#Jedson’s – meet the Jedson’s – they’re an awesome family! Wedding #18/2016 is in!

Venue: Sea Crest, Falmouth (Cape Cod) MA

Date: 9-9-16

Couple: Jessica and Edson Hilaire

Sorry for the cheesy headline of me trying to sing the Jetson’s TV show old theme song but with the hashtag of #Jedson – it kind of just stuck in my head! Where to begin with this one?! Hands down one of the BEST I’ve ever been a part of and worked. Having known Jess and Edson on a personal level for a while now really brought us to a strong connection level to work together and all three of us knocked it out of the park with the execution of music ideas, it was SO fun.  Jessica has actually been the reason my hair looks as awesome as it does for a few years now, she’s been cutting my hair at her salon in Belmont, MA – Essentials Salon. If you need a haircut or anything – go see her! I loved sitting in the chair for haircuts hearing about their relationship growing over the years and once they got engaged I was HONORED to be asked to DJ their wedding. I finally met Edson and the guy is a true legend. Loves good music which we connected on – and he is also a massive craft beer fan and travels hours away to VT like myself to get Heady Topper and other fantastic beers which I was lucky enough he shared with me. Such an awesome couple. Let’s get into the music and wedding itself…

The venue is gorgeous – in Cape Cod and I know it very well from my Grandparents Cape house being about two minutes away. I also realized once I got there I had done a wedding about three years prior there so I was familiar with the layout and setup. As always I headed to the venue hours early for set up and sound check and this one required three different set ups in different locations so I needed the extra time to prepare everything. The ceremony to start was held on the beach itself and the weather was gorgeous. I had one speaker and a wireless mic placed just beyond the beach setting and the pre-ceremony music was really fun to put together as they wanted just some chill reggae, funk/soul which fit the theme perfectly. Ceremony started and the wedding party processed to “Fools Rush In” by Vitamin String Quarter and Jess walked the sandy beach aisle with her Dad to an instrumental version of “National Anthem” by Lana Del Ray. Their friend handle the officiating duties and nailed it perfectly. Once it was done they walked off to ” You Are The Best Thing” by Ray Lamontagne.

Everyone then headed over to an outdoor courtyard area for cocktail hour where I had another set up ready to go and did a similar mix to pre-ceremony music of some reggae tunes with some chill modern music as well. People were loving it and it really fit the outdoor area of the venue nicely. It was really chill not rushed through at all and then once cocktails wound down we then all moved into the main dining room/ballroom area where my bigger main set up was ready to go. We lined up the parents, wedding party, and Jess and Edson just outside the ballroom doors and got underway with the introductions to “In Da Club” by 50 Cent for the parents as a subtle happy birthday song as it was Jess’ Dad’s birthday that day. The wedding party was announced to “Pop Bottles” by Lil Wayne and Birdman and the bride and groom were announced to “Drunk In Love” remix by DJ Rell. With all of the attention on them right then and there, they went into their first dance “Adorn” by one of their favorite artists; Miguel. The crowd was LOVING every second of this.

We then kept things rolling with some toasts and dinner and a mix of everything really for dinner transitioning from the earlier music of the evening into some chill classic rock and modern chill folkie/indie stuff as well like Florence & The Machine and the Lumineers. Dinner was incredible – so delish, and once that started to wrap up we went into dances and open dance floor. Jess and her father danced to “Walk With You” by Edwin McCain while Edson and his sister Rayan danced to The Pretenders “I’ll Stand by You”. From there the crowd rushed the dance floor as we opened it up for all to join and kicked things off with some Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and traveled through the decades and genres from there on. 90s tunes, to 80s rock ballads, to top 40 dance songs, back into some old school Motown funk and soul. The crowd was just as amazing as the couple was and really made my job easy this particular night. So energetic and into everything played. Edson provided me with a few Kompa dance tunes which we mixed in as well and the crowd would go nuts for them. Seriously one of the best days and nights for a wedding I’ve ever been a part of – they did such a good job with setting everything up and the way the room looked, it was a night to remember to say the least! We closed the night out with a request from J&E “The Night Is Still Young” by Nicki Minaj.

I am still so happy and thrilled to have been asked to DJ for these two. Congrats #Jedson and thank-you SO much for having me!!! (Jess, see you soon for my next haircut. Edson, hopefully see you soon for some really good beer drinking!)

Enjoy the few iPhone shots I snagged below:

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