Double header weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Spano! 12/2017

Couple: Chris and Nadia

Venue: Exchange Conference Center, Boston MA

Photo: The legend who shot my wedding last summer! Mikhail Glabets

Date: 8-12-17

Chris and Nadia were incredible to work with. I was lucky enough to be referred by our now mutual photographer, Mikhail about a year ago for this one. After a consultation meeting and checking me out at 6B Lounge on a Friday for 90s Night – they booked and confirmed me for August 12, 2017 & the rest is history.

They were SO easy going and fun to work with and get to know over the entire process of planning all the details, vibe, and music for the night. We had a mutual love and passion for the 90s along with some 80s and classic rock jams which were all thrown into the dance party portion of the night as well.

Since I had never DJ’d this particular venue before – we did a quick walk through a couple weeks before the wedding date which always helps me on the day itself. I was able to see where I’d be setting up and the loading/unloading process as well.

As the calendar hit 8-12-17 – I made my way down to the venue to get set up and sound checked nice and early. This venue was a bit of a unique layout actually – while all the guests were on the bottom floor area for the ceremony along with reception – I was set up on the second floor overhang balcony overlooking the audience! I felt like a DJ in a Miami nightclub haha – and because of the sound being so elevated – the acoustics were incredible and sounded great for all parts of the night.

Chris’s uncle took the role of officiating the wedding and he did an incredible job. Pre-ceremony music as guests were shuffling in was a mix of Vitamin String Quartet songs which transitioned to Vitamin String’s version of Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing’ – the entire wedding party including Nadia all processed in to this song. As the ceremony wrapped up they walked out to ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Suede (skipping over the weird chanting intro beginning of the track lol).

Outside in the back of the venue located right on the water of the Seaport district of Boston was the cocktail hour. The weather was incredible and being on the water was so nice for the guests. I had a speaker set up for this with a playlist of requests Chris and Nadia wanted with a little bit of country mixed in with some 80s and chill classic rock – and a couple older jazz classics from Sinatra and the Rat Pack as well for good measure.

Back inside the venue the staff were flipping the room from ceremony to reception set up and we went into introductions a little while after. The wedding party were all introduced to “I Gotta Feeling’ by Black Eyed Peas, then Chris and Nadia were introduced to “On Top of the World’ by Imagine Dragons. They went directly into their first dance which I had to rip from YouTube as no official recording exists on iTunes yet. ‘Stand By Me’ covered by Imagine Dragons – great version and I didn’t even know it existed so it was nice being exposed to that.

We kicked off the dinner part of the night with a few toasts and speeches – while I ran back up to my balcony DJ area to supply the dinner tunes. It was a similar vibe to cocktail hour but also mixing in a group I introduced Chris and Nadia to – Post Modern Jukebox who do all old school jazzy sounding songs but all 90s/and modern top 40 covers. Whenever people catch it – they love it and get a kick out of the music.

With dinner winding down and people eager to hit the dance floor – we got things rolling with some parent dances. Nadia and her father were up first dancing to ‘A Song for my Daughter’ by Ray Allaire – then Chris and his rockstar grandmother were up next dancing to Rascal Flatts ‘My Wish’. From that I invited everyone to crowd the dance floor and kicked things off with some Stevie Wonder/Jackon 5 right into Bruno, JT, Walk the Moon and then hit the 80s/90s and 70s pretty hard. Being above everyone I had a birds eye view of the entire dance party and it was SUCH a good crowd. We closed the night out with a massive sing-along requested by the couple of ‘Your Love’ from the Outfield.

CONGRATS to you guys – thanks a ton for including me in your big day and hopefully we can grab beers again sometime soon at Harpoon or 90s Night!

Here are my iPhone pics of the day & night:

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