2020 Update for Wedding Couples and various events

Hey all!

Wow – what a start to the new year we are experiencing. Nothing for me to add or say that hasn’t been said 100 times already – but it is insane and crazy for everyone right now.

I would like to say to any upcoming 2020 couples though, and some of you have already had to change your dates and shuffle things around: Hang in there! If you had to change your date or end up still needing to – I know it might not be the date you originally wanted and planned on, but just know this, whenever it does happen, it’s still going to be the best time and weekend of your lives! This is beyond anyones control right now, so don’t let it upset you or stress you out. Piece of advice for those that do need to change the date, ask your venue for 3-5 new possible dates, then send those dates over to your vendors as well and see who can do what. Consider Thursday, Friday, and Sunday weddings also. It seriously doesn’t matter what day it happens – it’s going to be AMAZING no matter what.

If I can help with anything during this crazy and uncertain time, please reach out and let me know any and all questions. Happy to suggest anything and keep you guys all calm and wedding on.

Please feel free to follow on me on IG and FB for more updates as I don’t get onto this blog much anymore.

Hang in there guys!


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