Mr. and Mrs. Seidenberg = Wedding 5 / 2017!

Couple: Shauna and Michael

Venue: Central Bistro, Boston MA

Photography: Hancer Photography

Date: 6-10-17

I had a freaking blast working with these two from start to finish. I was very lucky enough to be referred to Shauna and Mike from some guests of previous weddings I had done in the past. I remember receiving an opening email contacting me from the start from Shauna saying something like “I love old school 90s, Biggie is a MUST play” and I was already hooked. The three of us met up over coffee to just connect more in person and go over their vision of the wedding itself and flow/vibe of music and before I knew it was locked in and booked for the following year June 10th, 2017.

I cannot get over how nice and easy they were both to work with and connect over the months leading up to the wedding. One of the most prepared couples I’ve ever worked with as well which helps me out a lot! They knew exactly what they were looking for and wanted to just create the most amazing fun night not just for themselves but their guests as well – and it was pulled off ten fold that night.

We had met up a couple of months before the wedding itself as well to do a venue walk through – and it is such an awesome spot right in downtown Boston. The wedding ceremony itself was going to be held just outside the restaurant in the lobby of the building – so I had supplied a speaker for that part of the night with all ceremony music, etc.

Inside would be the lounge area where my main set up would be placed covering cocktail hour and then the dance party later on in the night. For the dinner part of the night I had a couple other speakers set up on the other side of the restaurant for speeches and then ran a playlist off my phone from the overhead in house speakers.

Being able to do venue walkthroughs like that puts me at ease a ton and come the day of event I am ready to go and know where I’m setting up with no hiccups.

Once I pulled into the venue and got the logistics sorted and my multiple set ups in place – it was show time!

Shauna and Mike chose an amazing pre-ceremony playlist to play as guests arrived early on and took their seats of just all old school funk/soul from Sam & Dave to James Brown to Stevie Wonder. The ceremony then officially started with Mike and his wedding party walking into ‘Start Me Up’ from the Stones then switching over to Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ for the families and bridesmaids to all process to. Shauna walked in with her father to ‘XO’ by Beyoncé. The ceremony was incredible with some awesome personal touches from the officiant who was a good friend to the couple. As the ceremony came to a close and we yelled “Mazel Tov” I kicked into their exit song ‘Crazy In Love’ by Beyoncé/Jay-Z. This set the tone early on an amazing party was soon underway.

As we all moved inside to the cocktail hour I was set up ready to go with a playlist Shauna and Mike wanted that was fun and upbeat with artists like Passion Pit, M83, and some Parov Stelar – all the while subtly mixing in some chill 90s R&B like SWV to Aaliyah (per Shauna’s request!) The cocktail hour was great and as the two of them finished up photos with their family – we went into introductions. First up was Shauna’s parents walking into ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ from GNR. Next was Michael’s parents walking into the Turtles ‘Happy Together’. Calvin Harris/Rihanna ‘We Found Love’ was the soundtrack for the rest of the wedding party and I officially welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Seidenberg into the room to an instrumental version of ’99 Problems’ by Jay-Z. They mingled and joined the cocktail hour for the remaining portion – then we all made our way to the other side of the restaurant for the speeches and dinner.

The speeches kicked off with Shauna’s father followed by the maids of honor and best man – all were funny yet very meaningful and well done. The dinner playlist was a little more or less along the lines of cocktail hour but going a little more mellow with some acoustic instrumental songs I had put together and still some chill 90s R&B to keep that vibe going for Shauna – guests seemed to really be into it.

The food was INCREDIBLE at this wedding – and as dinner finished up everyone made their way back over to the reception area to kick off the dance party. Shauna and Michael were up for their first official husband and wife dance to ‘The Way I Am’ by Ingrid Michaelson. Shauna and her father were up next dancing to John Denver ‘Sunshine on my Shoulders’ followed by Michael and his mother to the Boston classic ‘Sweet Caroline’ from Neil Diamond – I invited all of the guests to join them halfway through the song which brought us right into the Hora and the bride and groom being hoisted up in chairs – kicking off the best dance party ever. I transitioned into some old funk/soul to keep all ages and generations on the dance floor for a bit – moving into some upbeat top 40 from Walk The Moon and Bruno Mars and headed into the 80s and 90s (tons of 90s hip hop!) of course… and who doesn’t love 100 plus people singing every word to *Nsync or Vanilla Ice? Throwing in some danceable classic rock from The Stones, Doobie Brothers, everyone was loving it & they were one of the most fun crowds I’ve been a part of playing to! We closed the night out with AC/DC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and the final song was a slow rock jam for Shauna’s parents – ‘Thank-You’ by Led Zep.

All in all – it was a 10/10 on my end from the first email I received from Shauna and Mike to the last shout out and song being played.

CONGRATS you guys! Thank-you so much for letting me be a part of the big day. Hopefully I will see you at 90s Night some Friday soon!!!

Enjoy the couple iPhone pics I was able to snag from the evening:

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