Brown & Darius Rucker and we slowed it down with some Temptations and Eric Clapton. Jillian and Kevin chose to close the night out with a final song of Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony” and you couldn’t have ended on a higher note!

CONGRATS to you both and thank you a million times for choosing me to DJ for the evening! Such a great time getting to know you both and party with you (and I cannot wait to meet the little one due in 2017!)

Here are a couple quick iPhone photos below, enjoy!



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24th Wedding of 2016 is AWESOME with Dez & Justin!

Venue: Alden Castle, Brookline MA

Couple: Desirae and Justin

Photo: Abby Lorenz Photography

Date: 11-11-16

Everyone, please meet Dez and Justin – two of my favorite people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They are into music, amazing craft beers, trips to Vermont, and love a good dance party – pretty much sums up my entire life! Justin and I share a strong love for the greatest band ever; Deftones, while Dez and I share a love for another incredible band; SLAYER. I forget exactly how I was connected with these two but it had to be through one of our hundreds of mutual friends. They seem to literally know everyone and I felt we were friends before we even had any type of consultation meeting. This wedding was also extra special awesome for it was another wedding with Abby Lorenz on photography who always crushes it! She is truly one of the best in the game and always fun to do a wedding with – #dreamteam.

After several emails and finally meeting up they did decide to book DJ T-Rex and the rest was history. They were even given a preview back in May at Chris and Krista’s wedding I did as they were guests that night. Dez & Justin were honestly so fun to work with from start to finish. They were super organized and both had a strong love for music and the vibe they wanted that night. Since it was being held at Alden Castle which is a very swanky old school luxurious vibe inside the venue – they went with a Gatsby theme and vibe for the evening – requesting that their guests even dressed the part – and it made the night even that much more entertaining for everyone.

The ceremony was held on site at the venue which I supplied music for. We started things out with a really cool unique playlist of pre-ceremony music. They had asked past couples who’ve gotten married what their wedding songs were and we had a mix of all of those songs. It was a nice little touch to some of the guests. Then once the ceremony began the wedding party along with Dez herself walked into “Soon, My Friend” by M83. The ceremony was done by a friend of theirs and was fantastic. Once they did their vows and said the “I Do’s” they walked off to Jake Bugg’s “Me and You”.

Cocktail hour was held down the hall in a seperate room while the current room was then flipped for dinner and dancing from the ceremony. I had a playlist in the cocktail lounge set to go to fit the Gatsby vibe playing some Glenn Miller, Sinatra, Postmodern Jukebox, Ray Noble, all old school classic jazzy tunes to fit the room and vibe. People were digging it!

As cocktail hour was taking place I was back in the reception area finishing my larger main set up. The room was so nice with a little balcony overhang that people could walk up to and just look out over the party at any point of the night. As cocktail hour wrapped up and everyone made their way back into the reception area we went directly into introductions. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” led off part of the introductions for the wedding party and we shifted into “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” from The Darkness for the remainder of the wedding party. Up next was the newlyweds walking into “All The Way Up” by Fat Joe and I can honestly still say to this point – I’ve never introduced a couple to Fat Joe! Awesome stuff. (This is why I love doing weddings, you never know what you’re really getting into and every couple wants different unique song choices).

Dez & Justin then went directly into their first dance; Band of Horses “No One’s Gonna Love You” acoustic version. SUCH a good love song for a first dance. From there we led into toasts and speeches with the start of an amazing dinner. Dinner playlist was a really fun mix they wanted of some old school classic R&B hits and slow jams along with some chill indie rock stuff and some jazzy tunes and Postmodern Jukebox to still tie in the Gatsby theme of the evening. As this all wrapped up and people were done stuffing their faces Dez & Justin cut the wedding cake to none other than Cake “Love You Madly”. Nice little pun there! Parent dances were up next; Justin dancing with his mother to “How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor. Dez emailed me weeks prior to the wedding saying how she wanted to actually do a little mash up type of parent dance. Starting out with her father and her to “Daughter” by Loudon Wainwright and after about two minutes of that went into a surprise song for her and her brother to “My Immortal” by Evanescence and after about a minute of that changed into the final song for a surprise dance with her and her mother to “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. It was such a great surprise and people loved to see it happen.

From here we were off! Open dance floor and they wanted anything and everything from some classics like Shout, to Beyonce, MGMT, Bruno Mars, Madonna, Whitney Houston, JT, 90s throwbacks, etc and more! I EVEN got to play Slayer for a minute as Dez changed and re-entered the room. The crowd was incredible and the venue was so fun to play in and sounded great.

We ended the night with a request from Dez of Beyonce’s “All Night” with a great way to send the crowd off.

D & J – THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me rock the house, being awesome to work with and most of all FOR MY AMAZING DJ T-REX COCKTAIL GLASS! COOLEST GIFT EVER!!!

(and a big shout out to Dez and Justin’s wedding donut cake! Loved that thing!)

We will be hanging out soon, craft beers, secret burger at Alden and Harlow, and Deftones and Slayer shows!

Enjoy a couple of iPhone photos below everyone:


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23rd Wedding of 2016: Check! Nancy and Henry delivered the goods!!

Venue: Hampshire House, Boston MA

Date: 11-5-16

Couple: Nancy and Henry

Sometimes you just wanna go where everyone knows your name! Welcome to the wedding of Nancy & Henry everyone! Held at the lovely Hampshire House in Downtown Boston – right above the bar Cheers on Beacon Street. I was connected with this couple from the man behind my website actually, Mister Jon Hoffman (Zrayweb). They couldn’t have been easier to work with if they tried! Super mellow and go with the flow and threw a party to remember on this particular Saturday evening.

After several emails and phone calls between us and trusting Jon’s recommendation – Nancy & Henry decided to book me and I was so glad they did. I hadn’t DJ’d the Hampshire House in a couple of years now and it’s seriously such a cool room to be in. So classy and old school feeling, I love it! The ceremony was held right there onsite and they had a live pianist playing all of their ceremony music – such a nice touch for the start of the night.

I took over for a smaller cocktail hour set up on the 3rd floor above us and had a mix of some old school funk and soul going with some old school jazz classics to really fit the mood of this gorgeous elegant room we were in. People seemed to be enjoying it with their fancy cocktails and appetizers.

We all then made our way back downstairs as the room was now flipped from the ceremony set up for dinner. I introduced the wedding party to “Stand By Me” by the legendary Ben E. King and then Nancy and Henry to the classic “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth” by MeatLoaf. Their first dance was an acoustic version of “Two Hearts” by Bruce Springsteen – which Henry had to actually rip from YouTube as their is no acoustic version of this recorded in studio. It sounded AWESOME though. As everyone was seated from dinner and we had the speeches and toasts, I went into a dinner mix of some old school classic rock from the Stones, Bruce, Van Morrison, etc. along with some new chill indie stuff like Of Monsters & Men, The Lumineers, The XX. It went over very well with this crowd and up next we had the cake cutting to “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers.

It was time for my favorite part of any wedding – dance party! Kicked things off old school with some Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Beatles and were then into some Top 40 with Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, while dipping into the 80s and 90s with MJ, Whitney Houston, Montell Jordan, and Bell Biv Devoe. The crowd was stellar to play for and grooved along all night!! We closed the night out with Nancy’s request of “Shut Up & Dance” by Walk The Moon sending everyone off on a high note.

Thank-You Nancy & Henry for having me be a part of your big day – it was amazing working with you guys!!

Best wishes to you both and I’m sure I will bump into you soon enough through Jon at some point.

Here’s a couple quick iPhone snaps to check out:

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Kristen & Danny ring in the 22nd wedding of 2016 and it was UNREAL!!

Venue: The Barn at Gibbet Hill, Groton MA

Date: 10-16-16

Couple: Kristen and Danny D’Amelio

Photo: Sara Smile Photography

I am SO happy Sara Smile Photography connected me with these two. Here I come sounding possibly like a broken record again but I mean it every single time – I couldn’t have asked for a more chill yet fun and amazing couple to work a wedding with. Two of the most genuine down to earth humans out there – open to any music suggestions while full of their own ideas as well. They knew what their guests wanted to hear and together we mixed up an amazing playlist that really represented them as a couple (while throwing in several party pleasers as well).

I met with Danny & Kristen in person months prior to the big day as they ventured out to 90s Night one Friday at 6B Lounge to check me out in action. We all got along so easily and they loved the throwback tunes as well. Over the course of the months leading up to it – we were in contact several times just discussing the flow of the night and what vibe they were going for. They really wanted a mix of things and I loved the touch of live music they had for ceremony and cocktail hour. It’s always nice to be at a wedding and hear other music than knowing what song is coming up next played by me directly.

Once the ceremony and cocktail hour wrapped up everyone shuffled into the main barn area where I was set up and had some chill music going while guests made their way to the tables and seats. We went into introductions to the song “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness and then the couple went directly into their first dance “Can’t Help Falling In Love” covered by Haley Reinhart. We then had speeches and toasts and into dinner music which was a blend of anything from Al Green, Stevie Wonder, to Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, and Frank Sinatra. I threw in some subtle Nathaniel Rateliff as well for myself and the photographer Sara Smile who is a big fan.

Once dinner was coming to a close we went into cake cutting, which was done to the song “Sugar” by Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. We then had a special grandparent dance song as Danny & Kristen both said a few words which was so sweet to see come to life to the song “Only You” by the Platters. Up next were the parent dances – Danny danced with his mother to “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney and then an awesome surprise mash up father daughter dance – Kristen started dancing with her father to Van Morrisson “Into The Mystic” and about 3 minutes in had me go into “Pump It” by Black Eyed Peas and had the entire crowd going nuts with their hilarious dance they had practiced. It was awesome to see and led everyone into one heck of a dance party directly after! I will admit – this was a Sunday night wedding and was thinking no one will really dance or party. I was 110% wrong. The crowd was so enthusiastic and fun to work with. Everything from MJ to Justin Timberlake, Isley Brothers, Kool & The Gang, Chainsmokers, Britney, etc. they loved it all!

We closed the night out with a requested song from the couple of “Goodnight Sweetheart” by the Spaniels.

This was one of the most fun couples I’ve worked with and weddings I’ve been a part of!!!

Thank you K&D for having me rock the house, I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! (And seriously, we have to hit a Bruins game this coming season together!)

ALSO: A HUGE THANK-YOU to Kristen & Danny for getting me T-REX SOCKS!!!

Enjoy a couple of iPhone pics below:

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21st wedding of 2016 welcome Dr. and Dr. Davis!

Venue: Private Residence in Nahant Beach, MA

Date: 10-1-16

Couple: Sean and Laura Davis

Sean and Laura, everyone! These two were incredible to work with and get to know. I received an email from them months back inquiring about the date and my services and I suggested we meet up for a coffee/drink to chat more in detail. Well – things were a little tricky being that they live out in California but thanks to the power of FaceTime we were able to have an over the Internet virtual beer and consultation meeting to start. All three of us connected from the start and had similar music tastes and vibes which made prepping for this all that much for fun on my end. The wedding was being held on Saturday, October 1st out in Nahant Beach at this amazing private mansion residence in the backyard and on the beach. The weather was absolutely INSANE once the day arrived but we all got through it and managed to throw one hell of a party all said and done. Here’s some details covering the day.

So after several FaceTime meetings and emails – I was lucky enough to actually meet these two in person a few months prior to the wedding when they were back in Mass for a weekend. They came by 90s Night at 6B Lounge and they had a blast. Such a fun and chill couple – just seemed nothing could really bother them. I even was able to fit in meeting Laura at another time she was in town to do a venue walk through. The plan was to do the ceremony down on the actual beach and cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing would be out in the backyard of the house under a tent. We had worked out the music specifics and timeline for the day and were all set to go, when all of the sudden, the WEATHER!

It was chilly and pouring rain once the day arrived so we did have to relocate everything to inside the tent – but as I said they were SO chill it didn’t bother them. They just wanted to get married! And get married they did. They had a friend play live guitar for the ceremony which I always love seeing a live element in weddings. It sounded great and Sean’s sister did a fantastic job officiating the ceremony.

Once that wrapped up we went into cocktail hour – and even though it was crazy weather outside the tent – inside the tent the vibe was better than ever. People were loving the craft beers Sean had brought in and special beers he had made special just for the wedding. I cannot thank Sean enough still for slipping me a personal favorite of mine “Heady Topper” to drink during cocktail hour. The music was a mix of some chill indie rock tunes with some old school funk and soul. People were surely into it.

We then went into dinner and music wise had a similar vibe mixing in some chill classic rock Dylan, Stones, Petty tunes as well. We had some really funny toasts/speeches done at this time of the night and went into parent dances shortly after. Sean and his mother dances to Willie Nelson “Remember Me”; while Laura and her father danced to Louis Armstrong “What A Wonderful World”. Up next was the newlyweds and their first dance which was a bit of a mix starting out with “As” by Stevie Wonder for about two minutes then transitioned into “Shut Up & Dance” by Walk The Moon to open up the dance floor. The crowd was AWESOME – it was such a fun mix of people loving the 90s throwbacks with some old school gems thrown in and some top 40 to keep it fresh throughout the night.

Seriously cannot thank these two for being SO amazing to work with and so down to earth and open to any suggestions I would make along the way. They have great taste in music as it is and as I said that made it very fun on my end to curate their playlists for the different parts of the night. Despite the wild weather – it was incredible and one to remember.

I sadly didn’t have time to snap as many photos as usual but here are a couple below to check out.

Thanks again Sean and Laura, CONGRATS to you both! I will let you know next time I’m out in Northern Cali so we can hang.

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Mr & Mrs Sullivan cap off an amazing brunch wedding for #20/2016!

Venue: Charles River Museum of Industry, Waltham MA

Date: 9-25-16

Couple: Samantha and Dave

Say hello to the Sullivan’s everyone! This wedding was top notch and an absolute perfect couple to get to know and work with over the last several months. After our first coffee consolation meeting we were all on the same page to start which made this process very easy in the end. Dave and I shared a strong love for 90s rock and hip hop and Samantha and I bonded over our love for Austalia and Australian bands. They were super easy to talk with, open to suggestions and could not have been more organized with their vision of the wedding itself and providing me all of the details of their wants/do not wants.

The wedding itself was something unique that I’ve not done myself before. It was being held on a Sunday – which isn’t new for me to do – but it was a  “brunch themed” wedding starting on the earlier side of the day. I LOVED THIS! The dinner was all brunch foods of crepes, eggs, bacon, etc. with Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa’s and endless amounts of coffee. Such an awesome idea for a wedding. I was lucky enough to have some of the food and it was SO GOOD.

So after months of emailing and a few face to face meetings we narrowed down all of their music choices and special dance songs. The ceremony was held on site and they had a string band play some incredible instrumental songs – it sounded so awesome for the earlier parts of the day. I had provided a speaker and wireless mic for their ceremony officiant and it went off without a hitch. They even provided some tasty cider donuts as a pre-ceremony snack which fit nicely with the fall weather.

As the ceremony wrapped up – the string band moved inside along with all of the guests and handled cocktail hour music as well. I am used to doing everything music wise at a wedding so for me this was really cool to be able to chill in a way and actually observe cocktail hour and listen to some fantastic music being played live.

Soon after, all of the guests came upstairs into the main ballroom/dining room area for brunch and dancing. I was set up in there ready to go and had some chill tunes going as they all took their seats. We lined up the parents and wedding party just outside the main doors of the room and were introduced to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Mr. Timberlake. Up next was the bride and groom themselves being introduced to one of the best songs ever written “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. Awesome choices for intros. They went directly into their first dance “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran and then did a group parent dance of The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun”. The brunch kept moving right along with some toasts and speeches and I had put together a mellow playlists but was able to sneak in some stuff Samantha and Dave wanted themselves. I even got away with playing a Powderfinger track to represent Australian music and an acoustic piano cover of “Black Hole Sun” for Dave! I don’t know if they caught this but at one point I even played “Soul Man” by Sam & Dave! Haha. Had to do it.

The most unique part of the whole brunch theme – was their cake was a massive waffle cake and they did a maple syrup pour all over it as the “cutting of the cake”.

Up next was the dance party! Keep in mind this was all happening around 2pm on a Sunday afternoon – and I knew it would be a challenge to get people up and moving but I was up for that challenge. BUT – if you play good tunes people will get into it no matter what. We started things off on the funk and soul sounds with some Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, etc and moved into a little top 40 of T Swift, Macklemore, and others. The crowd was really fun (The Bloody Mary/Mimosa bar probably helped a little with that too haha). As the day drew to an end we closed things out a few huge sing alongs like “Shout”. Such a great day

MASSIVE thank-you to Samantha and Dave for having me! You guys were a gem to work with and I wish you tons of happiness in the future (and more cider donuts!)

Couple iPhone pics below to check out:

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