Another double header weekend – partying with Abby and Mike for the 14th wedding of 2017 season!

Couple: Abby and Mike

Venue: Sebasco Harbor Resort, Phippsburg ME

Photo: Chris Saunders Photography

Date: 8-19-17

Where to begin?! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Abby for the better part of a decade now (and it was awesome to see some old friends in the crowd, shout out to Jen, Jayme, and Dennis). Abby who is also a photographer shot my surprise engagement and party back in 2015 at the Coolidge Corner Theatre – her work is amazing so please go check her out!

This entire experience was just incredible. After wrapping up my Friday night wedding in Bolton, Mass. my assistant/roadie superwoman wife and I made the 3 hour trek right up to the venue in Maine so we were at least on site and not dealing with a drive like that on Saturday morning.

The venue was freaking awesome. It was like a little village with cabins all over and a huge vacation spot for families and couples just wanting to get out if the city insanity and chill for a few days.

I worked very closely with M & A to make sure I got everything right musically and vibe wise. Mike wanted to incorporate a lot of Spanish / Salsa / Reggaeton dance vibes throughout the night while providing me a list of songs to download ahead of time.

Once I was set up in the main reception area of the venue – we also headed down by the water for a smaller set up for the ceremony. In addition – they also had a live guitarist & singer Peter Miles – who was INCREDIBLE playing some chill pre-ceremony tunes along with the ceremony music. I had a speaker in place with a mic for the officiant and also a keyboard plugged in for Abby’s sister who sang and played a song which was the best thing EVER. Like, seriously, ever.

As the ceremony wrapped up we all enjoyed cocktail hour to Peter Miles still playing covers and the weather was amazing that day – felt so good with the breeze coming off the water as well. I loved it because not only was I DJ’ing but I was a guest at this wedding as well – so I was able to actually hang out and enjoy some drinks/apps before we all made our way back into the reception area.

I headed up before the rush of the crowd to throw on some chill music as they all found their seats and tables and we went right into the introductions. Up first were the group of groomsman with the ring security – being announced to Wisin ‘Vacaciones’ and the bridesmaids were all announced to ‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink. Up next was Mr. and Mrs. Murphy being introduced to ‘Uptown Funk’ and going directly into their first dance. This first dance pretty much just owned all other first dances ever. They started out with a minute-ish of ‘I Choose You’ by Sara Bareilles and going into a salsa dance song ‘El Gran Combo’ by Brujeria. The place went nuts as this kicked in and they busted out some incredible moves – SO fun to watch this come to life after months of knowing about it and hearing about it.

From this I was actually able to take a seat and enjoy dinner with everyone which I never get to do! Felt great and I had on a chill dinner playlist going with some specifics Mike wanted along with some chill reggae stuff from Bob Marley/Jack Johnson, Lumineers, Tom Petty, and lots others. The vibe was great in the room and peopled seemed to be enjoying the music so far.

As dinner was wrapping up we got the speeches and toasts going – some hilarious and amazing speeches from parents and friends let us into the cake cutting with ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5. Opening up the dance floor with back to back parent dances, Abby and her father to The Beatles ‘In My Life’ and Mike and his mother to ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ by Phil Collins.

From that – I take no responsibility for the madness that ensued for the next two hours. This crowd was out of control in the best way possible. Spanish, salsa tunes (yes, yes Despacito was played) mixed up with all top 40 radio hits and digging into the amazing decades of the 80s and 90s. The lights were dimmed down and I had my lighting rig switched on and it was pure amazingness. Hands down one of the most fun groups of people I’ve played to in my wedding career!

The night came to an end with two songs Mike and Abby wanted to send their crowd off with: Carlos Vives ‘Volvi a Nacer’ and the grand finale song of the night was ‘Under The Sea’ from Little Mermaid haha – I can surely say I’ve never ended a wedding this way but it was amazing with all 120 plus guests singing every word at the top of their lungs.

CONGRATS Mr. and Mrs. Murphy – thank you guys SO SO SO much for having me as a guest and DJ for the big day. CHEERS!!!

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