2014 Weddings – That’s a wrap folks!

Delay in posting these but alas – here they are!

First up is Jessica and Jack. This wedding was in the gorgeous town of Newburyport in August and could not have asked for a better day. 

Venue: The Phoenix Room with ceremony outside on the water. Jessica and Jack had a live keyboard player for the ceremony and it sounded awesome. It was fun having it outside the way they did in a public area as people all gathered around watching and taking photos. I also set up some gear to play music while guests were arriving to the ceremony along with a wireless mic for the officiator of the ceremony. After a quick break down we all headed back into the venue for cocktail hour, introductions, dinner, and of course some dancing! I had a blast working with these two thanks to a mutual friend referral. Thank-you both for having me!

Jess & Jack


Next up – Emily and Alex at The Sea View in Dennisport, Cape Cod. I met a new photographer at this one Kelly Cronin Photography – she was fantastic and fun to work this amazing event with.

Emily & Alex were awesome. No other word to describe them really! They wanted to just re-create a house party/backyard party environment which we pulled off with ease. The ease part comes into play with how fun the couple and all of their guests were. The rain held off for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony which I provided music for (some awesome song choices some of which were Glitch Mob and Daft Punk) which made it unique and memorable for all involved. The theme of their wedding was old school video games. Some people sat at the Nintendo table while others were at the Sega table. During cocktail hour and part of dinner they had a live duo playing all covers of songs and it was SO good! I think it’s a nice split to have live music in the start of the night and ending it all with a DJ for the dance party. Alex like myself is a huge old school hip hop fan so I was able to sneak in some personal favorites for this event. The crowd was amazing and the energy was high all night.

Congrats guys and thank-you for having me!




This next one was one of my personal favorites in terms of what the couple wanted for music. Claire and Kevin – you guys rock! This was held at the Cav in Providence, RI. Very cool venue with an old school feel and vibe to it throughout. Again, lucky for us the rain held off for a great outdoor ceremony. They had some AWESOME song selections to come into the ceremony like the XX. I had a wireless mic set up for Kevin’s father who officiated. I was fortunate again to meet another awesome photographer Sara Smile Photography. She was awesome working the crowd for some great shots and great to work this event with. This wedding was exactly what Claire and Kevin wanted it to be. They were super involved with overseeing the setlist come together for cocktail hour and dinner. They even practiced a huge dance routine for their first dance to Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good”. It was so fun to watch them do something fun and creative for the first dance. The crowd was going nuts already and I knew this was going to be an absolute hot and sweaty dance party (as you can see from our final photo of the night!) I had an amazing time working with these two and getting able to sneak in a ton of indie dance music like Capital Cities, Miike Snow, Passion Pit, and a ton of other party pleasers.

Congrats Claire and Kevin! Can we do this again please?!



Up next we head north to Kennebunkport, ME to the Hidden Pond for Ann Marie & Cara’s big day! This venue was truly stunning with it’s natural scenery, big gorgeous trees all over, some really breathtaking views! I set up everything for the outdoor ceremony providing music, songs for the aisle, and a wireless mic. Everything sounded great. Once the ceremony wrapped up we headed back into the venue to proceed with cocktail hour, introductions, first dance, dinner, and one hell of a dance party! This crowd was top notch and was into anything I played. Ann Marie and Cara really wanted a mix of old school and I don’t just mean 80s/90s old school but some older 70s funk and soul party jams along with a fair amount of top 40 upbeat tunes sprinkled in. It was one of my more eclectic sets I’ve done at a wedding I feel! The staff was great and the dinner was delish also.

Thank-you both for having me as a part of this amazing day and celebration! You were AWESOME to work with and get to know. Congrats!




One of my last weddings of 2014 was held at the Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham, MA. I’ve known Lauren and Keith for quite some time now as I’ve done several weddings of this hardcore close knit group of friends going all the way back to 2011 starting with Anna and John. I knew from just our initial meetings a year out when they booked me that this would be one for the books. It was one for the books and more. We had a forecast of rain for the day so things were switched inside for the ceremony but it was still awesome. The venue did a great job getting everything together and I had the music and wireless mic going for the ceremony. We then switched over to cocktail hour which was held in the lobby area of the venue where guests can wander and check out some of the museum pieces. Introductions were next with Lauren and Keith entering the room to Hall and Oates “You Make My Dreams” and it just set the tone for what was to be a complete fun upbeat evening. Dinner was amazing and I played a nice mix of old school Sinarta, Dean Martin, etc. but mixing in some mellow current stuff like Of Monsters & Men and The Lumineers. The dance party of this crowd is something you cannot really put into words. I’ve known most of them as I said from previous weddings and they are just party machines with dance moves like none other. I was so lucky I got to work this wedding with my favorite photographer who I also met at the Anna and John wedding in 2011, Abby Lorenz Photography.  The energy she brings is amazing. She becomes a part of the wedding and party to capture some great shots!

Lauren and Keith, you guys rule. But you knew that! Thank-you for having me!




Second to last wedding of 2014. The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA.  Guys, Salem MA. in October! At the Hawthrone! My inner ghost/horror fanatic self was beyond excited for this one. The Hawthorne is apparently one of the highest rated haunted hotels in New England. Alicia and David were so fun and easy to work with. They were 100 percent organized from the start to finish of everything. Planning the cocktail and dinner music with them was so easy. Alicia knew exactly what she wanted and didn’t want. I even had to download some country music for the dance party later on! The crowd was great and really feeling the classics like Sinatra, Sammy Davis JR, etc. but also going wild to some more modern top 40 jams. “Turn Down For What” was easily the biggest song of the summer and fall to play at weddings. Something happens to a crowd once it starts that you just have to see to believe. I mean that in a good way!

Thank-you to my friend Nicole for introducing me to these two, and a huge thank-you to Alicia and David for having me! Cheers!



My final wedding of 2014 could not have been more amazing. More fun. More memorable. Erin and Travis chose the Essex Retreat Center in Essex, MA. Gorgeous venue and views, reminded me a little bit of the Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, ME. The ceremony was held outside in front of a little pond with seats all lined up in front. I provided music and miced up their friend who officiated this one. The music was awesome for the ceremony they chose legendary punk rockers the Descendents “I’m The One” as their recessional song. You have no idea how refreshing it was for me to be able to be able to play some punk rock for the first time ever at a wedding! I will explain more of that in a bit. First up let’s get into cocktail hour. How do I describe this? Insane! Amazing! Mind blowing! Erin and Travis booked local punk folk rockers Tigerman WOAH! as their cocktail band. Guys this is a huge deal! This band just played Boston Calling Music Festival earlier this year and here I am getting the treatment of a private show. I was a little nervous to follow them up and take over music duties going into dinner and dancing. Once they wrapped up we did introductions. For the wedding party they all were introduced to “Push It” by Salt-N-Peppa and the newlyweds came out to “Ring of Fire” by Social Distortion. This was AWESOME! I love when couples really choose songs that represent them best as a couple. And I loved that it was more punk rock of course. The first dance was “Rose of my Heart” by the late and genius Johnny Cash. The dance party was one I will never forget. Mixing in top 40 stuff as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake into Nofx, Rancid, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones into the Isley Brothers, Jackson 5, etc. It was amazing (even though we did have some noise complaints, we worked through them!)

My final wedding of the year was also again lucky enough to be with the wonderful Abby Lorenz on photo duty. Thanks to my friend Lindsay for referring me and putting me in touch with this amazing couple.

Erin and Travis CONGRATS and let’s hit a punk show sometime soon! Thank-you for letting me DJ your big day.

Tigerman WOAH!





And now I am off to start organizing my 2015 weddings which are coming in as we speak. Cheers!

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