Joanna and Nick!!! 14th of the season!

Venue: Sylvan Nursery Barn, Dartmouth MA

Date: 8-20-16

Couple: Joanna and Nick Elkinton

Photo: Abby Lorenz Photography – AMAZING work – highly suggested!!

Back to back weekends working with two different grooms who are by far the biggest beer geeks I’ve personally encountered in my life – and it’s AWESOME! The previous weekend with Erik who knows more about beer than anyone I’ve ever met – then I met Nick. Nick’s beer knowledge is insane and not only that – he personally home brews as well and even made me some mind blowing beers for my wedding back in June and my bachelor party which we are still enjoying a few of those today. Joanna is a very talented graphic designer who actually created and the labels for the beers Nick brewed for me. I had an absolute blast working with these two from start to finish and I hope they just redo the wedding again so I can continue working with them! I was connected with these two from my longtime friend Sir Jon Hoffman who is the man behind the mask with my website and all of my graphic work. He runs and updates this website for me and creates all of my flyers for gigs – so please check him out if you ever need any web design done over at Zrayweb – thanks again Jon for connecting all of us for this amazing wedding!

So I met with J & N months and months ago and it was a great match from the start. They were doing basically the entire wedding DIY themselves at a gorgeous barn out in Dartmouth Mass. We met up to chat music and flow of the night and were very much on the same page with some punk-rock influences and classic-rock stuff mixed in and a little top 40/90s to stir up the pot as well. I also knew it was a great fit when I bumped into them earlier this year at a Nofx show in Boston (and yes – I even got away with playing some Nofx at the wedding! HUGE treat for me).

I headed out to the venue very early that day to get set up and loved it when I arrived. They had so many plants all over the place and awesome string lighting hanging all over the bar – it looked amazing. The ceremony was held over on one end of the barn so I had a smaller set up for that and microphone for them to use and did all of the music from my phone. The bridal party all walked into “Storybook Love” by Matthew Lister while Joanna walked into “A Thousand Years” cover from the Piano Guys. Once it wrapped up they turned it up with walking off to “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” from the Darkness – awesome choice!

We went directly into cocktail hour and Nick had home brewed some beers for this day as well and our music for this was some chill acoustic punk from Days n’ Daze, Toh Kay, and some chill classic rock thrown in there. It went over very well for this crowd. We then lined up the wedding party and couple and introduced everyone to the classic “Blitzkreig Pop” by the Ramones. LOVED getting to do this for an introduction. The dinner was incredible – all BBQ food with very good beers, what else could you want?!

As dinner was starting to wind down we did parent dances and the couples first dance. Nick and his mother danced to “Make You Feel My Love” from Adele while Joanna and her father danced to “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel. Up next – J & N did a little medley of Ramones songs. Starting with the slower romantic “Baby I Love You” for about 1 1/2 minutes and fading into the upbeat danceable “She’s The One” which led everyone to the dance floor! Awesome idea on their part to do this and easily get everyone going. The music for the night was a mix of literally everything from top 40, to No Doubt, The Bosstones, 90s hip hop, and some classic rock sing-alongs for the crowd. I had a blast with this playlist – honestly one of my favorites. Loved getting to throw on some indie dance stuff later in the night as well like Ting Tings, The Knife, M83, Phoenix, etc.

I cannot thank Joanna and Nick enough for having me rock their big day – and for introducing me to so many incredible beers! We will be hanging out and sharing some drinks again down the road. A huge thank-you one more time to Jon my website guru for connecting us. Cannot wait to see the photos Abby Lorenz snapped from this day!

In the meantime, enjoy a couple quick iPhone pics I was able to grab.


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