And I’m back! Wedding season 2015 is underway.

So after about six or seven months off – wedding season has returned!

Wedding #1 of the 2015 season was an amazing way to kick things off with Allison and Avery.

The wedding was held at the gorgeous Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, MA and organized by the amazing Mandy of Hummingbird Bridal and Events. Having events like this being 100 percent organized as it was really helps the flow of the night. Everyone was on the same page and the energy of the crowd and the couple was perfect.

I met Allison actually through a job interview in the spring of 2014 funny enough. We were chatting about other interests and hobbies which led to me bringing up DJ’ing and how she was then looking for entertainment for her wedding about a year later. From that we exchanged a few emails and had a couple consultation meetings and the three of us were set to work with one another. Allison and Avery knew exactly what they wanted for music and gave me great guidelines for the night. The best part was this crowd was up for anything from old school 60s and 70s tunes to ending the night after the last song – with chants of “one more song” and sneaking in the final, final song of No Diggity. It was SO much fun. Cocktail hour was a blend of old 1930s music jazzy tunes meshed with a little 60s doo-wop. We transitioned into dinner with some chill classic rock like the Stones, Beatles, Tom Petty and modern artists like Lumineers, Of Monsters & Men, etc.

The parent dances were awesome choices. Allison and her father danced to You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor. Avery and his mother danced to Burning Down The House by the Talking Heads and this is what led into the massive dance party as they invited everyone up to join them.

A HUGE congratulations and massive thank-you to these two for having me. I had an absolute blast on my end and cannot wait to catch up to recap the night.

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  • Mandy Connor May 4, 2015

    It was AMAZING working with you, Tom! You got the party started and carried it effortlessly through the night – what a professional! There were some serious dance moves happening on that dance floor, and let us never forget that epic “Journey” sing-a-long. I can NOT wait to do another wedding with you!!

    Cheers to the 2015 wedding season!
    xoxo – Mandy Connor


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