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I came across Friendly Fires while still living in Los Angeles sometime in 2008. They are pure fun and you cannot help but dance around, nod your head, or at least tap your feet to the beat. I have seen them live a couple of times now and highly recommend catching a show on the next tour, it will be one of the best dance parties you ever attend. Singer Ed Macfarlane has moves like none other, and when they play live they have two drummers which is incredible to watch. I am still trying to decide who is a more entertaining lead singer; Dennis of Refused, Cedric of Mars Volta, or Ed of Friendly Fires. Check out the song and video below, one of my personal faves, enjoy!


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Coming Soon!

DJ T-Rex 90s night slap bracelets!

Thanks to Jon of Zrayweb for designing!


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Happy Monday

I was just introduced to this song last Thursday and have listened to it nonstop since. Highly recommend this one, especially to kick off your week. Best played at high volume with the bass cranked, enjoy!

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Animal House, must see movie.

This movie is without a doubt one of the greatest comedies ever made. 1978 it was released and I didn’t even see it until the late 90s or early 2000s before going to college, my father’s orders actually! John Belushi steals the film as Bluto. If you’ve never seen this, do so ASAP for a good laugh.

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My top 10 songs of the 90s

This list is tough to compile being that there are SO many good songs from the 90’s era. I was wondering if I should just break it down to the top 10 90s rock songs, punk, hip hop, pop, etc. or just throw them all in one list together. Maybe at some point I will do a list of the different genres. For now here is a list of some of my personal tracks of the 90s. Enjoy!

#10 Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap
Of course Ice, Ice Baby is classic but this song still just blows me away. It’s awfully amazing and I was a HUGE Ninja Turtles fan, I remember my parents taking me to see the sequel and when Mr. Ice appears I went nuts singing along to the movie screen.

#9 Spin Doctors -Two Princes
Loved this track from the first time I heard it back in the early 90s and it’s still not old to me. I played drums when I was younger and always loved the opening drum fill that kicks this off. Saw them open for the Rolling Stones in 1994, they were great live. ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’ is also a great song from these guys.

#8 Real McCoy – Runaway
Laugh all you want but this is a major 90s pop guilty pleasure for me.

#7 Positive K – I Got A Man
I remember this being a huge single on the radio and my best friend at the time and I each had the tape, yes, tape. Oh how I miss the 90s. This song is hilarious and much needed for an 90s collection.

#6 Bone Thugs N Harmony – Crossroads
At some point I will do a list of just 90s hip hop for that is my favorite genre from the 90s era and I could go on for days. Have to throw a little bit into this list.

#5 Silverchair – Tomorrow
100 percent obsessed with this song and band the very first time I saw the video on MTV. Yes folks, MTV actually was amazing back in the day and played real music videos! I can remember trying to record this song on tape when it’d play on the radio along with recording radio interviews and anything else I could get my hands on. This band is what caused and fueled my obsession for Australia and when I went there in 2006 it was grea to talk with locals who told me everything about the band. Give this a listen, 90s rock grunge at its best!

#4 Nofx – Linoleum
Cannot leave out some classic 90s punk. Nofx is still one of my faves, still touring, and still putting out albums. Pretty impressive for a band that has never been on the radio or MTV at all.

#3 The Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch
Late 90s, a hilarious song and matchingly hilarious video. This one is always a hit at 90s night.

#2 Blind Melon – No Rain
One of the more underrated band of the 90s. This song was massive but I throughly enjoyed the two albums Shannon Hoon was lead vocalist for before passing away. Tragic end to a great band but what is more tragic to me is how this band and many others try to carry on under the same name with a new singer. Let it go guys!

#1 Dr. Dre Featuring Snoop Dogg – Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)
Anyone that knows me, this an obvious for my number one choice of the 90s. This IS pure genuine hip hop at its best. Two classic artists together introducing themselves to the music world. I would hear this song on the radio being driven to and from school by my mother and once the album came out even though it had a pot leave on the cover, was titled “The Chronic” and back when tapes would have the explicit lyrics tag on it, I was lucky enough to still get my hands on this musical masterpiece. Dre & Snoop are the best hip hop duo to ever happen and that will ever happen, no questions asked. I might be the whitest person ever, so white that even my last name is White, but I can recite this entire song word for word without even the music playing!

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Happy Friday everyone!

Classic song, from an amazing band.


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Wedding Weekend

This past Friday & Saturday I DJ’d back to back weddings. I’ve been doing weddings since 2009 & absolutely love them. Everyone is in a great mood & ready for a dance party!

Friday’s wedding took place in Cape Cod, Sandwich MA at the Dan’l Webster Inn. I drove from Boston rather early as I do for every wedding to allow myself more than enough time to setup, sound check, & make sure everything is 100 percent good to go. This was a really nice laid back area with great coffee shops & little restaurants to walk around & explore.

The venue itself was gorgeous with the ceremony being held out in the back garden area which I supplied music for the recessional & processional parts. We lucked out & the rain just held off for the ceremony. Caitlin & Igor booked me only just over a month ago which was the most last minute booking for a wedding I’ve had yet. They were so on top of everything though & organized it all came together perfectly. Igor is from Russia actually so I had to play a good amount of russian music which was new & different for me.

The reception was about 50 or so people and I had just about every single one of them moving once dinner was finished. Great time & wedding, excited to see the pictures. Thanks again Caitlin & Igor!

Saturday I made the drive again from Boston to Keene, NH for Karen & Bryan’s wedding at Stonewall Farm. This venue was awesome! Old fashioned barn on a farm. I was put upstairs overlooking the crowd which was something new yet again for me. Every wedding is a totally different set up & layout, so as I said before I love getting there very early to set up, sound check & see what will work best sound-wise.

They had an acoustic guitarist play for the beginning cocktail hour & I took over from then on providing music for dinner into the 1st dances & reception.

Once the reception got going it was an amazing hot & sweaty dance party. I started out with some old school funk/soul music to get everyone involved from grandparents to the kids, then moved into 80s & 90s with a little bit of top 40 sprinkled in.

During the song ‘Jump in the Line’ we were able to pull off a full on conga line!

This was an amazing wedding & great couple to work with! Thank-you for having me Karen & Bryan! Congrats!!!


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REFUSED Show Tonight!

Above is one of my favorite music videos ever. The first time I saw this was in the 90s when MTV actually was MTV. I am beyond excited to see the Refused show tonight in Boston. 3 months to the day when I saw them at Coachella this past April, this is a show not to be missed. For a band that broke up 14 years ago & vowed to never reunite, they’ve been back in full force with this current tour. Crossing my fingers they stick around a little while longer & give us some new music!

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New Music Tuesday!

Tuesday’s have always been exciting to any music lover, the day new albums drop.

Here are three new albums released today I recommend you all give a listen to. Please feel free to leave comments with what you think, like/dislike.

Jimmy Cliff – “Rebirth”. Reggae at it’s finest, this is the real deal folks. Jimmy has been doing his thing for years & shows no signs of slowing down on this newest release.


Old Crow Medicine Show – “Carry Me Back”. Bluegrass folk tunes, this band is fun & easy going. They are worth back tracking past albums & I highly recommend seeing them live if you get the chance!


Nas – “Life Is Good”. Nas is a hip hop genius & to me cannot put out a less than solid record. Start to finish he captures your attention & never lets up. Check this one out guys.

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New book

I used to read much more when I was younger (Goosebumps being my favorite books), but with getting older you become so busy with your day to day routines you sometimes forget to take time out for simple things such as reading. I am forcing myself to finally get back into this habit, even if just a couple of chapters a week. I purchased the Metallica biography months back & haven’t even cracked the cover yet, but I plan on diving into this one ASAP. Love em’ or hate em’, at the end of the day it’s Metallica. They currently are & have been one of the worlds biggest most successful rock bands since the mid 80s. I am fascinated to read their story, starting out in small clubs to becoming a stadium status band, dealing with the death of a founding member, addictions, and still pushing on. If you’re interested in music business, this should be a fantastic read.




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