9th Wedding of 2017 at a dream venue to play with Carolyn & Scott!

Couple: Carolyn and Scott

Venue: Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods NH

Event Coordinator: Sorrell Downing

Florist: Apotheca (one of the best flower jobs/details I have ever seen!)

Event Lighting: Pink Tie Productions

Photo: Greg Brett

Video: Summer Wind Wedding Films

Date: 7-29-17

I could probably write pages upon pages about this entire experience working with Scott and Carolyn to being finally booked at a venue I’ve wanted to play for a long time now. But I will keep it short as possible and highlight the main points here. I first was connected with these two from DJ’ing Samantha and Dave’s wedding last September  (Samantha is Caroyln’s cousin) along with S&C frequenting the weekly Friday 90s Night at 6B Lounge I DJ. We connected right off the bat – honestly couldn’t have found an easier & more fun couple to work with! They were the BEST.

My history with this venue dates back to as long as I’ve been doing weddings now really but more so when my wife took me here for a surprise weekend a few years ago. Anyone that knows me – knows I am obsessed with old hauntings and historic hotels as the Mount Washington. When my wife took me – she booked us a room on the “haunted” floor for the night & you can surely feel a “vibe” in certain parts of the hotel itself. Ever since that weekend – I’ve crossed my fingers to be offered a gig – and before I knew it, it was really happening. The part I loved most is the spirit that apparently haunts this hotel is Princess Carolyn – and our bride for this wedding was also Carolyn! I highly suggest a weekend here if you live in New England. You pull up and it is this massive hotel in the mountains that looks exactly like it’s out of The Shining.

I met with Scott & Carolyn several times leading up to the big day – they were so detailed oriented and organized which helped me a ton. Knew exactly what they wanted but with that said let me have fun with their music suggestions as well and play off that. They were also gracious enough to book me a hotel for the Friday & Saturday night being that it is a good 3 hour drive from Boston. I arrived up there late Friday evening after work and joined them for their post rehearsal drinks & party at the hotel bar “The Cave” which is one of the coolest bars ever. Once the big day rolled around – it was so nice already being there on site and ready to go. I took advantage of being at this amazing hotel and walked the grounds all morning until I had to start setting up in the ballroom that afternoon. Set up wise for me wasn’t bad at all – they had the ceremony held outside with live musicians for that who also carried over to their cocktail hour. I had my one large setup inside the ballroom to greet guests as they transitioned in from cocktail hour.

The decorations and flowers along with lighting were like nothing I’ve ever seen! They had the most amazing centerpieces as well and everything looked like a fantasy botanical forest – I couldn’t stop taking pictures of every detail – even the chandeliers were draped with amazing greenery and flowers. As the guests walked in – Carolyn & Scott decided to have me playing the theme music to Planet Earth which was very fitting given how the room looked – people were in complete awe as they entered and took their seats.

We kicked things off with the introductions of the wedding party to several different songs including: Bruno Mars ‘Marry You, Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Funk’, Beyoncé ‘Crazy in Love’, American Authors ‘Best Day of my Life’, Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’, Justin Timberlake ‘Sexy Back’, Pitbull ‘Give Me Everything Tonight’, and then welcoming Scott and Carolyn into the room with ’24K’ by Bruno Mars.

They went directly into their first dance which was a little mash up blend I created for them ahead of time – and it was amazing to see it happen in person. The two songs were the music from La La Land into Incondicional. Seriously they had some moves for a first dance! After this wrapped up – the couple wanted me to get everyone on the dance floor just for a few minutes and songs to get a little dance party already going and they chose to kick that off with JT’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. People were all about it and once that wrapped up – everyone was seated for dinner and speeches. The dinner playlist they chose was everything from Ben E. King and Nat King Cole to Sinatra & Stevie Wonder all mixed up. Very fitting for the room we were in and people really seemed to enjoy the vibe.

As dinner wrapped up – we went into cake cutting and Carolyn shared a really special dance with her Uncle in memory of her father to the Temptations ‘My Girl’.

This led into the open dance floor and one of the best freaking dance parties I’ve ever seen and played to. Mixed up from everything old school funk/soul – tons of 90s music (lots of Backstreet Boys for Scott) some lost 80s gems thrown in there with all current top 40 and early 2000s as well. Scott also had given me a list of some specific Guatemalan songs he wanted mixed in during the night along with tunes from Shakria, Pitbull, Enrique, etc to give it some flavor! Seriously – this wedding was insane and I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it.

Thank-you to S&C for making a dream of mine come true to play this venue and trusting me to rock the house for you and your guests! Luckily – no paranormal encounters took place during this wedding! Haha. You guys are amazing and hope to see you at 90s Night sometime again soon.


Enjoy the iPhone pics I was able to capture:

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