Wedding & event season is underway!

Hello everyone! Thought I’d finally give a little blog update here.

Wedding season has begun and as of now runs through November for me. This will mark my 5th season doing weddings which all started while living out in Los Angeles. (Go Kings btw!). It’s always fun to meet new couples and see what they are and are not into for music. The do not playlist is just as important as the must plays, I don’t want the bride to be cringing during any part of the night.

My first two weddings of the season came back to back on May 9th and 10th both at the wonderful space of Artists for Humanity Epicenter located in South Boston. I also had the pleasure of working yet again with the amazingly talented Abby Lorenz handling photography. Abby and I have been lucky enough to team up for a few weddings a year for three seasons now and hopefully many more! She is a lot of fun and has a great eye for the shots you want.

Wedding #1 was Nick and Caroline. I met them several months back and from just our first few emails and consolation meeting, I knew this one would be a great kickoff to the season. Caroline is a music fanatic so we were able to really create some unique playlists for cocktail hour and dinner. We had a nice indie rock “hipster” cocktail hour set put together. Nick (like myself) is into some heavier rock and it was great getting to chat over some bands we were both fans of. Caroline chose Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” and Beyonce’s “Halo” for their processional songs. Since they are fans of 80s music, once the ceremony wrapped up and they said “I do” they had a really fun recessional song “Invisible Touch” by Genesis. This set the tone that the rest of the night was going to be a blast! Everyone was singing along and cheering as they walked off together.
After announcing and introducing the wedding party and the newleyweds we went right into their first dance, which was AWESOME! “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” by Starship (and the 80s movie Mannequin, which if you’ve never seen do yourself a favor and watch it!) I personally love it when couples choose a fun upbeat song for the first dance, gets everyone going and ready for the reception. Dinner music was chill mixed with some modern chill stuff and some really good choice 80s tunes from the couple. Their reception was an absolute dance party. I love getting a mix of people together and just taking them all over the place with the timelines of music from new school to old school and everything in between.
Nick and Caroline, thank-you for having me and congrats!

Wedding #2 only 24 hours later back at the same venue. Ashley and Mike were just awesome to work with. Very easy going and most importantly; FUN! Ashley being more into the top 40 hits and dance music, Mike more into old school classic rock (Doobie Brothers) made for a fun mix to work with. Mike sent me over some jam band jazz-esque songs to set the tone for cocktail hour. This was great because I got introduced to a new artist; Alex Skolnick Trio who do covers of Black Sabbath to Journey but it’s all instrumental jam band, really cool stuff! Here is them doing a cover of “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath.
Once the ceremony and cocktail hour wrapped up I introduced the happy couple and we went into their first dance “Happy” by Pharrell. This was so much fun to watch because they actually took dance lessons and had a surprise choreographed routine! The crowd was loving it. The reception as I mentioned was a fun mix of some old school classic rock sing alongs but meshed with some top 40 dance party jams. I even was requested to play some upbeat salsa type of music and went right to the best of the best, Ozomatli. If you’ve never heard this band, get over to their page and check them out. I didn’t even feel like we were at a wedding but more so a house party that Ashley and Mike created. It was great!
Ashley and Mike, thanks for having me and congrats to you both! (and thanks for letting me take home two wedding cakes!)

Dana Farber “Boogie for Survivorship” event. This event was to celebrate patients and survivors and to mix and mingle with their doctors. I love doing events like this because of how different of a vibe it is in the crowd and a chance to play music I normally don’t get to play while DJing bars in the city. I’ve donated my time and services to several cancer fundraisers in the past and seeing everyone come together and just have fun for several hours is pretty touching. The theme of this event was disco and boogie, got to play some Bee-Gees, Chaka Khan, and Earth, Wind, and Fire! Thanks for having me guys.

That is all I have for now! I am going to try and (I know I say this all of the time) but try and blog actively more with updates on events and recaps, sets to download from my bar gigs, and of course any music updates and shows coming through the city of Boston!

-DJ T-Rex

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  • Colleen June 9, 2014

    Wow great summary of two great weddings makes you wish you knew the bride and groom. Congratulations to both couples and might I add what beautiful brides! Good job DJT-Rex

  • Bean June 10, 2014

    Wow, nice professional blog outlying your work. Wonderful job Mr. Rex. Best of luck on future events.

    -DJ Bean


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