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I used to read much more when I was younger (Goosebumps being my favorite books), but with getting older you become so busy with your day to day routines you sometimes forget to take time out for simple things such as reading. I am forcing myself to finally get back into this habit, even if just a couple of chapters a week. I purchased the Metallica biography months back & haven’t even cracked the cover yet, but I plan on diving into this one ASAP. Love em’ or hate em’, at the end of the day it’s Metallica. They currently are & have been one of the worlds biggest most successful rock bands since the mid 80s. I am fascinated to read their story, starting out in small clubs to becoming a stadium status band, dealing with the death of a founding member, addictions, and still pushing on. If you’re interested in music business, this should be a fantastic read.




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  • Jon July 17, 2012

    Undeniable influence! Def putting this on my to read list! 🙂


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