Kyle and Christine! SO GOOD.

Couple: Kyle and Christine

Venue: West Dennis Yacht Club, Cape Cod MA

Photo: Lisa Elizabeth Images

Florist: Fancy Flowers by Meredith

Date: 9-16-17

The 17th wedding of the year was one of the best I’ve ever seen. This couple. This crowd. All of it – top notch.

I was connected with Kyle and Christine just about a year before the big day – we had a consultation meeting with a few drinks and before I knew it – September 16th, 2017 was just around the corner. They were super easy to work with but not just that – they were super fun to work with also. They even made it out to 6B Lounge for a live preview one Friday for some throwbacks – and some of those throwbacks even made it into the set at the wedding.

The ceremony itself was held off site so I was all set up at the venue as everyone arrived for the start of cocktail hour and so on. The venue which I’ve never played before was great – out in West Dennis Cape Cod and on the water – I had a small cocktail hour setup on the patio area while people enjoyed drinks and catching up – the music for this part of the night K&C wanted was very Rat Pack esque with Post Modern Juke Box covers thrown in for good measure.

As the crowd then made their way inside and were seated – everyone was lined up for introductions. First up the kids were announced to ‘Jump in the Line’ by the legendary Harry Belefonte, the wedding party was introduced to ‘Jock Jams Remix’ which got the crowd going then up next was Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Kessel announced to Huey Lewis ‘Power of Love’. They went directly into their first dance ‘Head Over Boots’. Such a great start so far to an upcoming epic dance party.

We started dinner off with a few toasts/speeches. The dinner music was a similar vibe to cocktail – also missing in some chill folky stuff from the Lumineers and a little classic rock as well. The food was incredible as I threw on an auto playlist for a few minutes at this time and have a vendor meal with the photographers as well. With dinner coming to a close we transitioned into parent dances. Kyle and his mother dancing to ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ by the Byrds and Christine and her father to ‘The Way You Look Tonight’. Up next – lights dimmed down, flipped on the dance party lighting rig, and madness in the best way possible broke out. They had a crowd of 200 or so people and all 200 of them were on their feet. Kicked off with the classic funk/soul tunes from Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield and moved into Bruno/JT/Katy Perry top 40 and tons of 80s and 90s gems on their must playlist. Hands down one of the most fun groups of people I’ve ever played for and it all stems from the couple being amazing. The night closed out with a song K&C had chosen – Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Glory Days’ with everyone singing along to it.

CONGRATS and thank-you Kyle and Christine for letting me rock the house T-Rex style!!! You guys rock and so did this wedding. Cheers!

iPhone pics from the evening:

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16th Wedding of the year = INCREDIBLE with Lainey and Jason

Couple: Lainey and Jason

Venue: Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield MA

Photo: Stephanie Vegliante

Date: 9-1-17

Everything about this wedding was incredible. Start to finish – one of the best I’ve ever been a part of with an incredible crowd. I was connected with Lainey and Jason earlier this year from a co-worker of mine (Shout Out to MONA!) who was nice enough to refer and pass along my info. Since they live in CT though and we were unable to meet up in person, we took advantage of the 2017 technology and facetimed just to chat details and vibe to make sure it would be a good fit. Before I knew it, I was requesting that Friday Sept 1st off from my office so I could rock L&J’s wedding at the Salem Cross Inn.

We had kept in touch via email and texts/calls over the months leading up to the wedding so I was always connected and on the same page timeline wise and music vibe to deliver them exactly what they wanted with a setlist that best represented them as a couple – while reading the crowd of course and throwing in some party pleasers as well. The venue was a bit of a drive from Boston so I set off that morning super early and had plenty of time once I arrived to setup outside in the back garden area for ceremony and cocktail hour along with everything inside for dinner and dancing. The venue was awesome – nice rusting New England feel and it sounded great as well which is always a bonus.

Never know what you’ll get weather wise when you book an event this huge so far in advance. However – L&J lucked out and it was perfect. Sunny skies and not too hot either. As guests started trickling in for the ceremony – I had one PA Speaker setup off to the side with a Mic for the officiant. Greeted them with some chill Vitamin String Quarter music as they all took their seats and was time to begin. The wedding party processed to Ed Sheeran ‘Tenerife Sea’ while Lainey processed to ‘A Thousand Years’ by The Piano Guys (incredible cover of this song if you’ve never heard it). With the sun beaming down on them – they were officially married with the “I Do’s” and exchange of rings – and walked off to Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know’. Everyone then made their way over in the same area to the cocktail hour where I had another speaker setup with a playlist we had gone over of specifics of music from The Fray, to Of Monsters and Men, Jack Johnson, and many others. It paired well with the nice weather and gorgeous rustic landscape outside.

As everyone made their way inside the barn area for the reception – I had the wedding party lined up for introductions. Parents were all announced to Michael Buble ‘Thing Called Love’, Groomsman as a group were all announced to Macklemore ‘Thrift Shop’, The Bridesmaids were announced to ‘Girls Run The World’ Beyoncé and finally Mr. and Mrs. Jason Frey were introduced to ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyoncé. With the attention on them – they transitioned right into their first dance ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran. We got into a few speeches and toasts and dinner was underway with a similar vibe from cocktail hour – folk indie rock with some old school Sinatra esque tunes thrown in for good measure as well. As dinner was winding down L&J went into cake cutting with the song they chose ‘Sugar Sugar’ from the Archies. Lainey was then up with her father for a dance to ‘I Loved Her First’ by Heartland.

Dance floor was then officially open to all guests – and all guests took over and rocked out. With the lights dimmed down a bit and my lighting rig thrown on – I kicked off with some classics from Contours, Jackson 5 and into Bruno, JT, and all over the music map of 80s/90s/early 2000s and other Top 40. The energy was crazy and as I said earlier – made for one of the best weddings I’ve ever done. I remember waking up the next day wishing we could do it all over again.

Congrats to Lainey and Jason – and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this party. I still think we should just do it all again sometime soon! CHEERS!!!

Another shout out and thank-you to my coworker again for connecting all of us for this to happen – you the best Mo Money! (And your family is TOP NOTCH – great time partying with everyone!)

Couple iPhone snaps from the evening:

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Alyssa & Dave take over the Seaport district of Boston for wedding #15/2017 season…

Couple: Alyssa and Dave

Venue: Exchange Conference Center, Boston MA

Photo: Daniela Dawson

Cake: Sweet Tooth Bakery

Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Mandy Connor, Kenny Irwin, and Brenna Murphy of the legendary Hummingbird Bridal

Date: 8-26-17

I was thrilled to be back just two weeks later at the Exchange Conference Center in Boston. I never knew this venue existed and it’s a total hidden gem – if you’re thinking of a city based wedding I highly suggest taking a look at this one. A massive shout out to Mandy Connor of Hummingbird Bridal once again for connecting me with Dave & Alyssa – another great couple I had the pleasure of working with and bringing all of their musical ideas & suggestions to life.

The three of us sat down for an initial coffee consultation meeting way back in the early months of 2017 just to chat and go over their vision for the night to make sure I would be a good fit / or not good fit for the big day. I got along great with D&A right off the bat – they were funny, very chill, and just wanted to throw the most amazing party of their lives & I think that was achieved and then some. Alyssa even stopped by one of my Friday night 90s Night gigs early on to get a feel for my style in person – and soon after that I was booked for August 26th.

Over the course of the months leading up – we kept in touch on email just to make sure everything was going smoothly for them and what music they were looking to narrow down along with the very important do not play list. We had one final check in meeting over a few drinks to run down the timeline of the day, music choices for the early parts of the night and every other little fun detail to iron out. Having Mandy coordinate and plan as well was a massive help – she is beyond detailed and thorough to make sure each vendor is on the same page to deliver the best night ever for the couple. A couple of weeks before the date, Alyssa emailed me over the questionnaire form I also have each couple fill out – and I got all of the playlists organized and ready to go.

As I said – having just done this venue earlier in the month for Nadia and Chris’s wedding – It was an easy setup for me and knew where to go with no hesitation. Truly one of the easiest venues as a vendor I’ve ever worked before. I loaded in early enough to allow myself to set up on the second floor overhang balcony area again while Mandy, Kenny, and Brenna were flying around with all of the final details as well. It looked INCREDIBLE when it was actual show time.

A&D were holding the ceremony off site in the seaport and had the guests and themselves all shuttled over in trolleys when that concluded. Out in the back of the venue on the water (and another amazing/sunny day for weather thankfully!) I had a speaker set up with cocktail hour music playing as the guests all arrived to grab drinks and relax. The cocktail tunes they chose were a mix of old school big band stuff from Sinatra, to Dean Martin with a little bit of country as well. It fit the mood great being outside on the water of Boston.

Once the guests all came in and took their seats (OH and btw – MOST AMAZING CENTERPIECES EVER – THEY HAD A FREAKING MEAT AND CHEESE BOARD CENTERPIECE!!!) Mandy and her crew lined up the wedding party and couple for introductions. We first introduced the group of bridesmaids to “You Look Good” by Lady Antebellum and the groomsman were announced to “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle. Dave is a cop so this was a perfect fit for that. Up next was Mr. and Mrs. David McMenamy to a first time ever intro song “Ruff Ryders Anthem” by the one and only DMX. People LOVED it (myself included). As they entered the room – we had them go directly into their first dance which was awesome and very unique. Alyssa’s uncle actually sang to an instrumental back track I played to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and he crushed it. Standing ovation at the end of that one needless to say. We kept things rolling with speeches and toasts into dinner music which they wanted a similar vibe to their cocktail hour playlist – just easy going mellow music so people could chat and relax.

With dinner winding down, Mandy went over to let A&D we would kick off the dance party with the parent dances and transition into open dance floor from that. Up first was Dave with his mother dancing to Paul Anka’s “Times of your Life” and then Alyssa dancing with her Grandfather to “Summer Wind” by Sinatra. Halfway through the dance I announced for her Grandmother to come join in and it was such an awesome moment to see the two of her grandparents sharing a dance.

From there we kicked things off with some old classic funk/soul into the 80s and 90s and top 40. The crowd was PHENOMENAL to play for. They were on their feet from start to finish – open minded to everything I was playing while following their must playlist and keeping true to the do not play list as well. Before I knew it we were doing the final shout out of the night and last song before they all took off for the after party at a bar in the area.

Alyssa and Dave – you guys know how to wedding. Your crowd knows how to wedding. Thank-you TONS for having me be a part of this day and sharing it with you both.
Hopefully I will see Alyssa at a 90s Night sometime soon – or if I need to get out of a ticket I will possibly give Dave a call!

CONGRATS guys! (and one more time thank-you Mandy for connecting me with these two!)

I didn’t get many pics sadly but here are a few I snapped from the night, enjoy:

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Another double header weekend – partying with Abby and Mike for the 14th wedding of 2017 season!

Couple: Abby and Mike

Venue: Sebasco Harbor Resort, Phippsburg ME

Photo: Chris Saunders Photography

Date: 8-19-17

Where to begin?! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Abby for the better part of a decade now (and it was awesome to see some old friends in the crowd, shout out to Jen, Jayme, and Dennis). Abby who is also a photographer shot my surprise engagement and party back in 2015 at the Coolidge Corner Theatre – her work is amazing so please go check her out!

This entire experience was just incredible. After wrapping up my Friday night wedding in Bolton, Mass. my assistant/roadie superwoman wife and I made the 3 hour trek right up to the venue in Maine so we were at least on site and not dealing with a drive like that on Saturday morning.

The venue was freaking awesome. It was like a little village with cabins all over and a huge vacation spot for families and couples just wanting to get out if the city insanity and chill for a few days.

I worked very closely with M & A to make sure I got everything right musically and vibe wise. Mike wanted to incorporate a lot of Spanish / Salsa / Reggaeton dance vibes throughout the night while providing me a list of songs to download ahead of time.

Once I was set up in the main reception area of the venue – we also headed down by the water for a smaller set up for the ceremony. In addition – they also had a live guitarist & singer Peter Miles – who was INCREDIBLE playing some chill pre-ceremony tunes along with the ceremony music. I had a speaker in place with a mic for the officiant and also a keyboard plugged in for Abby’s sister who sang and played a song which was the best thing EVER. Like, seriously, ever.

As the ceremony wrapped up we all enjoyed cocktail hour to Peter Miles still playing covers and the weather was amazing that day – felt so good with the breeze coming off the water as well. I loved it because not only was I DJ’ing but I was a guest at this wedding as well – so I was able to actually hang out and enjoy some drinks/apps before we all made our way back into the reception area.

I headed up before the rush of the crowd to throw on some chill music as they all found their seats and tables and we went right into the introductions. Up first were the group of groomsman with the ring security – being announced to Wisin ‘Vacaciones’ and the bridesmaids were all announced to ‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink. Up next was Mr. and Mrs. Murphy being introduced to ‘Uptown Funk’ and going directly into their first dance. This first dance pretty much just owned all other first dances ever. They started out with a minute-ish of ‘I Choose You’ by Sara Bareilles and going into a salsa dance song ‘El Gran Combo’ by Brujeria. The place went nuts as this kicked in and they busted out some incredible moves – SO fun to watch this come to life after months of knowing about it and hearing about it.

From this I was actually able to take a seat and enjoy dinner with everyone which I never get to do! Felt great and I had on a chill dinner playlist going with some specifics Mike wanted along with some chill reggae stuff from Bob Marley/Jack Johnson, Lumineers, Tom Petty, and lots others. The vibe was great in the room and peopled seemed to be enjoying the music so far.

As dinner was wrapping up we got the speeches and toasts going – some hilarious and amazing speeches from parents and friends let us into the cake cutting with ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5. Opening up the dance floor with back to back parent dances, Abby and her father to The Beatles ‘In My Life’ and Mike and his mother to ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ by Phil Collins.

From that – I take no responsibility for the madness that ensued for the next two hours. This crowd was out of control in the best way possible. Spanish, salsa tunes (yes, yes Despacito was played) mixed up with all top 40 radio hits and digging into the amazing decades of the 80s and 90s. The lights were dimmed down and I had my lighting rig switched on and it was pure amazingness. Hands down one of the most fun groups of people I’ve played to in my wedding career!

The night came to an end with two songs Mike and Abby wanted to send their crowd off with: Carlos Vives ‘Volvi a Nacer’ and the grand finale song of the night was ‘Under The Sea’ from Little Mermaid haha – I can surely say I’ve never ended a wedding this way but it was amazing with all 120 plus guests singing every word at the top of their lungs.

CONGRATS Mr. and Mrs. Murphy – thank you guys SO SO SO much for having me as a guest and DJ for the big day. CHEERS!!!

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Funk, Motown, 90s Hip Hop, Guns N’ Roses. Mr. and Mrs. Rufo know what’s up! #13/2017

Couple: Jimmy and Victoria

Venue: The International, Bolton MA

Photo: Hannah Gunnell of Ramblefree Photo Co.

Video: Clear Vision

Date: 8-18-17

DJ T-Rex’s Wife: “You can’t book a wedding on my Birthday!”

DJ T-Rex: “Hold My Beer”

Pay attention and take notes people – THIS is how you wedding. You first off start out by being incredible to work with and really knowing exactly what you want/don’t want for your vibe and music. You then share a mutual love for the 80s and 90s with your DJ along with old school hip-hop, old school funk, soul, and Motown. Along with sharing a mutual love for good drinks and beers. Along with a mutual love for Larry Bird and the classic Boston Celtics.

Add all of that up? You get Jimmy and Victoria’s incredible wedding. I loved getting to know these two over the course of the year leading up to the big day. So nice and fun, just awesome genuine good people. They had seen me at 90s Night in the past and connected with me from that and I’m so glad they did.

The venue – which I’d never played before was awesome and home to one of the most famous golf courses in the New England area. The staff was super friendly and I felt very comfortable from start to finish while setting up and sound checking. While Jimmy and Victoria held their ceremony off-site – my wife (best assistant ever! Thank-you again for working on your birthday) – we got everything ready to go nice and early and I greeted the guests coming in for cocktail hour to start with requests from the couple of music from: the Temptations to Otis Redding to Jackson 5 to Curtis Mayfield. It was a great vibe and how could you not tap your foot along to that music while enjoying a cocktail?

With the cocktail hour winding down – I then introduced both sets of parents to ‘Start Me Up’ from the Stones and Mr. and Mrs. Rufo to ‘Sky Full of Stars’ by Coldplay. Their first official dance as husband and wife was next – The Beach Boys ‘God Only Knows’. Such a good song!

Dinner kicked off with a few toasts and speeches and the dinner playlist as handpicked from J&V was a little bit of the cocktail vibe but also getting into some chill classic rock as well. I could feel the energy in the room and it was awesome – I was excited to get this crowd up and moving for the remainder of the evening. The parent dances led into open dance floor – Jimmy and his mother dancing to an Italian song ‘Le Mamme’ by Toto Cutugno and Victoria and her father to ‘Fields of Gold’ by Sting.

The playlist for dance party was everything you could imagine. I kicked it all off with some Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Aretha, etc. to get all ages and generations up and going – carrying into MJ, Prince, Billy Idol, along with all the 80s and 90s, top 40 gems on their do playlist. Later in the night we got into some rock and roll and touched on Jimmy’s fave band GNR with a massive sing-along to ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ and back into the funk soul, and repeat. Everyone was amazing in the crowd and danced to whatever was being played. We capped the night off with an MJ/GNR medley. I think a few people lost their voices at this one!

THANK-YOU Jimmy and Victoria for being so awesome and choosing me to rock the house. Celtics games, 90s Nights, and beers are a must up at some point soon.

Cheers and congrats to you both!!!

iPhone pics below, enjoy:

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Double header weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Spano! 12/2017

Couple: Chris and Nadia

Venue: Exchange Conference Center, Boston MA

Photo: The legend who shot my wedding last summer! Mikhail Glabets

Date: 8-12-17

Chris and Nadia were incredible to work with. I was lucky enough to be referred by our now mutual photographer, Mikhail about a year ago for this one. After a consultation meeting and checking me out at 6B Lounge on a Friday for 90s Night – they booked and confirmed me for August 12, 2017 & the rest is history.

They were SO easy going and fun to work with and get to know over the entire process of planning all the details, vibe, and music for the night. We had a mutual love and passion for the 90s along with some 80s and classic rock jams which were all thrown into the dance party portion of the night as well.

Since I had never DJ’d this particular venue before – we did a quick walk through a couple weeks before the wedding date which always helps me on the day itself. I was able to see where I’d be setting up and the loading/unloading process as well.

As the calendar hit 8-12-17 – I made my way down to the venue to get set up and sound checked nice and early. This venue was a bit of a unique layout actually – while all the guests were on the bottom floor area for the ceremony along with reception – I was set up on the second floor overhang balcony overlooking the audience! I felt like a DJ in a Miami nightclub haha – and because of the sound being so elevated – the acoustics were incredible and sounded great for all parts of the night.

Chris’s uncle took the role of officiating the wedding and he did an incredible job. Pre-ceremony music as guests were shuffling in was a mix of Vitamin String Quartet songs which transitioned to Vitamin String’s version of Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing’ – the entire wedding party including Nadia all processed in to this song. As the ceremony wrapped up they walked out to ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Suede (skipping over the weird chanting intro beginning of the track lol).

Outside in the back of the venue located right on the water of the Seaport district of Boston was the cocktail hour. The weather was incredible and being on the water was so nice for the guests. I had a speaker set up for this with a playlist of requests Chris and Nadia wanted with a little bit of country mixed in with some 80s and chill classic rock – and a couple older jazz classics from Sinatra and the Rat Pack as well for good measure.

Back inside the venue the staff were flipping the room from ceremony to reception set up and we went into introductions a little while after. The wedding party were all introduced to “I Gotta Feeling’ by Black Eyed Peas, then Chris and Nadia were introduced to “On Top of the World’ by Imagine Dragons. They went directly into their first dance which I had to rip from YouTube as no official recording exists on iTunes yet. ‘Stand By Me’ covered by Imagine Dragons – great version and I didn’t even know it existed so it was nice being exposed to that.

We kicked off the dinner part of the night with a few toasts and speeches – while I ran back up to my balcony DJ area to supply the dinner tunes. It was a similar vibe to cocktail hour but also mixing in a group I introduced Chris and Nadia to – Post Modern Jukebox who do all old school jazzy sounding songs but all 90s/and modern top 40 covers. Whenever people catch it – they love it and get a kick out of the music.

With dinner winding down and people eager to hit the dance floor – we got things rolling with some parent dances. Nadia and her father were up first dancing to ‘A Song for my Daughter’ by Ray Allaire – then Chris and his rockstar grandmother were up next dancing to Rascal Flatts ‘My Wish’. From that I invited everyone to crowd the dance floor and kicked things off with some Stevie Wonder/Jackon 5 right into Bruno, JT, Walk the Moon and then hit the 80s/90s and 70s pretty hard. Being above everyone I had a birds eye view of the entire dance party and it was SUCH a good crowd. We closed the night out with a massive sing-along requested by the couple of ‘Your Love’ from the Outfield.

CONGRATS to you guys – thanks a ton for including me in your big day and hopefully we can grab beers again sometime soon at Harpoon or 90s Night!

Here are my iPhone pics of the day & night:

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Meet Kristen & Lucas who danced & waltzed the night away! #11/2017

Couple: Kristen and Lucas

Venue: Five Bridge Inn, Rehoboth MA

Date: 8-11-17

I was connected with this awesome couple from a referral from a wedding I did at the same venue for Sahil and Lindsey back in 2015. Kristen reached out about a year prior to their wedding date and I was really happy when I saw it was at Five Bridge again – I loved working there – gorgeous layout and very easy to unload/load in as a vendor. Very happy to be back and they ended up having the best weather for the day and night as well.

I met up with Kristen and Lucas a couple of times to connect on their vibe and music specifications for the night. Lucas’ background is Argentinian so it was really fun for myself to be exposed to some new music for this gig as he sent me over some playlists of things to download and mix into cocktail/dinner parts of the night along with the dancing.

Once the day finally arrived – I set up at the venue as always hours before start time to allow set up, sound check, and set up audio/mic for their ceremony as well which was held right on site. Pre-ceremony music was a shuffled playlist Lucas wanted of some chill jazz tunes from Miles Davis, John Coltrane, etc. and it sounded great on a nice sunny day outside as people took their seats. Once the ceremony began the bridal/wedding party including their kids processed to Jim Brickman’s piano version of ‘Air (Handel: Water Music Suite)’ while Kristen was up next walking the aisle to Jim Brickman piano edition of ‘Over the Rainbow’. The ceremony itself was very well done and reflected who they are as people – great job from the officiant. As it came to an end the walked off to Sinatra’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight’.

Guests then made their way down to the backside of the venue and house for cocktail hour down by the pool area. I had a playlist running for this that Kristen and Lucas chose of a mix – some chill jazz music like Sinatra, Etta James mixed up with some Bossanova guitar. Went over very well while people relaxed and got lost in their conversations.

The crowd then made their way back up to the front lawn area into the tent where I was setup with my large main set up. I had some chill music on while they all came in and took their seats and we then introduced Kristen and Lucas to Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’ which led them into their first dance along with parent dances. The way this worked as they explained to me months beforehand – which I then explained to the crowd – the first & parent dances are a series of Waltzes which they had sent me a list of. Kristen and Lucas started things off together for a couple of minutes – then their parents joined them all dancing at once – at which point each guy comes up to switch off dancing with Kristen, while each girl comes up to switch off dancing with Lucas. I’ve never seen this tradition before so it was really fun to orchestrate and see it come to life – this went on for about 10-15 mins or so in total. Very unique experience and from that we went into the toasts and dinner music. We carried over a bit from the cocktail playlist as they requested and kept that vibe going throughout – along with mixing in specific songs Lucas had given me ahead of time.

As dinner started winding down – Kristen and Lucas kicked off the dance party by cutting the cake to ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5. From that – it was an open dance floor for all guests & they didn’t hesitate at all. The dance floor was packed with a group of kids who I heard had a few too many Shirley Temples requesting everything from Bruno Mars and JT to the Cha Cha slide. Also on their must playlist were songs like ‘Despacito’ to ‘Smooth Criminal’ and lots of salsa and bachata music. I threw in some personal favorites to accompany that style of music as well from Ozomatli and the Gipsy Kings. The crowd was a blast to play for and had such a good energy and vibe throughout the entire day and night – not to mention Kristen and Lucas were the nicest people on the planet and beyond easy to work with!

Highlight: Ending the entire night and dance party with a song chosen by them: ‘Red Red Wine’ by UB40 – SO good.

Thank-you both for putting your trust in me to run the show! It was awesome to be a part of – CONGRATS!

Couple of iPhone pics to check out:

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T-Rex goes INTERNATIONAL with Nic & James for the 10th wedding of the year!

Couple: Nic and James

Venue: Bell Hall, York England

Date: 8-5-17

This was a massive milestone and one of the most amazing events I’ve ever witnessed and been a part of! I attended and DJ’d my first ever English wedding and could not thank Nic and James enough for asking me to do so. I met them in person just over a year ago when they flew over to Boston to attend our wedding as well.

Since marrying my wife (who was also the Maid of Honor for this wedding), Melanie last summer in 2016 – I’ve yet to even make a trip over to England with her yet to see her hometown of Yorkshire. So when Nic and James set a date very far in advance and asked me to play some tunes – we secured flights and made it all happen. Logistically it was very hard and tricky for us to figure out equipment, gear, speakers, etc since I can only fly over with my MacBook with all the music. Nic and James found out though which saved us a huge deal of work their venue supplied RFC Evox speaker systems for DJ’s/Bands to use and plug into – and they were able to find the DJ controller I use and love the Pioneer DDJ-SX2.

They were awesome to work with even with the time zone differences we would message one another and facetime whenever we could to go over the timeline of the day, specific music, all of the same details and approach with a wedding I normally would be doing. I think in my head I was over analyzing it to be some completely new & different world for me – but end of the day it wasn’t. They filled out the music form I send over to every couple and asked their guests on the RSVP cards some songs they would like to hear – so from all of that I compiled their playlists over the months & it all came together better than I could have imagined!

The venue was stunning – it was an old estate with sprawling greens and well kept grounds and they utilized the entire venue which I thought was great. The ceremony was held outside in a back garden area with Nic and James in the middle and a circle of chairs filled with their closest friends and family surrounding them. Also a huge thing to note – it was a gorgeous sunny day! That is rare in England so it was great we were all able to enjoy the good weather. Ceremony kicked off with a live gospel choir singing and they sounded incredible. I had my iPhone plugged into their sound system as Nic chose Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’ for the wedding party along with herself to process the aisle. The officiant did a great job and as everyone processed from the ceremony the choir sent them over with singing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’.

Cocktail hour was held in another open garden area – with an acoustic guitar/singer playing live – live the gospel group he also sounded incredible! He did a bunch of acoustic covers of popular songs and everyone was really into it.

One thing that is different with English weddings to American – English weddings start way earlier and end much later as well. Nic and James ceremony was 12:30pm I believe whereas in America – most ceremonies start around 4pm and the entire thing is done by 11pm. The curfew for this one was midnight! I had to pace myself as we had all day and night to party still.

Once the cocktail hour concluded – guests all made their way into the teepee tent that was set up – this was SO unique and unlike anything I’ve been in before. I had some chill music going while everyone took their seats before dinner and speeches started. As I got everyone’s attention I think the overall crowd really got a laugh and a kick out of my American accent and tone. I invited Nic and James up for their first dance – which was ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran. Next up – I got to actually introduce my wife to the crowd which was awesome – as she gave her maid of honor speech. The speech was well rehearsed and not just being bias here – she crushed it. She did a sentimental little speech to start and then busted out her ukulele and did an entire song/speech to the tune of ‘All That She Wants’ by Ace of Base. My amazing sister in law, Lucie also accompanied her by playing the tambourine to the beat. The entire crowd was laughing at each line and started all clapping along. It was SO good and all the practice of it paid off. “All That She Wants is her sexy Stevens, yeahhhh”. Following that were some other speeches by parents along with groomsman and then dinner began.

While dinner was going on – Nic and James arranged for an Irish band to play some music and it was great! I loved all the live music aspects they set up for their day and night – as dinner was winding down as well people would come and go to the dance floor dancing along to the Irish band.

Before I knew it – showtime! My first ever across the pond wedding. It was surreal for me and I was actually warned a little bit earlier that week from my British family that most British weddings aren’t big crazy dance parties like the American ones I do. Well that was completely incorrect as this crowd was INCREDIBLE. I had compiled all of the music Nic and James gave to me ahead of time so mixing all of that in kept everyone moving. It was really fun for me to play British artists like the Stones, Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Fatboy Slim, while in England. A lot of the set was similar to what I would do in America too though with 80s/90s and current top 40 music. Maybe a little more Spice Girls than usual at this wedding though!

We ended the night with Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ another English group – and every single person remaining in the crowd joined into a massive circle sing-along belting out every word.

It was such an amazing experience from start to finish – getting to experience the wedding itself but also be such a big part of it. I cannot thank Nic and James enough for giving me this opportunity and to my wife and British family for partying and dancing to the music all night as well! LOVE YOU GUYS!

CONGRATS Mr. and Mrs. Stevens – you guys rock – please plan another Boston trip sometime next year!

Enjoy the iPhone pics I was able to snag during the day/night: (not pictured – my British/American cufflinks, my London socks, and my British tie – I went all out in accessories for this one!)

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9th Wedding of 2017 at a dream venue to play with Carolyn & Scott!

Couple: Carolyn and Scott

Venue: Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods NH

Event Coordinator: Sorrell Downing

Florist: Apotheca (one of the best flower jobs/details I have ever seen!)

Event Lighting: Pink Tie Productions

Photo: Greg Brett

Video: Summer Wind Wedding Films

Date: 7-29-17

I could probably write pages upon pages about this entire experience working with Scott and Carolyn to being finally booked at a venue I’ve wanted to play for a long time now. But I will keep it short as possible and highlight the main points here. I first was connected with these two from DJ’ing Samantha and Dave’s wedding last September  (Samantha is Caroyln’s cousin) along with S&C frequenting the weekly Friday 90s Night at 6B Lounge I DJ. We connected right off the bat – honestly couldn’t have found an easier & more fun couple to work with! They were the BEST.

My history with this venue dates back to as long as I’ve been doing weddings now really but more so when my wife took me here for a surprise weekend a few years ago. Anyone that knows me – knows I am obsessed with old hauntings and historic hotels as the Mount Washington. When my wife took me – she booked us a room on the “haunted” floor for the night & you can surely feel a “vibe” in certain parts of the hotel itself. Ever since that weekend – I’ve crossed my fingers to be offered a gig – and before I knew it, it was really happening. The part I loved most is the spirit that apparently haunts this hotel is Princess Carolyn – and our bride for this wedding was also Carolyn! I highly suggest a weekend here if you live in New England. You pull up and it is this massive hotel in the mountains that looks exactly like it’s out of The Shining.

I met with Scott & Carolyn several times leading up to the big day – they were so detailed oriented and organized which helped me a ton. Knew exactly what they wanted but with that said let me have fun with their music suggestions as well and play off that. They were also gracious enough to book me a hotel for the Friday & Saturday night being that it is a good 3 hour drive from Boston. I arrived up there late Friday evening after work and joined them for their post rehearsal drinks & party at the hotel bar “The Cave” which is one of the coolest bars ever. Once the big day rolled around – it was so nice already being there on site and ready to go. I took advantage of being at this amazing hotel and walked the grounds all morning until I had to start setting up in the ballroom that afternoon. Set up wise for me wasn’t bad at all – they had the ceremony held outside with live musicians for that who also carried over to their cocktail hour. I had my one large setup inside the ballroom to greet guests as they transitioned in from cocktail hour.

The decorations and flowers along with lighting were like nothing I’ve ever seen! They had the most amazing centerpieces as well and everything looked like a fantasy botanical forest – I couldn’t stop taking pictures of every detail – even the chandeliers were draped with amazing greenery and flowers. As the guests walked in – Carolyn & Scott decided to have me playing the theme music to Planet Earth which was very fitting given how the room looked – people were in complete awe as they entered and took their seats.

We kicked things off with the introductions of the wedding party to several different songs including: Bruno Mars ‘Marry You, Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Funk’, Beyoncé ‘Crazy in Love’, American Authors ‘Best Day of my Life’, Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’, Justin Timberlake ‘Sexy Back’, Pitbull ‘Give Me Everything Tonight’, and then welcoming Scott and Carolyn into the room with ’24K’ by Bruno Mars.

They went directly into their first dance which was a little mash up blend I created for them ahead of time – and it was amazing to see it happen in person. The two songs were the music from La La Land into Incondicional. Seriously they had some moves for a first dance! After this wrapped up – the couple wanted me to get everyone on the dance floor just for a few minutes and songs to get a little dance party already going and they chose to kick that off with JT’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. People were all about it and once that wrapped up – everyone was seated for dinner and speeches. The dinner playlist they chose was everything from Ben E. King and Nat King Cole to Sinatra & Stevie Wonder all mixed up. Very fitting for the room we were in and people really seemed to enjoy the vibe.

As dinner wrapped up – we went into cake cutting and Carolyn shared a really special dance with her Uncle in memory of her father to the Temptations ‘My Girl’.

This led into the open dance floor and one of the best freaking dance parties I’ve ever seen and played to. Mixed up from everything old school funk/soul – tons of 90s music (lots of Backstreet Boys for Scott) some lost 80s gems thrown in there with all current top 40 and early 2000s as well. Scott also had given me a list of some specific Guatemalan songs he wanted mixed in during the night along with tunes from Shakria, Pitbull, Enrique, etc to give it some flavor! Seriously – this wedding was insane and I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it.

Thank-you to S&C for making a dream of mine come true to play this venue and trusting me to rock the house for you and your guests! Luckily – no paranormal encounters took place during this wedding! Haha. You guys are amazing and hope to see you at 90s Night sometime again soon.


Enjoy the iPhone pics I was able to capture:

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Kathryn & Keith – Wedding 8/2017 – INCREDIBLE!

Couple: Kathryn and Keith

Venue: Red Lion Inn, Cohasset MA

Date: 7-22-17

This was exactly how you should wedding, people! Let’s back up to the beginning of it all. I was connected with Kathryn months ago actually through out mutual hairdresser, Jess Feeley of Essentials Salon. Kathryn was getting her hair done one random night as I came in and Jess introduced us and we started chatting about her wedding, what musical tastes her and her fiancé had, etc. Soon after that I sat down for coffee with her and Keith as well for a more formal consultation meeting to go over everything more in depth/detail and it seemed like a great fit on both ends – and it absolutely was. I LOVED working with the two of them and grabbing drinks for a final check in recap of details right before the wedding date hit as well.

I was familiar with the venue from DJ’ing an event there last year so that always helps. Very easy load in and load out process and such a great spot once you see it in person – the rustic barn New England vibe it carries is very charming and cozy. As always – I was on site for the big day very early to set up and host a sound check to make sure we were good to go. K&K made it even easier on me with having everything held in the same location all night – so I really had just my one big main set up tucked off in a corner area of the venue.

Since it’s the middle of July, Kathryn decided for the pre-ceremony music to be a summer vibe so I had some Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson, etc. shuffling around (and this really set the tone of the party which was coming in a couple of hours.) As the ceremony began – the entire wedding party’s processional song was “Love Me Like You Do” by The Brooklyn Duo and Kathryn walked the aisle to “Canon in D” by String Quartet. It was a great ceremony and their officiant was a personal friend and nailed it. Once it was official – they walked off to “Everything” by Michael Buble.

Cocktail hour tool place on the second level just about but since everything was so open I was able to just turn up my current set up volume which I had sound checked earlier while walking around the second level & it worked out great. We went the old school classy jazzy vibe for this part of the night: Sinatra, Dean, Etta James, etc and throwing in some Postmodern Jukebox covers as well to keep it modern and fresh. As the guests all made their way back downstairs to their tables – we lined up the wedding party and kicked off the introductions. The wedding party itself was announced to “Good Feeling” by Flo-Rida and Mr. and Mrs. LeVan were announced to “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris/Rihanna. They proceeded to flow directly into their first dance Frank Sinatra’s “The Best Is Yet To Come”.

The dinner tone and music was more chill classic rock hits (a little bit of the older jazz classics here and there to carry over from cocktail as well) and some modern chill acoustic artists such as the Lumineers. I even snuck in some chill 90s alt rock from the Chili Peppers & Pearl Jam. People were all nodding their heads or tapping their foot during dinner and I could tell/feel the energy of that crowd was going to unleash pure insanity on the dance floor. The DJ or band are a big part of the wedding – no question – but a crowd makes or break it in the end – and this one made it and then some! As dinner was closing up we had their cake cutting to “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and right into back to back parent dances. Kathryn and her father to “My Wish” by Racal Flatts while Keith and his mother to “Days Like This” by Van Morrison.

OPEN DANCE FLOOR at this point of the night! Kicked off with my formula of the old school funk and soul jams and right into some 90s/80s and Top 40 crowd pleaser – throwing in a good amount of danceable classic rock as well from Bruce and The Doors – and a very special request for “Stanky Leg” because, why wouldn’t you?! “Stole the Show” from Kygo later in the night special request from Kathryn. We topped the night off with an oldie but a freaking goodie – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” from Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell.

A massive congratulations to Kathryn and Keith – had a blast working with you guys and being a part of this incredible event! All the best to you both!

Here are a couple of iPhone snaps from the evening:

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