Hello, 2014!

Well, we can all be in agreement I don’t over blog by any means!

So 2013 came to an end and it was probably my busiest year for DJ’ing since I started in 2008. DJ’d some amazing weddings and worked with great clients who I am fortunate to say some have become good friends by now.

2013 was also a huge year for new music releases and shows/concerts. I am still recovering from it all and catching up on albums from 2013.

With that said, I am alive & well and ready to rock more 2014 weddings, events, and excited for some 2014 releases this year.

If you or know someone who is getting married this year – send them my way. Would love to chat event details with anyone!

6B Lounge on Friday’s 90s night is still going strong. I cannot thank everyone enough for building this up to such a fun, successful night. It was a slow start when it began back in 2010 (crazy to think this has been going on over three years strong now!) but again; thank you all for coming by and keeping it going! MUCH appreciated.

I am also still doing some random Saturday nights at The Vault downtown Boston along with random week nights in Cambridge at River Gods; check my Facebook and Twitter to keep track of those happenings.

As for upcoming 2014 releases; these are a few I am most excited about that you should give a listen to.

Electronic rock duo Phantogram have just released their sophomore album; Voices. After a few listens, I think it’s a very solid entry. It really brings me back to a Cocteau Twins sound and vibe. Personal fave track is “Black Out Days”.


Crosses released a few EPs in 2013 but after inking a deal with Sumerian Records they put it all together with a few newer tracks and released their debut full length album earlier this month. If you’re a fan of the Deftones – then of course check this out. Even if you’re not, still give this a whirl. It’s not heavy and abrasive like the Deftones can be at times. It’s much more mellow and electronic based with some rather huge arena like sweeping hooks that will grab you and not let go. Personal fave track is “Option”.


James Vincent McMorrow released his sophomore follow up album earlier this year titled Post Tropical. If you need something to tide you over while we all still patiently await Damien Rice to become active again and release some new music, James is just the trick! He is also irish, like Damien. Strong mellow music with a lot of layers to it. James is exploring some electronic sounds a little more on this second release. Personal fave track is “Gold”.


Mogwai, post-rock band from Scotland are back with their eighth studio album Rave Tapes, and WOW is it good. This has to be the best release from them in a few years. Not that they’ve ever put out a bad album but sometimes we get the feeling something is just missing, which I’ve felt on the past two releases. Rave Tapes is phenomenal, dark, moody, yet uplifting all in one! Personal fave track is “Heard About You Last Night”.


You can expect new releases also this year from The Cure, Bear Hands, U2, Bombay Bicycle Club, Foster the People, 311, AC/DC, Echo & The Bunneymen, The Horrors, and Blondie.

All for now people!

I will not be so distant with this and be back on sooner than later.

Until then… T-Rex is out!

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