Jami & Sean. Wedding #6 of 2018.

Couple: Jami & Sean

Date: 6-30-18

Venue: Mansion at Turner Hill, Ipswich MA

Photography: Alexsandra Wiciel with second shooter Ashley Lynn

Videographer: Daniel Brennan

Live Cocktail Hour Musicians (who were AWESOME!): Steve Rondo & Richie Aversa

Catering: Vinwood

Florist: Gordon Florist & Greenhouse

I was connected with Jami & Sean through Lindsay & Mike who’s wedding I did in 2017. Jami and her sister ventured out on a Friday night to check me out at 6B Lounge & we briefly chatted there. I guess they were happy with what we heard because before I knew it we were finalizing paperwork & the date for June 30th at Turner Hill in Ipswich.

They were beyond easy to work with and fun along the entire way and very organized with their music wants/do not wants, timelines, and every other detail I could think of asking. After meeting up and going over everything in depth and various emails I was ready to go and headed out nice and early as I always do especially with a venue I’ve not worked at yet.

Their ceremony was held off site and they had live acoustic musicians setting up for cocktail hour so setup wise wasn’t too crazy for me. One main setup inside the reception tent and the venue was stunning. I had enough time to walk the grounds a little and explore the inside of the mansion, really awesome place.

Guests started to arrive post ceremony and headed directly into the cocktail hour on the backside courtyard area of the mansion. The weather was perfect as well. The musicians sounded great & I was able to hang and listen to a few covers of DMB, Goo Goo Dolls, Jason Mraz, etc.

As cocktail hour concluded, everyone headed into the tent and found their seats while I lined up the wedding party along with Jami & Sean to be introduced. TI’s “Bring Em Out” was the wedding party intro tune, while Mr. and Mrs. Sean Hayden entered to “Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes” by Tanto Metro & Devonte which brought them directly into first dance “Never Stop” by Safety Suit (wedding version).

After a couple of speeches & toasts we carried on with dinner music mixed of chill classic rock & folk from James Taylor to Springsteen, Petty, Lumineers & more. To keep things moving and on schedule Jami & Sean kicked the dance party off with some parent dances. Jami & her Dad danced to Bill Withers “Lean on Me”. Sean & his mother danced to “When You Need Me” by Springsteen. We also had a very special family dance dedicated to Jami’s brother whom passed away & she danced with her mother, sister, father & other family members to James Taylor “Fire & Rain”. It was very emotional & very incredible to witness & be a part of.

From that moment on – the wheels instantly came off! (In the best way possible.) This crowd was on fire! Jami & Sean really wanted a mix of things but a lot of their must plays were in my wheelhouse of 90s/early 2k’s throwbacks. Mixing that in with some top 40 of Bruno/JT to some classics of Jackson 5/Earth Wind & Fire, it was seriously one of the best nights of my life as a DJ. It also helped the venue staff were all great to work with along with the new vendors I just met that night, loved the photographers & videographer – all were so easy to work with which just makes the night smoother for everyone involved.

CONGRATS to Jami & Sean. You guys rock. Your crowd rocks. This was one for the books!

A few iPhone pics below:

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Wedding #5 of 2018 with Erinn & Kate

Couple: Erinn & Kate

Venue: Fruitlands Museum, Harvard MA

Photography: One of the best to do it – Sara Smile Photography

Catering: Fireside Catering (I’ve DJ’d several weddings Fireside has been at, incredible food! Highly suggest checking them out)

Date: 6-23-18

I met Erinn & Kate through Sara Smile Photography, who I’ve worked a ton of weddings with now over the years. It is always nice when you get to work with vendors you already know, just makes the day run even that much smoother in my opinion. As always, I met up w these two months away from the wedding date just to chat music, logistics, and make sure we were all on the same page & hopefully I was a good fit. Sure enough after chatting all the important wedding info, then realizing we shared a love for J-Crew and haunted hotels, I was booked for June 23rd, 2018.

These two are awesome. Hilarious, sarcastic, and into good music & drinks. What else do you REALLY need? We finalized their music choices wants / do not wants over emails in the months leading up to the big day, along with a final check in over coffee just to cover everything verbally again & just a good excuse to hang out and discuss more haunted hotel stories we both had.

Before I knew it, which always seems to be the case because these dates book so far in advance, all of the sudden it was show time. Loaded up the car and make the drive out to Harvard, Mass to get to the venue super early as I was logistically planning on three different multiple setups. However, this was one of those days where the rain did not seem like it would quit, so last minute call ceremony was moved into the reception tent. But who cares?! They still got married, and still had an amazing view behind them. I had some very chill instrumental tracks playing as guests all started arriving and gathering around to kick off the ceremony. The wedding party led it off to “I Feel It All” by Feist while both brides then walked into Angels & Airwaves acoustic version of “The Adventure”. The ceremony itself was great & once they were official they exited to Macklemore’s “Glorious” which was a great choice.

I led things right into cocktail hour music which was a mellow mix of indie folk rock (Lumineers, Temper Trap, Florence & The Machine, etc.) as guests grabbed apps/drinks & mingled away. I then introduced E&K to The Bleachers song “Let’s Get Married” and went directly into their first dance “First Day of my Life” by Bright Eyes. Dinner music was a mix similar to cocktail hour and I started to add in a little classic rock, funk/soul tunes to pick it up subtly to lead into dance party. Both Erinn & Kate danced with their Dad’s and this opened up the dance floor. Their crowd was nothing short of awesome & packed it from start to finish. Mixing up some funk/soul classics with some 80s and 90s gems along with some indie dance rock from Arcade Fire, Alt J, and Passion Pit. After months of discussion and trying to decide – they landed on “Hold On” by Wilson Philips to close the night out with a massive group sing-along.

A massively successful day. Thank-you to Sara Smile for sending these two incredible humans my way, and thanks to Erinn & Kate for trusting me to give you guys the best musical choices for this huge day in your lives. You both rock, CONGRATS & let’s plan a haunted hotel weekend soon (while decked out in J Crew, obviously).

Disclaimer: I always take a picture with each couple I work with at the end of the night, however Erinn & Kate vanished & changed so quickly I missed the photo opp in their dresses!

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Vermont bound for Derek & Lily!

Couple: Derek & Lily

Venue: Lake Bomoseen Lodge & Taproom, Castleton VT

Photography: Gallivan Photo

Date: 6-16-18

Anyone that knows me, knows how in love with Vermont I am. It’s SO peaceful & has some of the best food & drinks I’ve ever had in all my life. So when I was thrown the opportunity to make the drive to DJ Derek & Lily’s wedding – I did not hesitate at all. I was actually connected with these two & passed this gig on from my friend DJ Ryan Brown who had a conflicting gig, and I cannot thank him enough for sending D&L my way.

We met for coffee a few months out just to chat as usual – their vision for the night musically and flow/vibe wise. We were very much on the same page with just a mix of throwbacks and some newer stuff to keep it current. They are the nicest people ever, super chill and friendly, no stress at all. (Very Vermont feeling in that sense – laid back, chill, no worries!)

I made the drive up to the venue nice and early to allow plenty of time for the multiple set ups and sound checking everything. I will 100 percent be going back sometime next summer for a weekend, it was AWESOME. It was a restaurant & taproom with cabins and plenty of lodging on site. Derek & Lily were kind enough to book me lodging for that evening as well which helped not having to make the long drive back that night.

The reception area itself is on top of the taproom and was similar to a rustic barn feel with all wood and exposed beams. I loved the layout and the acoustics were great once I setup and soundchecked everything. D&L held the ceremony on a small island in which they had boats transfers all of their guests to & from right across the street from the venue. It was a perfect day as well which made it all the better. I had a small cocktail hour setup on a lawn/tent area by the water when everyone came back from the ceremony. Mix of some indie folk rock with a little chill classic rock, seemed to fit the setting of VT and went over well with the guests.

Guests began to trickle into the reception area where I had some chill music going to greet them. Once everyone was in and settled we announced Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Lily White to “Bring Em Out” by TI (which I can easily say I have never introduced a couple to TI before, so that was fun!) and they went directly into their first dance “Home” by Edward Sharpe which was really fun and unique. I threw on some dinner music after the speeches and toasts concluded. They wanted a very chill hip hop/R&B vibe for dinner mixed up with some chill rock tunes and funk/soul jazz based tunes. It was personally one of my favorite dinner playlists to piece together.

As soon as dinner was winding down, we dimmed the lights down & it was an open dance floor. This crowd was ready to go! Musically was geared into the 90s and early 2000s which is some of my favorite time periods of music and mixed in a little current stuff (T Swift, Ne-Yo) and old school classics. One of the highlights though was on their MUST PLAY list – “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey. Yes, in the middle of June… and it KILLED. People were loving it regardless of it being 80 degrees outside. We concluded the night with a song they chose from Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

CONGRATS Derek and Lily and thank-you for letting me hangout and party with you guys on this amazing, special day. Another huge thank-you to Ryan Brown for connecting us and getting me a trip to VT. CHEERS!!!

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Kevin & Jessica – this is how we do it! 3rd wedding/2018 season.

Couple: Kevin & Jessica

Venue: The Starting Gate at GreatHorse, Hampden MA

Videography: One of the best humans out there, Luke Dent of Favorite Holiday Media

Photography: Prudente Photography

Date: 6-9-18

I am not going to be a broken record here anymore saying “this was the best one ever!” (even though, it really was), I’m just SO LUCKY I have hit a point in the wedding career I get to work with the best couples time and time again. The best couples who bring the best crowds at some of the most stunning and new venues for me to explore and play at.

Kevin & Jessica initially heard of me through a wedding planner recommendation & we soon connected for drinks just to go over their vision and vibe for the night to make sure I’d be a good fit & able to deliver exactly what they were looking for. This is one of the most fun parts of this job is getting to meet new people, hear all of their music ideas, and then a year or so later bring it all to life.

We got along great in our first meeting and they even came out to support my Friday night 90’s throwback gig at 6B Lounge. From there I was booked for June 9th and had several months to get to know them more & really personalize some setlists that would best represent them as a couple, while playing to the overall crowd as well. Luckily for me a majority of their ‘must play’ list consisted of classic 90s/early 00’s tunes which is totally my wheelhouse anyway. Their ‘do not play’ list was mostly just country music and line dance style songs. Again, a great fit for my personal preference as well.

K&J held their ceremony offsite so I didn’t have to supply music/audio for that. I was setup at the venue which was UNREAL by the way. Driving up to it had these massive gates with fire on top, felt like it was Game of Thrones. Once I pulled up to the actual venue, the view was stunning and the ballroom and deck for reception & cocktail hour were just perfect.

I had a small cocktail hour setup on the back deck area and the music they wanted for this was just a fun, mellow mix of old school funk and soul like Otis Redding, Al Green, to some Beyoncé and Kiiara. Guests all started arriving from the ceremony and things were underway. It was such a stress-free feel and vibe and everyone was in a good mood already.

With the conclusion of cocktail hour, guests made their way into the larger ballroom and found their seats for introductions. The wedding party led things off being introduced to ‘Levels’ by Avicii and up next was Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hart being introduced to Calvin Harris ‘Feels So Close’ and they flowed directly into their first official dance as husband and wife to ‘You Are The Best Thing’ by Ray LaMontagne. Awesome energy in the room already & after a couple of toasts/speeches I threw on some chill dinner music they wanted, mix of old school Rat Pack stuff (Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr) to John Legend & Michael Buble.

Dinner wrapped up & we kicked the dance party off first with cake cutting and back to back parent dances. Jessica & her father danced to ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole, while Kevin & his mother danced to Billy Joel’s ‘Just The Way You Are’. From here it was open dance floor & the crowd quickly filled it & didn’t let up. Seriously, such a fun collection of people that I had the pleasure of playing music to. Old school soul like ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ and Jackson 5 ‘I Want You Back’ into ‘I Want You Back’ from *Nsync and plenty of other amazing 90s gems. Slowed it down at one point & since they had no specific slow song request I went with a personal favorite of mine ‘Earth Angel’ from The Penguins (which I love from Back to the Future). Little top 40 to keep it fresh & current & back through the decades and genres. We closed the night out with ‘Shout’ and ‘Uptown Funk’ sending them off on a high note.

CONGRATS to Kevin & Jessica, and thank-you tons for the opportunity to DJ the big day. You guys rocked. Your crowd rocked. Your wedding rocked! So happy I was a part of this one. Cheers!


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Ellen & Shane rocked wedding #2/2018 season!

Couple: Ellen & Shane

Venue: The Ballroom at Providence G, Providence RI

Photography: The one and only – Abby Lorenz

Videography: Crystal of Annear Wedding Films

Date: 5-5-18

Ellen & Shane BROUGHT IT! The entire crowd brought it. This wedding was flawless from start to finish. I am so happy to have been a part of this one. I had known Ellen for a few years now (former co-workers in Boston) & when she thought of me & asked about possibly DJ’ing their big day – I was thrilled. Her & Shane actually live in NY but thanks to FaceTime we were able to still have meetings along with our email trails of music vibes for the night.

Leading up to the wedding itself I put all of their music together for the various parts of the night from ceremony music to some awesome cocktail hour and dinner playlists off of guidelines of artists they suggested and just ran with it from that.

I had never been to this particular venue before but I hope it isn’t my last time there. It was fantastic in person and the staff were amazing as well which goes a long way as a vendor. The ballroom looked great by show time and I was setup in a corner area on a little elevated platform. This main setup would then play to ceremony, dinner, and dance party – while cocktail hour was held upstairs on the venue’s amazing roof deck bar.

As guests trickled in they were greeted to pre-ceremony music of Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, The Verve, etc and then ceremony music consisted of “The Book of Love” by Gavin James for the wedding party, then Ellen processed to “Canon in D Major”. The ceremony was awesome and concluded with Ellen and Shane exiting to “Oh My Love” by the Score. Once everyone was on the roof deck the cocktail hour playlist was a mix of everything from the 1975, Alabama Shakes, Fleetwood Mac, Third Eye Blind, etc.  All of the guests then made their way back downstairs to the ballroom and once seated we did introductions to “Let My Love Open The Door” by Pete Townshend for the wedding party and switching over to Natalie Cole’s “Everlasting Love” for Mr. and Mrs. Cote. They went directly into their first dance – Thomas Rhett “Die A Happy Man”.  After a few speeches the dinner playlist was a similar vibe to cocktail, indie folk rock, classic rock, and some 90s alt rock. With dinner winding down the dance party kicked off with back to back parent dances & cake cutting. Ellen & her father danced to “Tupelo Honey” by the legendary Van Morrison, Shane & his mother danced to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. Kicked things off with some old school funk & soul from Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, etc and most of the playlist they wanted consisted of some old school 80s/90s sing-alongs which went over VERY well with this crowd!

THANK-YOU Ellen & Shane for allowing me to be a part of this historic event in your lives. It was amazing working with you guys, congrats!!!

As always – great to work with my friend Abby handling photography for the night – cannot wait to see what she captured!

iPhone pics from the night – enjoy:

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Andrew & Blake kick off the 2018 season!

Couple: Andrew & Blake

Venue: Providence Public Library, Providence RI

Photo: Todd Wilson

Photo Booth: An Amazing Day

Hair/Makeup: Ali Lomazzo Beauty

Florist: Christine Kuzman

Video: Pat Henderson (who also was videographer from my wedding!) of Path Wedding Films

Date: 1-13-18

What an amazing couple to kick off the 2018 season. Andrew & Blake were a dream team to get to know and work with over the months leading up to the big day. We connected a couple of times over drinks just to get to know each other and really cover every detail musically of what they were going for that night. We also all share a huge love for Vermont and the Woodstock Inn, so that is a plus!

After a couple of meetings and an email trail of music ideas and lists, I compiled everything together in separate playlists and headed out to the Providence Public Library early on that Saturday to allow more than enough time as always for setting up, soundchecking, etc. I’ve worked this venue before so that helped knowing the layout and multiple setups required for audio.

The ceremony was absolutely perfect. They chose some chill string based instrumental music for pre-ceremony while guests arrived & took their seats. The music for the wedding party was “Tightrope” from the Greatest Showman soundtrack and processional music was Beethoven’s 5 Secrets played by the Piano Guys. As the ceremony concluded and they were officially married – they walked off to “Brighter Than The Sun” by Colbie Caillat. Once this wrapped up cocktail hour was next on the main level of the library and in the courtyard below – I had one PA speaker setup on top to play to both levels of the crowd and the elevated sound worked out great. I loved the cocktail music they went for – a mix of chill/downtempo jazz/big band from Parov Stelar, the Hotel Costes series, & some Post Modern Jukebox. Had a Gatsby speakeasy vibe to it which fit the venue & decorations for the night perfectly. Introductions and first dance were up next located in the same area as cocktail hour, before moving into the Ship Room for dinner and speeches. The wedding party along wit the grooms were all introduced to “Sax” by Fleur East. “My Handsome Man” by Matt Alber was the first dance song & I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room!

Once inside the Ship Room for dinner I had a smaller minimal setup for speeches and the vibe they wanted here was a mix of lounge music similar to cocktail with Britney Spears “Coupure Electrique”, some Lindsey Sterling music, along with “Rose Ave” by You + Me – (Who I’d never heard of and love their music now since being introduced to them.)

As dinner concluded we all came back out to the main front courtyard area (where the ceremony was held earlier) and it was full on dance party time! The parent dances kicked things off. Blake & his mother danced to “Because You Loved Me” by Celine, and Andrew & his mother danced to “You Are My Sunshine” by Jasmine Thompson. They wanted a mix of all and everything such as Rupaul, Katy Perry, Will.I.Am & Britney, Miley Cyrus, Betty Who, The Saturdays and tons more. We got into some old school disco classics along with the lost gems of the 80s/90s/early 2000s. The crowd was open minded to anything & I kept them moving right until the final song.

Like I said earlier, total dream team couple to work with. Had an amazing time bringing all of their music ideas to life and having the opportunity to play to such an engaging crowd.

Thank-you for having me and congrats to you both! Hopefully we plan a Woodstock Inn weekend soon.

Here are a few iPhone pics from the evening: (of course since the Patriots had a huge playoff game this same night – I had to represent with the tie!) (And yes, I realize how short I am compared to these two!)

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Kim & Greg close out the 2017 season!

Couple: Kim and Greg

Venue: Plymouth Yacht Club, Plymouth MA

Date: 12-30-17

What another incredible year it’s been and no better way to close it out with the 21st wedding of 2017 with Kim and Greg.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with so many amazing couples once again, each wedding is different from the last, different music, different venues, different crowds. And I love every aspect of it.

The first time I was introduced to these two was May 2016 while DJ’ing my friends Julie and Jim’s wedding. Greg is Julie’s brother and he performed at her wedding during cocktail hour – INCREDIBLE musician and awesome guy.

Fast forward to 2017 while Kim and Greg are now planning their own wedding – reached out to me seeing if I was free New Year’s Eve Eve and sure enough I was. Working with them was a treat for me as they are so into music like myself – everything from oldies, funk, soul, indie rock, classic rock, and not too much top 40, etc. They love a good mix and gave me a good outlined list of must plays and do not plays to use as a guideline for the night.

The day December 30th rolled around was of course snowing so I loaded up the car very early and made the trek out to Plymouth to allow myself plenty of time with the weather and roads. Setup wise was easy and the venue was a total gem to work with. I had one main setup in the dining room area which would play to ceremony along with dance party. Cocktail hour was held in the lounge bar area with a friend of K&G playing guitar and singing which sounded awesome.

I wrapped up with soundcheck and everything was good to go. Guests started arriving and I had on some chill old funk and soul tunes K&G wanted that were original songs of what became a lot of massive hip hop songs in the late 80s – early 2000s – people seemed to be enjoying it once they recognized the tunes. The ceremony itself began with the wedding party along with Kim all walking into ‘Flagship’ by Jason Isbell. The recessional song was ‘Hey Lover’ by Blake Mills and from that everyone transitioned into cocktail hour. I was able to actually enjoy cocktail hour myself for a bit and catch up with Julie and Jim.

From there everyone made their way back into the dining / dance room which was now flipped from ceremony into dinner. The wedding party was introduced first to ‘There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely’ by Possessed by Paul James. Kim and Greg were then introduced to Thin Lizzy ‘Wild One’ and went directly into their first dance ‘I’ll Be Here in the Morning’ by Townes Van Zandt. Dinner music was a mix of chill Americana, blues rock, folk indie rock – really fitting vibe for K&G and their crowd. We had a couple of speeches around this time and Kim’s father actually had a little surprise worked out with me ahead of time to a Beatles song while he played a snippet of guitar. Very much a music based family on both sides.

With dinner winding down they both had their parent dances up next to kick off the dance party. Kim and her father danced to one of my all time favorite tunes from one of my all time favorite artists in the history of music ‘Wildflowers’ from the late, great Tom Petty. Greg is a massive Springsteen fan and danced with his mother to ‘The Wish’. Two great choices! Dance floor was then open with some Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield to kick it off and headed into a bunch of 90s/early 2000’s jams K&G wanted and the crowd was loving it all. Kim had a couple of two-step songs on the list ‘It’s a Shame’ by Hayes Carll, and ‘Galway Girl’ by Steve Earle – very fun tunes to mix in. I even got away with a little indie dance rock from Jet, Phoenix, The Strokes, and Blood Orange. Such a fun group of people to play to and as always the night flew by. We closed things out with Isley Brothers ‘Shout’ into ‘Teardrop’ by Santo and Johnny.

Thank-You Kim and Greg for choosing me to provide the tunes for the big day and being so amazing to work with. Perfect way to end my wedding season.

CONGRATS guys!!!

Didn’t snag as many photos as I wanted but here are a few from the night:

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20th wedding of the season w/ Andrew & Jenn!

Couple: Andrew and Jenn

Venue: Blue Hill Country Club, Canton MA

Date: 11-18-17

Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Isidoro! I was connected with this incredible couple after they were guests last year at Nick and Joanna’s wedding. They got in touch shortly after that & after being familiar with my style and meeting over a coffee to just chat about their day – they secured the date and we were off and running with music planning.

Another dream couple to work with in all areas and not just saying that to say it. They were so prepared with every detail. I’m so SO lucky everyone I’ve worked with has been so down to earth – giving me some guidelines on what they want musically and not micromanaging the music – trusting I will incorporate their must and must not plays along with reading the crowds and keeping them moving.

I had a couple of meetings with Andrew and Jenn and we went over every song choice for the earlier parts of the night to first and parent dances, etc. and their music choices were awesome. The ceremony itself was held off site – so I arrived to the venue a couple hours early to setup for cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party.

As a vendor – this was one of the easiest venues I’ve worked. Unload right in front up an elevator to the ballroom I was set up in. Cocktail hour was just one PA speaker just outside the ballroom in the bar area.

Once I had everything set up and ready to go – guests started coming in for the start of cocktail hour. Jenn and Andrew wanted a chill mix of music for this part – Vitamin String Quartet covers to Rufus Wainwright and very mellow classic rock like Tom Petty’s ‘Wildflowers’.

With cocktail hour coming to an end everyone made their way into the ballroom and took their seats for introductions and the first dance. The bridal party was announced to Betty Who ‘I Love You Always Forever’ while Andrew and Jenn were announced to ‘Style’ by T Swift (starting at the 2:20 chorus to be exact). Going from that directly into first dance Iron and Wine ‘Such Great Heights’. From that we had a couple of toasts and into dinner with the music mirroring the cocktail playlist for the most part but adding in some indie rock as well from Mumford, Of Monsters & Men, etc.

As dinner was winding down – Andrew and Jenn cut their wedding cake to ‘Cake By The Ocean’ from Dnce and went into their parent dances. Andrew and his mother danced to ‘Into the Mystic’ from Van Morrison while Jenn and her father danced to REM’s ‘Nightswimming’ Both were great choices and we led right into an open dance floor and party.

Kicked things off with some old school funk and soul to get everyone up and moving and transitioned into some Top 40 and 80s/90s gems to mix it all up. In the middle of the dance party – Jenn and Andrew did the tradition of the garter and bouquet toss – Jenn’s song choice was Beyoncé’s ‘Girls Run The World’ and Andrew’s song was ‘Danger Zone’ by Kenny Loggins. Near the end of the night I threw on some of their must plays from the Killers to Tom Petty – Paul Simon and Weezer. We closed the night out with a song choice of theirs Death Can for Cutie’s ‘Transatlanticism’. (SUCH a good song!)

Thank-you Andrew and Jenn! You guys rocked, your wedding rocked, please keep in touch and congrats!!!

Here are a couple iPhone snaps from the night:

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Say Hello to Rhys and Nick for the 19th wedding of 2017…

Couple: Rhys and Nick

Venue: Mass Audubon Habitat, Belmont MA

Photo: Matt Hinkley of Hinkley Photo New England

Florist: Bittersweet Gardens

Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Mandy Connor & Kenny Irwin of the legendary Hummingbird Bridal

Date: 10-7-17

Before I get into a full recap here – let me send a huge thank-you out to Mandy of Hummingbird Bridal for connecting me yet again with another fantastic couple to work with. I was introduced to Rhys and Nick just about a year before their wedding date over beers, talking music details and their vision for the night. They were SO chill and down to earth to work with from start to finish which made the entire day incredible on their end and all the vendors as well.

Without changing the routine of several years now – I stuck to what I do with each and every couple and was in touch with R & N a bunch leading up to the big day. Just emails here and there along with another face to face final check in meeting, going over setup of the venue or more in depth music details of what they wanted for cocktail hour versus dinner music, etc. and that way I am able to customize the setlists of music that really represented them as a couple while throwing in some crowd party pleasers during the night as well.

With everything ready to go and all of the music details worked out – I headed out to Belmont with a car full of equipment nice and early to get everything setup and sound checked. The venue was really cool with a unique layout being that part of the wedding (dancing/reception) would be held inside of the house area while the rest of it was all outside in a back garden area for ceremony, cocktail hour out on a back patio, and dinner was held under a tent outside as well. So – multiple set ups of gear so needed plenty of time to cover all the grounds. A huge thank-you and shout out to Kenny who works with Mandy at Hummingbird Bridal for giving me a hand running power all the way outside and shuffling gear around as well.

The ceremony was awesome! I had a speaker setup outside with some pre-ceremony chill music playing as guests arrived and took their seats. The processional song for the bridal party was Vance Joy ‘Fire & The Flood’ and Rhys followed them entering to this song as well. The officiant did an incredible job and I believe was a family friend so that made it even more personable for everyone involved. We also had setup a wireless mic as two other close family friends sang & played guitar for R & N – which I believe was an original song – it sounded incredible during sound check and even better live in the moment. As the ceremony concluded R & N walked off officially married to ‘Safe and Sound’ by Capital Cities.

Cocktail hour was up next – Kenny and I shuffled the ceremony speakers back a bit to the patio courtyard area for this and had a playlist I put together of selection they chose: Billy Joel/Elton John, Of Monsters & Men, Lumineers, Jack Johnson, Tom Petty and much more. The guests all enjoyed it over some cocktails and catching up with one another. Dinner and speeches were up next and the music for this R & N wanted a very similar vibe but I mixed in a few more instrumental tracks as well to keep it mellow so people could still chat and not be overwhelmed with music.

As dinner was winding down I made my way back inside to the reception/dancing area where my main setup was. Once everyone trickled in – I introduced the newlyweds and they went directly into their first dance which led right into one of the best dance parties I’ve seen! They chose ‘Shut Up & Dance’ by Walk The Moon as their first dance and everyone joined in halfway through. From there I was sticking to the must playlist of things like Jimmy Eat World, Pink, Pat Benetar, Passion Pit, Betty Who, while sprinkling in some old school funk and soul throughout the set along with newer Top 40. We also slowed it down at one point for a doubled up parent dance by Phil Collins – ‘You’ll Be in my Heart’.

CONGRATS a million times over to these two – thanks so much for having me and choosing me to supply the tunes for the night! Awesome working with you both.

Sadly I didn’t get as many photos as I usually do just due to moving gear around, etc. but here are a couple to enjoy:

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18th Wedding of the year is a 10/10 – Congrats Billy and Renee!

Couple: Billy and Renee

Venue: Victoria Inn, Hampton NH

Photo: Lindsay Hackney Photography

Video: The one and only – Luke Dent of Favorite Media Holiday

Florist: The Green Griffin

Date: 9-30-17

To start this off – a massive shout out and thank-you to my good friend Heather for connecting me with this awesome couple. I had a blast getting to know and work with Billy and Renee from start to finish. Super easy going, knew exactly the vibe they wanted, and together we all pulled it off and then some for a very memorable night.

I met up with the two of them roughly a year or so before the date and I was fortunate enough to be booked soon after. Renee and I connected off the bat with our love for old school 80s/90s rock and hip hop. Billy has a touch more “country” side to him but it worked great with a list of music he provided me as well and we mixed it into the wedding flawlessly. It was music that represented them as a couple and the crowd responded very positively during the night.

I had a little bit of a drive from Boston so I set off as I always do nice and early to allow myself more than enough time for the multiple setups of the night. Ceremony was held onsite in a little lawn and gazebo area next to the Victoria Inn. Due to some early evening rain – I was not able to setup any gear outside but luckily the venue owner allowed me to setup on a little porch right next to the ceremony site with a speaker and wireless mic. I had some pre-ceremony music shuffling as guests arrived of Vitamin String Quartet which R&B chose. Once the ceremony began the entire bridal party entered to a track from a CD Renee had provided me ‘The Long Time Sun’ by Snatam Kaur. One of the groomsman then played Ukulele for Renee’s entrance song and it sounded incredible! The wedding officiant did a great job with the entire ceremony and as it wrapped up Renee and Billy were officially married walking off to ‘You Are The Best Thing’ by Ray LaMontagne.

Cocktail hour was up next with all the guests transitioning from the ceremony site over to a courtyard area for the remainder of the evening. Renee and Billy wanted a specific mix for this part of the night with some chill 90s alt rock and country tunes which was a bit of a similar vibe to our dinner playlist as well. I don’t always get to play chill 90s alt rock so that was a treat for me. As cocktail hour concluded we went into wedding party introductions starting with ‘Uptown Funk’ for the wedding party themselves and then Renee and Billy “Team Renilly” to ‘Marry You’ also by Bruno Mars. They went directly into the first dance – Ellie Goulding ‘How Long Will I Love You’. Awesome song choices for these parts of the night! Dinner was awesome – a taco/burrito bar which I inhaled. Cake cutting near the end of dinner was done to ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5. R&B then went into their parent dances at the end of dinner – Renee and her father dancing to Van Morrison ‘Someone Like You’ and Billy and his mother to ‘My Wish’ by Rascal Flatts.

Up next was DANCE PARTY and a dance party it was! Kicked off with some classics from Mr. Stevie Wonder & Curtis Mayfield into some JT/Bruno etc and touched on just about every song on the “must play” list as well that R&B had provided me. 80s and 90s gems thrown into the set along with Jason Aldean/Zac Brown for Billy. The crowd was a blast to play for – dancing their feet off from the second we started to the closing note ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic.

CONGRATS to Renee and Billy – thank-you tons for including me in your big day!

Here are some quick iPhone pics from the night:

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