Please say hello to Michele and Erik! Wedding 13/2016 season

Venue: Thompson Island, Boston MA

Date: 8-13-16

Couple: Michele & Erik

Wedding Coordinator: Mandy and her legendary team from Hummingbird Bridal & Events

This is one for the books! As always let’s start from the beginning. I was fortunate enough to be connected with Michele and Erik through Mandy of Hummingbird Bridal earlier this year and after one consultation meeting and a few very good beers, the rest was history! Erik and I are on the same page with beers – he is a beer fanatic and knows about beers in a way I feel I do with music. It’s amazing! All three of us were on the same page in terms of music, and the overall vibe of the night right away. It was a great fit and I was excited to see it all come together.

So the wedding was being held on Thompson Island off Boston. This was logistically one of the tougher weddings I’ve done but SO rewarding once you get there and set up. So the day arrived and my wife Melanie assisted me (HUGE thank-you to her). We went down very early to the dock and unloaded all of my gear and waited for the vendor ferry over to the island along with the videographers, photographers, florists, and Mandy and her team of coordinators. Once the ferry arrived everyone flew to load it up and head over. I thought it would be way harder than it was to load but every single person helped grab everything from speakers, to boxes of flowers, and we all made it happen! After about a thirty or so minute ferry ride we arrived to the island. What was awesome about this is the Thompson Island crew was all waiting with golf carts and trailers – which we threw all of my gear into the back of one and headed over to the actual wedding site itself. It was STUNNING once we arrived there. I sadly was running around and setting things up so I failed to get a photo of the ceremony site but it was seriously breathtaking right on the water and surrounded by some gorgeous trees and scenery.

The dinner and dancing portion of the night was held under a little pavilion area which was set up very nicely and the sound in there was great! Once everything was set up we started the ceremony with one of Erik and Michele’s friend playing their songs on acoustic guitar and it sounded great. Erik’s brother officiated the wedding and was very funny but serious as well, he did a great job. As the ceremony wrapped up we transitioned into cocktail hour which was held in and out of the pavilion and the grounds of the ceremony area. This was really fun to do as they wanted a kind of mellow electronic mix with some old school rat pack classic stuff. We had some Sinatra going with some Avalanches, with some Dean Martin and Wax Tailor. The dinner portion of the night followed directly after and it was a very low-key no pressure vibe and flow all night long. We didn’t do the traditional big introductions for this night – once everyone was seated for dinner a few speeches to keep things rolling and dinner music consisted of a similar vibe from cocktail hour mixing in some chill classic rock stuff and a few instrumental tracks from DJ Shadow as well. I loved getting to play some of this stuff at a wedding!

It was then time for the dance party! We kicked off the open dance floor with Michele and Erik’s first dance to “Sunday Kind of Love” by the one and only Etta James and asked everyone to join in directly after. Kept it old school for the beginning part of the evening with some Stevie Wonder, Parliament, just a really nice funk/soul vibe before switching gears into some top 40 and 80s/90s gems of course. The mix for this night was great and really fun for me to be able to play some old school hip hop like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul and switch it up to some modern rock stuff like Arctic Monkeys as well. It was a great crowd which endured a very hot and sweaty dance party from start to finish.

Once the night concluded – we packed up and headed back to the ferry and made the trip home. It was a lot getting there and getting back – but SO worth it. The venue was awesome and the couple was amazing to work with over the year. I was very lucky at the end of the night Erik handed me some of the beers from Alchemist (Focal Banger, and Crusher) which have been on my list to try for a while now.

Congrats Michele and Erik!! Thank-you once again and we will be keeping in touch as you’re my new beer buddies! And thanks again to Mandy to connecting us and running a tight ship and setting up another phenomenal wedding. So happy to be a part of it.

Enjoy a couple quick iPhone shots!

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  • Carol anello August 30, 2016

    It was an amazing night. Music always sets the tone and you created a perfect tone throughout the entire celebration, start to finish.
    Thank you for sharing your talent, your story and your photos.

    The mother of the bride


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