Alyssa & Dave take over the Seaport district of Boston for wedding #15/2017 season…

Couple: Alyssa and Dave

Venue: Exchange Conference Center, Boston MA

Photo: Daniela Dawson

Cake: Sweet Tooth Bakery

Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Mandy Connor, Kenny Irwin, and Brenna Murphy of the legendary Hummingbird Bridal

Date: 8-26-17

I was thrilled to be back just two weeks later at the Exchange Conference Center in Boston. I never knew this venue existed and it’s a total hidden gem – if you’re thinking of a city based wedding I highly suggest taking a look at this one. A massive shout out to Mandy Connor of Hummingbird Bridal once again for connecting me with Dave & Alyssa – another great couple I had the pleasure of working with and bringing all of their musical ideas & suggestions to life.

The three of us sat down for an initial coffee consultation meeting way back in the early months of 2017 just to chat and go over their vision for the night to make sure I would be a good fit / or not good fit for the big day. I got along great with D&A right off the bat – they were funny, very chill, and just wanted to throw the most amazing party of their lives & I think that was achieved and then some. Alyssa even stopped by one of my Friday night 90s Night gigs early on to get a feel for my style in person – and soon after that I was booked for August 26th.

Over the course of the months leading up – we kept in touch on email just to make sure everything was going smoothly for them and what music they were looking to narrow down along with the very important do not play list. We had one final check in meeting over a few drinks to run down the timeline of the day, music choices for the early parts of the night and every other little fun detail to iron out. Having Mandy coordinate and plan as well was a massive help – she is beyond detailed and thorough to make sure each vendor is on the same page to deliver the best night ever for the couple. A couple of weeks before the date, Alyssa emailed me over the questionnaire form I also have each couple fill out – and I got all of the playlists organized and ready to go.

As I said – having just done this venue earlier in the month for Nadia and Chris’s wedding – It was an easy setup for me and knew where to go with no hesitation. Truly one of the easiest venues as a vendor I’ve ever worked before. I loaded in early enough to allow myself to set up on the second floor overhang balcony area again while Mandy, Kenny, and Brenna were flying around with all of the final details as well. It looked INCREDIBLE when it was actual show time.

A&D were holding the ceremony off site in the seaport and had the guests and themselves all shuttled over in trolleys when that concluded. Out in the back of the venue on the water (and another amazing/sunny day for weather thankfully!) I had a speaker set up with cocktail hour music playing as the guests all arrived to grab drinks and relax. The cocktail tunes they chose were a mix of old school big band stuff from Sinatra, to Dean Martin with a little bit of country as well. It fit the mood great being outside on the water of Boston.

Once the guests all came in and took their seats (OH and btw – MOST AMAZING CENTERPIECES EVER – THEY HAD A FREAKING MEAT AND CHEESE BOARD CENTERPIECE!!!) Mandy and her crew lined up the wedding party and couple for introductions. We first introduced the group of bridesmaids to “You Look Good” by Lady Antebellum and the groomsman were announced to “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle. Dave is a cop so this was a perfect fit for that. Up next was Mr. and Mrs. David McMenamy to a first time ever intro song “Ruff Ryders Anthem” by the one and only DMX. People LOVED it (myself included). As they entered the room – we had them go directly into their first dance which was awesome and very unique. Alyssa’s uncle actually sang to an instrumental back track I played to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and he crushed it. Standing ovation at the end of that one needless to say. We kept things rolling with speeches and toasts into dinner music which they wanted a similar vibe to their cocktail hour playlist – just easy going mellow music so people could chat and relax.

With dinner winding down, Mandy went over to let A&D we would kick off the dance party with the parent dances and transition into open dance floor from that. Up first was Dave with his mother dancing to Paul Anka’s “Times of your Life” and then Alyssa dancing with her Grandfather to “Summer Wind” by Sinatra. Halfway through the dance I announced for her Grandmother to come join in and it was such an awesome moment to see the two of her grandparents sharing a dance.

From there we kicked things off with some old classic funk/soul into the 80s and 90s and top 40. The crowd was PHENOMENAL to play for. They were on their feet from start to finish – open minded to everything I was playing while following their must playlist and keeping true to the do not play list as well. Before I knew it we were doing the final shout out of the night and last song before they all took off for the after party at a bar in the area.

Alyssa and Dave – you guys know how to wedding. Your crowd knows how to wedding. Thank-you TONS for having me be a part of this day and sharing it with you both.
Hopefully I will see Alyssa at a 90s Night sometime soon – or if I need to get out of a ticket I will possibly give Dave a call!

CONGRATS guys! (and one more time thank-you Mandy for connecting me with these two!)

I didn’t get many pics sadly but here are a few I snapped from the night, enjoy:

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