24th Wedding of 2016 is AWESOME with Dez & Justin!

Venue: Alden Castle, Brookline MA

Couple: Desirae and Justin

Photo: Abby Lorenz Photography

Date: 11-11-16

Everyone, please meet Dez and Justin – two of my favorite people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They are into music, amazing craft beers, trips to Vermont, and love a good dance party – pretty much sums up my entire life! Justin and I share a strong love for the greatest band ever; Deftones, while Dez and I share a love for another incredible band; SLAYER. I forget exactly how I was connected with these two but it had to be through one of our hundreds of mutual friends. They seem to literally know everyone and I felt we were friends before we even had any type of consultation meeting. This wedding was also extra special awesome for it was another wedding with Abby Lorenz on photography who always crushes it! She is truly one of the best in the game and always fun to do a wedding with – #dreamteam.

After several emails and finally meeting up they did decide to book DJ T-Rex and the rest was history. They were even given a preview back in May at Chris and Krista’s wedding I did as they were guests that night. Dez & Justin were honestly so fun to work with from start to finish. They were super organized and both had a strong love for music and the vibe they wanted that night. Since it was being held at Alden Castle which is a very swanky old school luxurious vibe inside the venue – they went with a Gatsby theme and vibe for the evening – requesting that their guests even dressed the part – and it made the night even that much more entertaining for everyone.

The ceremony was held on site at the venue which I supplied music for. We started things out with a really cool unique playlist of pre-ceremony music. They had asked past couples who’ve gotten married what their wedding songs were and we had a mix of all of those songs. It was a nice little touch to some of the guests. Then once the ceremony began the wedding party along with Dez herself walked into “Soon, My Friend” by M83. The ceremony was done by a friend of theirs and was fantastic. Once they did their vows and said the “I Do’s” they walked off to Jake Bugg’s “Me and You”.

Cocktail hour was held down the hall in a seperate room while the current room was then flipped for dinner and dancing from the ceremony. I had a playlist in the cocktail lounge set to go to fit the Gatsby vibe playing some Glenn Miller, Sinatra, Postmodern Jukebox, Ray Noble, all old school classic jazzy tunes to fit the room and vibe. People were digging it!

As cocktail hour was taking place I was back in the reception area finishing my larger main set up. The room was so nice with a little balcony overhang that people could walk up to and just look out over the party at any point of the night. As cocktail hour wrapped up and everyone made their way back into the reception area we went directly into introductions. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” led off part of the introductions for the wedding party and we shifted into “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” from The Darkness for the remainder of the wedding party. Up next was the newlyweds walking into “All The Way Up” by Fat Joe and I can honestly still say to this point – I’ve never introduced a couple to Fat Joe! Awesome stuff. (This is why I love doing weddings, you never know what you’re really getting into and every couple wants different unique song choices).

Dez & Justin then went directly into their first dance; Band of Horses “No One’s Gonna Love You” acoustic version. SUCH a good love song for a first dance. From there we led into toasts and speeches with the start of an amazing dinner. Dinner playlist was a really fun mix they wanted of some old school classic R&B hits and slow jams along with some chill indie rock stuff and some jazzy tunes and Postmodern Jukebox to still tie in the Gatsby theme of the evening. As this all wrapped up and people were done stuffing their faces Dez & Justin cut the wedding cake to none other than Cake “Love You Madly”. Nice little pun there! Parent dances were up next; Justin dancing with his mother to “How Sweet It Is” by James Taylor. Dez emailed me weeks prior to the wedding saying how she wanted to actually do a little mash up type of parent dance. Starting out with her father and her to “Daughter” by Loudon Wainwright and after about two minutes of that went into a surprise song for her and her brother to “My Immortal” by Evanescence and after about a minute of that changed into the final song for a surprise dance with her and her mother to “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. It was such a great surprise and people loved to see it happen.

From here we were off! Open dance floor and they wanted anything and everything from some classics like Shout, to Beyonce, MGMT, Bruno Mars, Madonna, Whitney Houston, JT, 90s throwbacks, etc and more! I EVEN got to play Slayer for a minute as Dez changed and re-entered the room. The crowd was incredible and the venue was so fun to play in and sounded great.

We ended the night with a request from Dez of Beyonce’s “All Night” with a great way to send the crowd off.

D & J – THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me rock the house, being awesome to work with and most of all FOR MY AMAZING DJ T-REX COCKTAIL GLASS! COOLEST GIFT EVER!!!

(and a big shout out to Dez and Justin’s wedding donut cake! Loved that thing!)

We will be hanging out soon, craft beers, secret burger at Alden and Harlow, and Deftones and Slayer shows!

Enjoy a couple of iPhone photos below everyone:


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