Meet Kristen & Lucas who danced & waltzed the night away! #11/2017

Couple: Kristen and Lucas

Venue: Five Bridge Inn, Rehoboth MA

Date: 8-11-17

I was connected with this awesome couple from a referral from a wedding I did at the same venue for Sahil and Lindsey back in 2015. Kristen reached out about a year prior to their wedding date and I was really happy when I saw it was at Five Bridge again – I loved working there – gorgeous layout and very easy to unload/load in as a vendor. Very happy to be back and they ended up having the best weather for the day and night as well.

I met up with Kristen and Lucas a couple of times to connect on their vibe and music specifications for the night. Lucas’ background is Argentinian so it was really fun for myself to be exposed to some new music for this gig as he sent me over some playlists of things to download and mix into cocktail/dinner parts of the night along with the dancing.

Once the day finally arrived – I set up at the venue as always hours before start time to allow set up, sound check, and set up audio/mic for their ceremony as well which was held right on site. Pre-ceremony music was a shuffled playlist Lucas wanted of some chill jazz tunes from Miles Davis, John Coltrane, etc. and it sounded great on a nice sunny day outside as people took their seats. Once the ceremony began the bridal/wedding party including their kids processed to Jim Brickman’s piano version of ‘Air (Handel: Water Music Suite)’ while Kristen was up next walking the aisle to Jim Brickman piano edition of ‘Over the Rainbow’. The ceremony itself was very well done and reflected who they are as people – great job from the officiant. As it came to an end the walked off to Sinatra’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight’.

Guests then made their way down to the backside of the venue and house for cocktail hour down by the pool area. I had a playlist running for this that Kristen and Lucas chose of a mix – some chill jazz music like Sinatra, Etta James mixed up with some Bossanova guitar. Went over very well while people relaxed and got lost in their conversations.

The crowd then made their way back up to the front lawn area into the tent where I was setup with my large main set up. I had some chill music on while they all came in and took their seats and we then introduced Kristen and Lucas to Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’ which led them into their first dance along with parent dances. The way this worked as they explained to me months beforehand – which I then explained to the crowd – the first & parent dances are a series of Waltzes which they had sent me a list of. Kristen and Lucas started things off together for a couple of minutes – then their parents joined them all dancing at once – at which point each guy comes up to switch off dancing with Kristen, while each girl comes up to switch off dancing with Lucas. I’ve never seen this tradition before so it was really fun to orchestrate and see it come to life – this went on for about 10-15 mins or so in total. Very unique experience and from that we went into the toasts and dinner music. We carried over a bit from the cocktail playlist as they requested and kept that vibe going throughout – along with mixing in specific songs Lucas had given me ahead of time.

As dinner started winding down – Kristen and Lucas kicked off the dance party by cutting the cake to ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5. From that – it was an open dance floor for all guests & they didn’t hesitate at all. The dance floor was packed with a group of kids who I heard had a few too many Shirley Temples requesting everything from Bruno Mars and JT to the Cha Cha slide. Also on their must playlist were songs like ‘Despacito’ to ‘Smooth Criminal’ and lots of salsa and bachata music. I threw in some personal favorites to accompany that style of music as well from Ozomatli and the Gipsy Kings. The crowd was a blast to play for and had such a good energy and vibe throughout the entire day and night – not to mention Kristen and Lucas were the nicest people on the planet and beyond easy to work with!

Highlight: Ending the entire night and dance party with a song chosen by them: ‘Red Red Wine’ by UB40 – SO good.

Thank-you both for putting your trust in me to run the show! It was awesome to be a part of – CONGRATS!

Couple of iPhone pics to check out:

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