Mr & Mrs Sullivan cap off an amazing brunch wedding for #20/2016!

Venue: Charles River Museum of Industry, Waltham MA

Date: 9-25-16

Couple: Samantha and Dave

Say hello to the Sullivan’s everyone! This wedding was top notch and an absolute perfect couple to get to know and work with over the last several months. After our first coffee consolation meeting we were all on the same page to start which made this process very easy in the end. Dave and I shared a strong love for 90s rock and hip hop and Samantha and I bonded over our love for Austalia and Australian bands. They were super easy to talk with, open to suggestions and could not have been more organized with their vision of the wedding itself and providing me all of the details of their wants/do not wants.

The wedding itself was something unique that I’ve not done myself before. It was being held on a Sunday – which isn’t new for me to do – but it was a  “brunch themed” wedding starting on the earlier side of the day. I LOVED THIS! The dinner was all brunch foods of crepes, eggs, bacon, etc. with Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa’s and endless amounts of coffee. Such an awesome idea for a wedding. I was lucky enough to have some of the food and it was SO GOOD.

So after months of emailing and a few face to face meetings we narrowed down all of their music choices and special dance songs. The ceremony was held on site and they had a string band play some incredible instrumental songs – it sounded so awesome for the earlier parts of the day. I had provided a speaker and wireless mic for their ceremony officiant and it went off without a hitch. They even provided some tasty cider donuts as a pre-ceremony snack which fit nicely with the fall weather.

As the ceremony wrapped up – the string band moved inside along with all of the guests and handled cocktail hour music as well. I am used to doing everything music wise at a wedding so for me this was really cool to be able to chill in a way and actually observe cocktail hour and listen to some fantastic music being played live.

Soon after, all of the guests came upstairs into the main ballroom/dining room area for brunch and dancing. I was set up in there ready to go and had some chill tunes going as they all took their seats. We lined up the parents and wedding party just outside the main doors of the room and were introduced to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Mr. Timberlake. Up next was the bride and groom themselves being introduced to one of the best songs ever written “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. Awesome choices for intros. They went directly into their first dance “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran and then did a group parent dance of The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun”. The brunch kept moving right along with some toasts and speeches and I had put together a mellow playlists but was able to sneak in some stuff Samantha and Dave wanted themselves. I even got away with playing a Powderfinger track to represent Australian music and an acoustic piano cover of “Black Hole Sun” for Dave! I don’t know if they caught this but at one point I even played “Soul Man” by Sam & Dave! Haha. Had to do it.

The most unique part of the whole brunch theme – was their cake was a massive waffle cake and they did a maple syrup pour all over it as the “cutting of the cake”.

Up next was the dance party! Keep in mind this was all happening around 2pm on a Sunday afternoon – and I knew it would be a challenge to get people up and moving but I was up for that challenge. BUT – if you play good tunes people will get into it no matter what. We started things off on the funk and soul sounds with some Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, etc and moved into a little top 40 of T Swift, Macklemore, and others. The crowd was really fun (The Bloody Mary/Mimosa bar probably helped a little with that too haha). As the day drew to an end we closed things out a few huge sing alongs like “Shout”. Such a great day

MASSIVE thank-you to Samantha and Dave for having me! You guys were a gem to work with and I wish you tons of happiness in the future (and more cider donuts!)

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