Fifth wedding of 2016! #BecomingMcLoftus

Venue: Mass MoCA, North Adams (Berkshires) MA

Date: 5-21-16

Couple: Julie & Jimmy McCarron

Well, this was freaking AMAZING!!! I have known these two for a few years now – going back to us all meeting when Julie used to work at 6B Lounge where I still currently DJ 90s Night every week. Her and Jimmy are the two nicest people you could ever meet in a lifetime and I’m beyond happy they asked me to DJ the biggest day of their lives.

Over the time spent getting to know and hang with them at 6B – I already had a good feel of what they liked for music and it is very much along the same lines as my personal tastes. A little bit of everything from indie dance rock to old school funk and soul, 50s and 60s, etc.

Once I was officially “booked” for May 21st at the Mass Moca – it was time to get down to business and really start going over specifics and timelines, logistics and all of that fun stuff. We met a couple of times over drinks and had a blast just talking music and how crazy wedding planning can be (as I am going through the same thing myself for my upcoming wedding) – so we were all on the same pages which was very nice. J & J explained to me that the ceremony would be played by live musicians and it was such an awesome touch seeing that happen.

I started to prep the playlists for dinner and dancing very far in advance and as I was finishing them up in the weeks leading to their wedding date – I kept getting SO SO SO excited for it. I love all of the couples I work with and I truly mean that but it is a little different when you actually ‘know’ the couples and are friends with them. I had put together an amazing dinner music of stuff they wanted like Depeche Mode & The Cure to The XX and Beach House to Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. The flow of it was awesome and really represented them as a couple.

Once I made the drive out to the Berkshires and started setting up I saw everything coming together. I loaned Julie’s brother Greg some PA speakers and stands in a different part of the museum as he and some friends ended up playing live for one of the most fun cocktail hours I’ve ever been a part of! It was nice to be able to hang out at this wedding and work. I loved getting to catch up with some of my old 6B Lounge crew who had made it out for the weekend as well.

Everyone wrapped up cocktail hour and headed downstairs into a main lobby of the museum where dinner was set up (WITH SOME OF THE BEST FOOD EVER!) J & J didn’t want to do some big deal and make a scene of introductions so we took a very casual approach and I just announced the wedding party’s names as they would wave from their seats. I then announced Julie & Jim and they went right into their first dance ‘I Found You’ by Alabama Shakes – it was SO good and they had some great moves (which makes me realize I need some major dance lessons before my wedding now haha).

As dinner started to wind down we had both parent dances take place. Jimmy danced with his mother to ‘Everlasting Light’ by the Black Keys and Julie danced with her father to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘When You Need Me’. This got things going and led right into the best dance party ever! The crowds I’ve worked with lately have made my job beyond easy it seems. Everyone is just in the best mood, will dance to anything played, it’s really awesome to be a part of it and see it happen. The dance party was a mix of everything from Jackson 5 and Aretha Franklin to Turn Down For What and Macklemore with plenty of 80s and 90s jams thrown in to represent the 6B Lounge days. We got in some Bog Seger, Tom Petty, and Isley Brothers in at the end of the night. The only problem with this wedding was – we ran out of time!! It honestly FLEW by once things got going and I was doing all I could to get all of their ‘must plays’ in but I felt bad I missed out on a couple. It was still amazing nonetheless and I want to repeat it again this weekend!

Thank-you Julie and Jimmy! You guys are amazing and two of my favorite people I’ve worked with – CONGRATS to you both and best wishes for the future! We need to pick a show to hit soon and get drinks and recap everything.

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