And the 16th wedding of 2015 season is… Mr. and Mrs. Kumar!

Wild. Crazy. NON-stop party. A few of the ways I would describe the wedding of Lindsey and Sahil from September 27th, 2015 at Five Bridge Inn Farm, Rehoboth Mass. (I have never heard of or been to this venue before BTW and instantly fell in love with it!) The day went better than I could have pictured thanks to the coordination of Corinne Hursh.

I was connected with these two from a referral of a wedding I did last year (Claire & Kevin from the Cav in Providence) and so thankful Claire recommended me! After months of emails and chatting music and logistics of the big day and a few meetings for drinks, I felt I had a very good grip on what Lindsey and Sahil were looking for. Again, not to sound like a broken record here and I know how lucky I am that the couples I work with are as nice and amazing as they are, but I really emphasize it with these two. THE NICEST HUMANS EVER! I loved working with and getting to know them. What made taking this wedding on so fun for me was being introduced to an entire new culture and lots of new music from Sahil and his entire side of the family.

The wedding consisted of two ceremonies which I supplied music for both. First up was the Hindi ceremony which I’ve never seen in person. It was incredible to watch all of these other traditions especially the part near the end when Lindsey and Sahil walk around the fire with offerings. So happy I was able to witness this and play some great tunes Sahil sent me for this part of the day. In between the two ceremonies while everyone changed I had a playlist running of just chill acoustic folky stuff while people were hanging out on the lawn and playing games.

Up next was the American ceremony (and I must say kudos to how quickly everyone changed into new suits and dresses!) While I had Vitamin String Quartet playing as guests were being seated it was time to begin the actual ceremony music. Sahil and the parents all walked into “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Christina Grimmie of the Voice. The bridesmaids then all walked into Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” and up next was the bride herself entering to “Canon in D” by Sir Neville Marriner & Academy of St. Martin. The ceremony was really well done and off they went as husband and wife to “Perfect To Me” by an artist they introduced me to Marc Broussard.

Cocktail hour was in the backside of the house next to the pool and consisted of mellow jazz tunes and some songs from the Aviator soundtrack (if you’ve not heard this – it’s awesome for old school jazz and swing).

Introductions were so much fun. The wedding party first of the sets of parents and then all of the groomsman together and then all of the bridesmaids all danced into the tent to “Uptown Funk”. I introduced Mr. and Mrs. Kumar as they came into “Panjabi MC” and the entire crowd erupted and cheered along. They went directly into their first dance (a personal fave of mine) “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” by Sir Elton John.

The tent was decorated incredibly and dinner was really fun. Sahil provided me some mellow dinner style Hindi songs to mix in with the mellow classic rock and acoustic folky stuff I was playing as well.

Once dinner wrapped up, Lindsey and her father danced to another Marc Broussard song “In This Moment” and the lyrics could not have been more fitting for a father/daughter dance.

Then, all of the sudden, something crazy and insane happened!

While Lindsey and Sahil were changing after the first ceremony a girl approached me with a USB stick saying there was a Hindi dance party mash up song on there. I had to load it into my MacBook quickly and sound check it while no one was around. The plan was as soon as the father/daughter danced ended to start playing it and a 15 or so person flashmob was to appear and start the dance floor party. It was SO awesome!!! I started the song and Lindsey and Sahil had no idea what was going on and neither did the crowd, so much fun to watch. Right from there we went into the dancing and it was NONSTOP until the 10:30 curfew. People were so energetic and fun. American music, Hindi dance tunes that Sahil gave me ahead of time to play. I loved not knowing how a song would go over since I wasn’t familiar with them and they seemed to be the biggest hits of the night.

The bride and groom were CROWDSURFING by the end of the night. YES, crowdsurfing. UH-MAZING!!!!

CONGRATS you guys. A massive thank-you for having me be a part of this amazing party and day!

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  • Tony Ottone October 1, 2015

    you did a wonderful job.. What a great time.. The look on your face at the end of the night while the crown chanted T-Rex, T-Rex… Was great. The music for the ceremony flowed beautifully and was a perfect back drop. The reception.. Well non stop party with the perfect blend of Indian and American dance classics. Don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding where the dance floor stayed full from te first to the last song..
    Great job..
    Tony Ottone
    Guest and husband of Kayla, one of Lindsey’s bridesmaids.

    • DJ T-REX October 14, 2015

      Just seeing this now, thank you SO much Tony!!! They were such an amazing couple to work with and for me it was a blast to hear new and different music with all of the Indian tunes and mixing those into the American classics as you said. I want to repeat this wedding again and again!!! Glad you had fun, thanks again! 🙂

  • Sudip Kumar October 1, 2015

    A magnificent wedding on a bright sunny day followed by a crazy foot tapping music. It was great fun !

    • DJ T-REX October 14, 2015

      Thanks so much!! It was SO FUN!!!!!! Amazing crowd and group of people!!

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