I’m back! Wedding #1 of the 2016 season, done and done!

Hello, 2016! Wedding season is officially underway.

Venue: Providence Public Library, Providence RI

Date: 4-16-16

Couple: Lindsey & Chrissy Callahan

And we’re off. Wedding #1 of the 2016 season kicks off with two of the most fun people I’ve ever met and worked with. I was connected with Lindsey and Chrissy just about a year prior to the wedding date through recommendations of other weddings I’ve done. (I cannot thank people enough for spreading the word on DJ T-Rex btw!)

I met with them a couple of times leading up to the event and like always just going over in major depth and detail exactly what they wanted and did not want for music. What they envisioned for the flow of the night from start to finish. The end product was beyond amazing and the crowd made the job a little too easy. Everyone was so energetic and kept the party going all night long. I was told by the couple the venue was a little bit of a “funky” layout for set ups so we actually did a walk through together beforehand which helped me a ton knowing where I would be setting up and how much gear I needed.

I provided music for the ceremony which was held in the main courtyard entrance to the library. The girls chose Vitamin String Quartet as the chill entrance music as guests all filed in and took their seats. I really love seeing people react to those songs once they realize a minute or so into them “Oh wow, this is Coldplay all done on strings”. Or “no way, this is Metallica, all done on strings!”… awesome pre-ceremony music.

The bridal party all walked in and followed by Lindsey with her father and Chrissy with hers. They walked into ‘Fields of Gold’ by Michael Bolton and it was SO awesome. They had a friend officiate the ceremony and she did a great job as well. Soon after, the newlyweds exited the ceremony to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney. This set the tone early that a major dance party was soon on its way.

Cocktail hour was really cool – my main DJ set up was in the courtyard area of the library which was the second floor above and overlooking the dance floor below me. I felt like a proper “club DJ” being up top but it was nice also as guests were able to roam around to both levels and take a break if they needed and just look down on everyone. Cocktail music the girls picked out was a mix of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox covers, along with some mellow stuff like Adele, Josh Radin, The Fray, and DMB.

Up next was introductions. The entire wedding party was announced to the song ‘Punching in a Dream’ by the Naked & Famous and then welcoming our brides to ‘Girls Run The World’ by Beyonce – the place went nuts for this! They transitioned right into their first dance ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele.

From here – we went into the “Ship Room” area of the library for dinner. I had another small minimal set up in here for dinner music and a wireless mic for the toasts. Dinner music chosen by the girls was really fun and upbeat but no over the top dance party. We had some chill country tunes mixed in with some more Postmodern Jukebox covers, along with some chill Kygo electronic tunes. And just a side note – hands down some of the best food I’ve ever eaten at a wedding! Oh and one another amazing thing I couldn’t stop laughing at during dinner and the toasts, the brides are ADDICTED to MaryLou’s coffee. I mean literally and actually addicted to it. So during one of the toasts they presented them both with MaryLou’s iced coffee as a surprise. Amazing touch!

Once dinner wrapped up we all moved back into the courtyard area and went into the parent dances and right into open dance floor and party. It was nonstop from the second we started until we sadly had to end and it FLEW by. I was trying to fit in as many songs on their lists that I could and throwing in a few random party pleasers as well. We kept the music very modern and upbeat with a good dose of Beyonce, and some awesome remixes of 90s tunes, and top 40 EDM tunes like DJ Snake and Avicii. At one point glow sticks were even dropped down onto the crowd and the club effect came even more into play.

Ending song of the night chosen by the couple was ‘Head Over Feet’ by Alanis Morissette and was a perfect sing-along embracing song for the crowd.

CONGRATS Lindsey & Chrissy and thank-you SO much for choosing me to rock the house on your big day!

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THE END, Wedding #19 wraps up an amazing 2015 season!

Here it is guys! Amie & Jefim Piekarz are my 19th and final wedding of an amazing 2015 season.

What a great couple to close out with. I’ve know Amie for a few years now and was more than thrilled when I was asked to DJ her wedding October 25th at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol RI.

The venue was stunning and of course the fall time in New England added touch brought it to a whole other level. Amie and Jefim were so chill and fun to work with.

I arrived to the venue hours early as usual and set up for their outdoor ceremony. I had a mix of Vitamin String Quarter songs playing as guests arrived and began to take their seats.

And then it was time! Amie walked the aisle to a piano version of “Here Comes The Bride” by the O’ Neill Brothers. The ceremony was really well done and off they went as husband and wife to “Wedding March”.

We transitioned into the cocktail hour which was in pretty much the same area outside and since it was the fall they were serving hot apple cider which I totally had a glass of, so good! Cocktail hour music was a mix of some John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, etc. and flowed really well as filler background music while guests were still able to talk and catch up with one another.

Once we moved into the barn (which was decorated SO nicely) it was time for the introductions. Amie and Jefim were announced to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zereos “Home” and went directly into their first dance “Thinking Out Loud” by the one and only Ed Sheeran. The toasts done by the best man and Amie’s mother were perfect and then dinner started.

The dinner music they wanted (was a lot of my personal favorites) was a mix of chill folk stuff like the Lumineers, Of Monsters & Men, Iron & Wine, The Head & The Heart, and The National. The food was very very VERY delish and then it was time for them to cut the cake. Cake cutting song was “How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor. (Perfect cake cutting song to be honest) and then it was open dance floor!

I started things off old school motown, soul, and funk with Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Kool & The Gang and moved into some more current stuff as Walk the Moon, Pitbull, and Britney.

The crowd was awesome, dancing on and off throughout the night. I even was able to transition into some indie dance stuff like M83, Passion Pit, and Phoenix.

Amie and Jefim, THANK-YOU!!! Congrats to you both!!!

(I had to get a selfie with the lady of the barn!)

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Rebecca & Dean! Wedding #18 of the season, check it out…

Meet Rebecca & Dean Golder everyone! They ROCK! This wedding ROCKED! Working with them and finalizing the playlists ROCKED!

I was connected with these two some back in the winter months through the amazing coordinator and show runner; Mandy Connor of Hummingbird Bridal and Events.  Mandy and I worked together earlier this year (my first wedding of the season with Allison & Avery) and she is the best when it comes to keeping things on schedule and the attention to detail put into the overall wedding itself is a grand slam! HIGHLY recommended!

So back to the wedding. Rebecca & Dean were two people who knew exactly what they did and did not want for the big day musically. This was fun on my end being that I was introduced to a handful of new artists (two of whom I really love now ,Black Taxi and also Hot Rize). They actually live in NY so our first meeting was via Skpe and we were able to get a feel for one another and music tastes. Once I was booked we were emailing back and forth over the next several months of ideas for pre-ceremony music all the way into the dance party. They were in the Boston area for a weekend this summer and I was able to go over to Rebecca’s parents house for coffee and finally meet them in person as well. We all sat down and chatted details and flow of the day. Her parents are very musically inclined also and had some great suggestions for earlier parts of the night with some Stan Getz and Bossanova music for cocktail hour. Rebecca’s mother is a singer/songwriter and gave me some CD’s at the end of our meeting which are still in my car, awesome stuff!!

Before I knew it October 10th 2015 was here and off to the (GORGEOUS/AMAZING) Bradley Estate in Canton, MA I was with a car full of DJ gear. I arrived plenty early to scope out the layout and began to set up. The ceremony was held in the backyard area of the house which pictures do just not do it justice. You have to see this place to really believe it. Once I set up for the ceremony and inside the tent for dinner and dancing things was soon underway.

Pre-ceremony music was a mix of folky singer/songwriter stuff from Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams, and James Vincent McMorrow. A little touch of John Coltrane and Stan Getz thrown in there as well. The ceremony started and the entire wedding party along with Rebecca and her parents walked into “Thank-You” by Led Zeppelin. The ring bearer was their dog Gizmo! Loved that part. Once the ceremony ended and Dean stepped on the glass everyone screamed Mazel Tov and I started blasting their exit song “I Feel Free” by Cream.

Cocktail hour I had to reposition a little bit off to the side of the house and live DJ’d this portion with a mix of some old school country stuff (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard) and throwing in a little classic rock more on the mellow side. Sprinkling in some current mellow stuff as well from the Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This was a fun mix for me as sometimes it’s just jazz for these parts of the night (all whatever the couple’s preference is).

Into the tent Mandy the coordinator had everyone gather and take their seats for the introductions and to start dinner. The couple was introduced to the song “It’s A Ball” by Black Taxi and went directly into their first dance “Tears of Joy” by Lucinda Williams. Right after that was Rebecca’s grandparents for the Challah & Kiddush blessing. Being this was surprisingly enough my first Jewish wedding I really loved to see all of the different traditions and formalities of the day.

As dinner came to a close it was time to get that dance floor moving! First up was Dean and his mother dancing to Louis Armstrong “What A Wonderful World” followed by Rebecca and her father dancing to a blend of two songs by a family favorite band, Wilco. The first song was a slower song “Either Way” and after about a minute of that they had told me to transition into “I’m The Man Who Loves You” and invite everyone up to join them to start the party. This was an awesome idea on their part and sure enough the dance floor filled right up.

And then… something crazy happened… We had already worked out the plan was to go right into “Hava Nagila” for the Hora as the father/daughter dance was fading out and everyone was already up on the dance floor. Literally as I was transitioning into that song the entire power to my DJ table cut out! I won’t even deny this part of the night and I almost fainted. 150 people staring right at me as the music just cuts out. DEEP BREATH and I just quickly rebooted everything as fast as I could and kept my cool. While this was a hiccup to start the actual dance party it was actually really awesome in a way. The most organic dance party of “Hava Nagila” broke out all on it’s own with every single person their singing it at the top of their lungs hoisting the couple up on chairs in the crowd and the parents. It was seriously something to see! Instantly I had the power back up and went right into the song to join them. From there we were back into the 60s and 70s and 80s with lists of music I was trying to get through for the bride and groom. Lots of old school motown sing-alongs and later in the night we tapped into a little top 40 and some 90s old school classic hip hop tunes. A little set of some indie dance rock from The Strokes, Franz, The Killers, went over really well. Closing the night out with The Stones, Tom Petty, Aretha, Sister Sledge, and the Isley Brothers. This was an amazing party and an even more amazing couple.

My personal favorite part of the night was while I was packing up all of my gear and cables, a woman approached me. At first I was thinking “oh no I didn’t play stuff she wanted or liked”. Total opposite. She said she had the best time ever and loved the music choices and tapped her foot all night long. We started talking as this made my night seriously the best compliment coming from someone you’d not expect. Turns out she was Dean’s grandmother who traveled all of the way from Colorado on her own. Sweetest lady EVER!!! Safe travels back to CO!!

Rebecca and Dean – thank you guys tons for having me be a part of this event! Best wishes to you both and we will surely be doing drinks next time I am in NY for a show!!

(OH and their photographer who I just met that night was SO awesome, SO nice, and you should check him out! Jason Kan of Kan Photography.)

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Wedding #17 rolls in with Nicole and Josh!!

Sunday October 4th, 2015 at The Atlantica in the gorgeous town of Cohasset, Mass. marks the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Nicole Cunningham.

I was introduced to this incredible couple about a year or so prior through a mutual friend of ours.

They lucked out this day as the few days before the actual wedding we had some crazy weather and rain and it turned to be a perfect day.

I had never been to this venue before but I will surely be back even just for dinner and drinks. It was GREAT and the view is seriously incredible on the water.

Nicole and Josh and myself shared a very strong mutual music bond over old school punk rock and nu-wave 80s tunes. This was a vibe they wanted for the overall theme of the night and I couldn’t have been happier! It’s not every wedding I get away with stuff like Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Cure, Ramones, and the Kinks!

The ceremony was held right on sight which I supplied music for. Nicole walked the aisle to Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th”. The ceremony was really well done, I really liked their officiant. Very well spoken and a great sense of humor. Once married they walked off to “Plainsong” by the Cure.

Cocktail hour was a mix of mellow indie rock like Of Monsters & Men, Lumineers, etc. mixed up with some old school jazz of John Coltrane and Bill Frisell.

I had the pleasure of introducing the bride and groom to one of my personal favorite songs “Ceremony” by New Order and right into their first dance “You and Me” by Penny & The Quarters. (I’d never heard this song and loved it – I need to look up more of their tunes).

Dinner music was a mix and extension of cocktail hour and getting into some classic rock of Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan as well.

Once dinner wrapped up we did cake cutting to “Le Temps De L’ Amour” by Francoise Hardy and then Nicole went into the father/daughter dance “Keep Me In Your Heart” by Warren Zevon.

Then it was open dance floor and party time! We were all over the place. Everything from old school motown and soul to punk rock and indie rock. I had a blast doing this wedding getting to play stuff like M83, Passion Pit, The Knife, Phoenix, and others. Nicole and Josh were SO much fun to work with and they had an awesome night.

I wish you guys nothing but the best!! Thanks for letting me be a part of the big day and run the music!!

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And the 16th wedding of 2015 season is… Mr. and Mrs. Kumar!

Wild. Crazy. NON-stop party. A few of the ways I would describe the wedding of Lindsey and Sahil from September 27th, 2015 at Five Bridge Inn Farm, Rehoboth Mass. (I have never heard of or been to this venue before BTW and instantly fell in love with it!) The day went better than I could have pictured thanks to the coordination of Corinne Hursh.

I was connected with these two from a referral of a wedding I did last year (Claire & Kevin from the Cav in Providence) and so thankful Claire recommended me! After months of emails and chatting music and logistics of the big day and a few meetings for drinks, I felt I had a very good grip on what Lindsey and Sahil were looking for. Again, not to sound like a broken record here and I know how lucky I am that the couples I work with are as nice and amazing as they are, but I really emphasize it with these two. THE NICEST HUMANS EVER! I loved working with and getting to know them. What made taking this wedding on so fun for me was being introduced to an entire new culture and lots of new music from Sahil and his entire side of the family.

The wedding consisted of two ceremonies which I supplied music for both. First up was the Hindi ceremony which I’ve never seen in person. It was incredible to watch all of these other traditions especially the part near the end when Lindsey and Sahil walk around the fire with offerings. So happy I was able to witness this and play some great tunes Sahil sent me for this part of the day. In between the two ceremonies while everyone changed I had a playlist running of just chill acoustic folky stuff while people were hanging out on the lawn and playing games.

Up next was the American ceremony (and I must say kudos to how quickly everyone changed into new suits and dresses!) While I had Vitamin String Quartet playing as guests were being seated it was time to begin the actual ceremony music. Sahil and the parents all walked into “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Christina Grimmie of the Voice. The bridesmaids then all walked into Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” and up next was the bride herself entering to “Canon in D” by Sir Neville Marriner & Academy of St. Martin. The ceremony was really well done and off they went as husband and wife to “Perfect To Me” by an artist they introduced me to Marc Broussard.

Cocktail hour was in the backside of the house next to the pool and consisted of mellow jazz tunes and some songs from the Aviator soundtrack (if you’ve not heard this – it’s awesome for old school jazz and swing).

Introductions were so much fun. The wedding party first of the sets of parents and then all of the groomsman together and then all of the bridesmaids all danced into the tent to “Uptown Funk”. I introduced Mr. and Mrs. Kumar as they came into “Panjabi MC” and the entire crowd erupted and cheered along. They went directly into their first dance (a personal fave of mine) “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” by Sir Elton John.

The tent was decorated incredibly and dinner was really fun. Sahil provided me some mellow dinner style Hindi songs to mix in with the mellow classic rock and acoustic folky stuff I was playing as well.

Once dinner wrapped up, Lindsey and her father danced to another Marc Broussard song “In This Moment” and the lyrics could not have been more fitting for a father/daughter dance.

Then, all of the sudden, something crazy and insane happened!

While Lindsey and Sahil were changing after the first ceremony a girl approached me with a USB stick saying there was a Hindi dance party mash up song on there. I had to load it into my MacBook quickly and sound check it while no one was around. The plan was as soon as the father/daughter danced ended to start playing it and a 15 or so person flashmob was to appear and start the dance floor party. It was SO awesome!!! I started the song and Lindsey and Sahil had no idea what was going on and neither did the crowd, so much fun to watch. Right from there we went into the dancing and it was NONSTOP until the 10:30 curfew. People were so energetic and fun. American music, Hindi dance tunes that Sahil gave me ahead of time to play. I loved not knowing how a song would go over since I wasn’t familiar with them and they seemed to be the biggest hits of the night.

The bride and groom were CROWDSURFING by the end of the night. YES, crowdsurfing. UH-MAZING!!!!

CONGRATS you guys. A massive thank-you for having me be a part of this amazing party and day!

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Wedding #15 of 2015!

The Date: Saturday. September 19th, 2015.

The Venue: The Mockingbird Restaurant and Lounge in East Bridgewater, MA.

The AMAZING couple: Heather and Michael Armstrong!

I was connected with Heather & Michael way earlier this year (back when we were still in the middle of that brutal winter of 90,000 feet of snow!) from my friend and phenomenal photographer who I just mentioned in the previous blog of Jill & Jon’s wedding; Abby Kuzia! (Seriously guys check out her work if you have not yet). Thanks again Abby for the connection here!

So after all of that time and months of emails back and forth starting to iron out the details and schedule of the day all of the sudden it was show time! Heather & Michael were a blast to work with. They were so calm and chill and just let me do my job putting all of their trust in my music choices of course throwing in ideas and suggestions they wanted as a guideline.

I had never been to this venue before. It was about 45-60 mins outside of Boston on the South Shore and it was awesome! The staff and owner who I all connected with that day were super nice and that goes a long way as a vendor such as myself. Everyone on the same page at all times so we can keep things flowing all night long.

The ceremony set up was stunning – outside in a gorgeous little hillside garden area. I had a mini set up for the ceremony and was in charge of the music. Pre-Ceremony was some Vitamin String Quartet songs while guests were arriving and awaiting the bride and groom. The processional song chosen was an acoustic cover of “Boom Clap” by Lennon & Maisy. Heather walked the aisle to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” cover by Ingrid Michaelson. The officiant of the ceremony was very well spoken and did a fantastic job. Once it all wrapped up (Michael is a huge 80’s fan which we bonded over) so the recessional song was “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates! People were really digging it.

Cocktail hour was held in and outside and music selections here were some jazz/big band tunes. It’s just really nice to have good background music like that on when people are still in the middle of conversations and mingling about yet it won’t put you to sleep either. All up tempo songs and it paired very nicely with the setting of the venue I felt.

Once everyone took their seats we did the introductions of the entire wedding party and parents to “The Way You Make Me Feel” by the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. The Bride & Groom were introduced to “We Belong” by Pat Benatar and went directly into their first dance “Faithfully” by Journey. (Did I mention Michael is a big 80s fan?!)

Speeches and dinner were up next and I feel like a broken record on this line but that food was OUTSTANDING. Prime Rib dinner that seriously blew me away. We then opened up the dance floor with the back to back parent dances. Michael and his mother to the classic “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King and Heather and her father to “Just Fishin” by Tracie Adkins.

The crowd and dance party were up for anything! I was throwing on a good amount of 90s tunes for Heather during the night along with the 80s hits for Michael. And for the first time ever at a gig, for Michael only, I played his favorite song twice… “Africa” by Toto! Don’t worry it went over well and people were all huddled up singing along to every word.

Congrats to you Mr & Mrs Armstrong! Thank-you a bunch for allowing me to play your wedding and set the tone with all of the music throughout the night!

Below are a few photos from the evening.

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Internet, say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Kempton! Wedding #14/2015

Please welcome the newlyweds, Jill & Jon Kempton! What an amazing wedding this was. The date: September 12, 2015. I cannot give you guys a link to the venue this time around as it was a private residence in Cape Cod at Jon’s parents house. We took over the entire backyard and it was so gorgeous and looked stunning once everything was set up. I have actually known Jill for many years at this point and not to date myself or sound old but we went to High School together down in West Palm Beach, Florida back in the late 90s until 2001. Okay so we are getting older, no idea where the time goes! Jill actually moved up to Boston several years ago and we were able to reconnect. It was during this move she met the one and only Jon. Jon is awesome. The three of us all share a mutual bond for our love and fasciation for the old school so bad they’re good Pauly Shore movies! (Don’t judge me guys).

I recommended a friend of mine to Jill & Jon for photography and she was awesome – I cannot wait to see all of the pics from the day (some are posted below). She even shot my surprise engagement earlier this year. Say hello to Abigail Kuzia! (and book her for any event you need photos done!)

For the wedding itself Jill & Jon wanted a more indie rock & reggae vibe throughout the earlier stages of the evening. We did a pre-ceremony cocktail hour while guests were arriving by the pool area which was all reggae and really set the tone for a fun mini cocktail hour. Moving into the ceremony itself I had all the music set to go. The wedding party walked into an instrumental version of “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes. Jill’s aisle song was an instrumental cover of “Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve. The ceremony itself was really well done and off they went as official newlyweds to “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode. That was so fun to play and already had half the crowd moving and dancing along.

Cocktail hour following the ceremony was a mix of everything from Of Monsters & Men to Sublime to Moby tunes. It was a really fun playlist to create for them since I’m a big fan of all that music myself anyway. I introduced them right before dinner to “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates and we went right into the Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches. Dinner itself was a mix of more mellow classic rock Tom Petty, The Eagles, Huey Lewis but still some indie rock thrown in there as well. The food was OUTSTANDING! One of the best steaks I’ve had no joke.

Finally it was dance party time! Jill and Jon opened the dance floor up with their first dance of “Love Song” the cover of the Cure done by Adele. We were all over the place after that hitting some New Kids on the Block tunes, Fatboy Slim, Young MC’s “Bust a Move” for one of the bridesmaids Erin – it’s her favorite song and she can rap the entire thing for you! Also threw in the old school classics like “Twist & Shout” by the Beatles, “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang, “September” by Earth Wind and Fire. Watching the crowd all try and do the “Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae-Nae” dance was a real sight to see also. The only thing was since we were in a residential area in a backyard we all of the sudden got shut down by the cops from neighbors complaining pretty early on. It was okay though as we just hung out at the house and recapped the night.

I cannot thank Jill & Jon enough for choosing me to rock the wedding – rocked it so hard they had to shut us down! Ha. CONGRATS to you both – such an awesome couple and good friends. Cheers!


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#13 of 2015 – Laura and Eric!

This one was REALLY good. I’ve actually known Eric for over ten-ish years now – we have a mutual bond over some of the heaviest metal out there. Once Eric introduced me to Laura in the last year or two we found out we had a bond over old school hip hop. So for me, this wedding wasn’t like “work” at all. They wanted a mix of a lot of good old school funk and soul, a little top 40 and of course the old school hip hop which we got into as the night went on.

The wedding took place on September 6th, 2015 at the gorgeous Codman Estate in Lincoln, Mass. which is only about 20/30 mins outside of Boston. Very nice quiet little town. I worked a wedding at this venue a  few years ago so it was fun to be back. I set up outside a speaker and wireless mic in the garden area for the ceremony which is honestly one of the most breathtaking ceremony settings I’ve seen at any venue. Laura and Eric had some great songs picked out for the ceremony. The music while guests were arriving and taking their seats was an instrumental ambient album Eric had chosen by Scott Hull the album is titled “Requiem”. Once the ceremony was set to begin the entire wedding party walked down to “Right Now” by Van Halen and it was incredible. One of the most epic songs ever written. Then to bring it up another notch Laura had chosen an instrumental version of “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses. It was AWESOME!! The ceremony itself was great and then off they went as husband and wife to “All Of My Love” by Led Zeppelin. I always love when couples choose a fun upbeat song to walk out of the ceremony together and all of these rock songs really represented Laura and Eric as a couple.

Cocktail hour and dinner were set up under a tent and I knew they have such an eclectic taste in music so I was able to not only play some of the classic Sinatra type of stuff and jazz tunes but got away with some of the chill tunes by Radiohead, M83, Deftones, and the Knife. I was also playing some chill jazz covers of Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, and a jazzy cover of “No Diggity”. The crowd seemed to be enjoying the mix of everything. It was then time to introduce the wedding party and the couple! “Start Me Up” by the one and only Rolling Stones was the song choice here. Laura and Eric actually did something totally different here and introduced the bridesmaids and groomsman themselves, then tossed me the mic back and I introduced them as they went right into their first dance “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. One of my absolute favorite songs of all time.

Once dinner wrapped up and we did cake cutting – the dance floor was open for business. To get everyone up and going of every age I started out with some of the old school soul tunes and funk into 80’s that were on the request list they both provided for me weeks in advance. I then started moving into some of the newer songs and artists and the crowd was on their feet all night long. I have to say I’ve been very lucky with every crowd this season I’ve had (knock on wood haha) has been SO much fun to DJ for. They are open minded and into everything even if they don’t actually “know” the songs. I did a little surprise for Eric though which I can say is a first ever at any wedding and probably will never happen again. While playing some 80s dance stuff – I think I was in the middle of Michael Jackson or Prince I decided I need to play him some Slayer since it’s one of his favorite bands so I cued up the beginning guitar riff of “Raining Blood” and started to mix it into the end of MJ – before the vocals hit and not to overdo the joke – I mixed it right into Whitney Houston. One of the funniest things to watch as Eric was moshing around and the Whitney coming on next. We wrapped everything up with some huge old school party sing-alongs and before I knew it we were done. Time always seems to fly the second we start these parties!

Laura and Eric – you guys are amazing and best wishes as a married couple to you! Thank-you tons for allowing me to DJ for you!


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Bridget & Ted! Wedding 12/2015 season

THIS WEDDING WAS AMAZING!!! August 29th, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel Back Bay, Boston.

I was introduced to these two a while back from a friend of mine, Ashley (who is a regular at 6B 90’s Night on Fridays!) Bridget & Ted right when I met them have got to be the most genuine, nicest people ever. They were so easy and fun to work with and get to know over the course of planning the big day. Ted is from NY and Bridget is Boston all the way so the theme of the wedding they wanted to hear some music representing that. Their ceremony was held off sight so I didn’t actually provide music for that. My job was taking over later that evening for the start of cocktail hour which was held outside the main ballroom. I had one PA speaker and mixer to play a mix of Jazz, big band, and Rat Pack tunes which they wanted.

Once that wrapped up everyone made their way into the ballroom to be seated for the introductions. The decorations and colors looked awesome inside. Once I got everyone lined up and the attention of the crowd, I announced the entire wedding party. Parents were brought out to “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen while the wedding party itself and the couple were introduced to “Shut Up & Dance” by Walk the Moon. This was awesome because it set the tone early on we were here to party and the entire crowd was clapping and singing along. Once the bride and groom entered they went right into their first dance “A Thousand Years” by Sawyer Fredericks. Awesome song, they were great on the dance floor together!

We had toasts/speeches right as dinner was starting and one of the best men had one of the funnier wedding toasts I can remember. He even brought out NY Yankees hats and asked Bridget to convert, thankfully she declined! Dinner music was a mix of mellow indie tunes as the Lumineers, Of Monsters & Men, Alabama Shakes, with old school Rat Pack and jazz. It flowed nicely and the food was delish!! We were now approaching time to cut the cake and get the dancing underway. The cake cutting song was “Sugar” by Maroon 5 (and was some of the best wedding cake I’ve had, SO good!)

Ted was up first with his mother dancing to “Child of Mine” by Carole King. Great choice I must say. Bridget was up next dancing with her brother to the song “That’s Life” by Ol’ Blue Eyes, Mr. Frank Sinatra. This song had a very special meaning and even got myself teary eyed watching them sing every word at the top of their lungs and dance it up to the memory of their father. It was truly amazing to see them enjoying every minute. From that led us unto the open dance floor! This crowd was literally unstoppable. EVERY song they went nuts to and before I knew it I was doing my final announcement and saying goodnight, the time flew by. We mixed up any and everything. Kool & The Gang, A-Ha, Madonna, Backstreet Boys, NSync, Macklemore, Mark Ronson, Avicii, Tom Petty, The Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, etc…

The end of the night was the best. I had put together a mash-up for them earlier of NY/Boston songs. Empire State of Mind, Dirty Water, New York New York, and Sweet Caroline. Every single person in that room was huddled together on the floor singing every single word.

Bridget and Ted, you guys RULE in every aspect of the word. I cannot thank you enough for letting me rock the house and it was an absolute pleasure getting drinks over the months and getting to know you both. Ted, to you I say “FREE BRADY!”

Congrats guys!!!

Check out some iPhone photos from the night I snapped. Bridget even got behind the DJ booth at one point and I loved their beer koozies.

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Wedding #11/2015 season!

Everyone, say hello to Jeff & Maria. These two tied the knot on August 22nd, 2015 at The Villa in East Bridgewater, Mass. I had a blast getting to know both of them and rock their wedding. Jeff and I share a mutual love for metal and old school hip hop so that was a treat getting to throw in some of that during the dance party (well no metal but hip hop worked very well). I set up outside for their ceremony and the music was provided by the couple to be played while guests were arriving and taking their seats. Jeff gave me MP3’s of Vitamin String Quarter doing covers of Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, The White Stripes, and more. It’s always fun to see people in the crowd listen to these songs and then realizing what it is halfway through. The ceremony music consisted of Beatles songs done by the Vitamin String Quarter as well. We lucked out and the rain held off and the ceremony was gorgeous!

While cocktail hour was taking place outside of the main ballroom and the music was provided by the venue for this, I was finishing my final soundcheck inside and going over the names and introductions. While guests made their way in and were all seated I got on the mic and we were off. Introduction the wedding party and parents was awesome – Jeff & Maria had chosen a specific song for each couple being announced from Beatles, to the Notre Damn fight song, Beastie Boys, 2 Pac, and Taylor Swift. The couple was announced to Dick Dale’s “Miserlou” to give it that Pulp Fiction touch. From there they went right into their first dance “Sea of Love” by Cat Power. The ballroom was so nice the way it was decorated and dual fireplaces on each end.

Dinner music was a lot of funk and soul tunes. I tried to play the original songs that Coolio, Dre, etc. sampled in their songs like “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton & “Fantastic Voyage” by Funkadelic. Before the entrees were served was the cake cutting. They chose the Kinks “All Day, All of the Night” and then Jeff had his dance with his mother to “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. They couldn’t have picked better music for everything, it was awesome! Once dinner wrapped up I once again gathered everyones attention and we all sang Happy Birthday to Maria’s father which led us right into the open dance floor. Kicking things off with some old school Jackson 5 and The Contours we were up and running. This crowd was an absolute blast to DJ for. Jeff and his friends were loving the throwbacks of course with Montell Jordan, Naughty By Nature, and Run-DMC but I kept things fresh and new with Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Walk The Moon, etc.

The night was concluded with a request by the couple of one of my favorite songs ever “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne.

Thank-you guys endless amounts for choosing me to rock the house!!! Congrats and best wishes on your lives as newlyweds.

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