I’m back! Wedding #1 of the 2016 season, done and done!

Hello, 2016! Wedding season is officially underway.

Venue: Providence Public Library, Providence RI

Date: 4-16-16

Couple: Lindsey & Chrissy Callahan

And we’re off. Wedding #1 of the 2016 season kicks off with two of the most fun people I’ve ever met and worked with. I was connected with Lindsey and Chrissy just about a year prior to the wedding date through recommendations of other weddings I’ve done. (I cannot thank people enough for spreading the word on DJ T-Rex btw!)

I met with them a couple of times leading up to the event and like always just going over in major depth and detail exactly what they wanted and did not want for music. What they envisioned for the flow of the night from start to finish. The end product was beyond amazing and the crowd made the job a little too easy. Everyone was so energetic and kept the party going all night long. I was told by the couple the venue was a little bit of a “funky” layout for set ups so we actually did a walk through together beforehand which helped me a ton knowing where I would be setting up and how much gear I needed.

I provided music for the ceremony which was held in the main courtyard entrance to the library. The girls chose Vitamin String Quartet as the chill entrance music as guests all filed in and took their seats. I really love seeing people react to those songs once they realize a minute or so into them “Oh wow, this is Coldplay all done on strings”. Or “no way, this is Metallica, all done on strings!”… awesome pre-ceremony music.

The bridal party all walked in and followed by Lindsey with her father and Chrissy with hers. They walked into ‘Fields of Gold’ by Michael Bolton and it was SO awesome. They had a friend officiate the ceremony and she did a great job as well. Soon after, the newlyweds exited the ceremony to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney. This set the tone early that a major dance party was soon on its way.

Cocktail hour was really cool – my main DJ set up was in the courtyard area of the library which was the second floor above and overlooking the dance floor below me. I felt like a proper “club DJ” being up top but it was nice also as guests were able to roam around to both levels and take a break if they needed and just look down on everyone. Cocktail music the girls picked out was a mix of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox covers, along with some mellow stuff like Adele, Josh Radin, The Fray, and DMB.

Up next was introductions. The entire wedding party was announced to the song ‘Punching in a Dream’ by the Naked & Famous and then welcoming our brides to ‘Girls Run The World’ by Beyonce – the place went nuts for this! They transitioned right into their first dance ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele.

From here – we went into the “Ship Room” area of the library for dinner. I had another small minimal set up in here for dinner music and a wireless mic for the toasts. Dinner music chosen by the girls was really fun and upbeat but no over the top dance party. We had some chill country tunes mixed in with some more Postmodern Jukebox covers, along with some chill Kygo electronic tunes. And just a side note – hands down some of the best food I’ve ever eaten at a wedding! Oh and one another amazing thing I couldn’t stop laughing at during dinner and the toasts, the brides are ADDICTED to MaryLou’s coffee. I mean literally and actually addicted to it. So during one of the toasts they presented them both with MaryLou’s iced coffee as a surprise. Amazing touch!

Once dinner wrapped up we all moved back into the courtyard area and went into the parent dances and right into open dance floor and party. It was nonstop from the second we started until we sadly had to end and it FLEW by. I was trying to fit in as many songs on their lists that I could and throwing in a few random party pleasers as well. We kept the music very modern and upbeat with a good dose of Beyonce, and some awesome remixes of 90s tunes, and top 40 EDM tunes like DJ Snake and Avicii. At one point glow sticks were even dropped down onto the crowd and the club effect came even more into play.

Ending song of the night chosen by the couple was ‘Head Over Feet’ by Alanis Morissette and was a perfect sing-along embracing song for the crowd.

CONGRATS Lindsey & Chrissy and thank-you SO much for choosing me to rock the house on your big day!

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