Bryan and Salvatore bring in wedding 12 of the season!

Venue: Liberty Hotel, Boston MA

Date: 8-6-16

Couple: Bryan and Sal

And the good times keep on rolling! Bryan and Sal were amazing to work with and it was even better to see everything we planned and discussed come to life that day and evening. I have always wanted to DJ a wedding at the Liberty Hotel and it finally happened! I’ve done events and other gigs there before but never a wedding – so that was really fun for me. It’s one of my favorite buildings in Boston, if you’ve never been by to check it out – I highly suggest you do so ASAP!

My connection with Bryan and Sal dates back a few years ago now. I was put in touch with Bryan via Facebook I believe – as he was looking for a DJ to supply music for his Open heARTS fundraiser which I’ve now DJ’d a few times at 60 State Street. Once it was time for wedding planning he contacted me asking me to DJ and I was thrilled! I met with Bryan a couple of times before the date going over the timeline, schedule, all of the music details, etc. and we were good to go.

Due to possible rain in the forecast we had to move the dinner and dancing inside the day of – but we still got away with having the ceremony in a back courtyard of the Liberty and it was SO nice! Pre-ceremony music was a shuffled mix of some Vitamin String Quartet songs and then the wedding party and both grooms walked into ‘I Choose You’ by Sara Bareilles string version. I had a PA speaker and wireless mic set up for their friend who did a fantastic job as officiant. They even had their dog as part of the ceremony! So awesome. Once the ceremony wrapped up everyone walked out to the actual studio recording of Sara Bareilles ‘I Choose You’.

As I quickly broke down the ceremony music and set up – guests were then escorted back into one of the upper levels of the hotel lobby for cocktail hour. I was set up inside one of their ballrooms which would host the introductions, dinner, and dancing for the remainder of the night. As cocktail hour came to an end and the ballroom doors were then opened up – we went into introductions. From the parents – to Bryan’s party, Sal’s party, and the grooms themselves – they were all announced and introduced to a few different Beyoncé songs which everyone was loving. They had their first dance to ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Ingrid Michaelson, great choice!! Dinner music was a mix of some choices from the couple from Alicia Keys, Charlie Puth, Adele, etc. it fit very well for the room we were in and had a nice classy vibe to dinner.

Up next – dancing! As the grooms finished up eating we did cake cutting to a request of theirs ‘It Only Takes a Taste’ from the Waitress Musical and into parent dances directly after that. Bryan and his mother danced to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by Israel K. while Sal and his mother danced to a classic 90s tune ‘Iris’ from the Goo Goo Dolls which everyone started singing along to. Once the dance floor opened up there was no stopping this crowd! Awesome group of people to play to from Lady GaGa, Pitbull, Kelly Clarkson, to some boy bands of the 90s and gems of the 80s with Whitney, Madonna, and MJ. They were open minded to anything being played and we closed the night off with some Cher, Dirty Dancing’s ‘I’ve Had the Time of my Life’ (This was the song from what I remember where both grooms were crowd surfing and hoisted up before the final request from the grooms of ‘XO’ by Beyoncé. It was an amazing day and night and I was thrilled to be a part of this one!

CONGRATS to Mr. and Mr. Finocchio-Forte! Thank-you for having me!

Here are a couple quick iPhone pics I snapped throughout the day and night.

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