Rebecca & Dean! Wedding #18 of the season, check it out…

Meet Rebecca & Dean Golder everyone! They ROCK! This wedding ROCKED! Working with them and finalizing the playlists ROCKED!

I was connected with these two some back in the winter months through the amazing coordinator and show runner; Mandy Connor of Hummingbird Bridal and Events.  Mandy and I worked together earlier this year (my first wedding of the season with Allison & Avery) and she is the best when it comes to keeping things on schedule and the attention to detail put into the overall wedding itself is a grand slam! HIGHLY recommended!

So back to the wedding. Rebecca & Dean were two people who knew exactly what they did and did not want for the big day musically. This was fun on my end being that I was introduced to a handful of new artists (two of whom I really love now ,Black Taxi and also Hot Rize). They actually live in NY so our first meeting was via Skpe and we were able to get a feel for one another and music tastes. Once I was booked we were emailing back and forth over the next several months of ideas for pre-ceremony music all the way into the dance party. They were in the Boston area for a weekend this summer and I was able to go over to Rebecca’s parents house for coffee and finally meet them in person as well. We all sat down and chatted details and flow of the day. Her parents are very musically inclined also and had some great suggestions for earlier parts of the night with some Stan Getz and Bossanova music for cocktail hour. Rebecca’s mother is a singer/songwriter and gave me some CD’s at the end of our meeting which are still in my car, awesome stuff!!

Before I knew it October 10th 2015 was here and off to the (GORGEOUS/AMAZING) Bradley Estate in Canton, MA I was with a car full of DJ gear. I arrived plenty early to scope out the layout and began to set up. The ceremony was held in the backyard area of the house which pictures do just not do it justice. You have to see this place to really believe it. Once I set up for the ceremony and inside the tent for dinner and dancing things was soon underway.

Pre-ceremony music was a mix of folky singer/songwriter stuff from Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams, and James Vincent McMorrow. A little touch of John Coltrane and Stan Getz thrown in there as well. The ceremony started and the entire wedding party along with Rebecca and her parents walked into “Thank-You” by Led Zeppelin. The ring bearer was their dog Gizmo! Loved that part. Once the ceremony ended and Dean stepped on the glass everyone screamed Mazel Tov and I started blasting their exit song “I Feel Free” by Cream.

Cocktail hour I had to reposition a little bit off to the side of the house and live DJ’d this portion with a mix of some old school country stuff (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard) and throwing in a little classic rock more on the mellow side. Sprinkling in some current mellow stuff as well from the Black Keys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This was a fun mix for me as sometimes it’s just jazz for these parts of the night (all whatever the couple’s preference is).

Into the tent Mandy the coordinator had everyone gather and take their seats for the introductions and to start dinner. The couple was introduced to the song “It’s A Ball” by Black Taxi and went directly into their first dance “Tears of Joy” by Lucinda Williams. Right after that was Rebecca’s grandparents for the Challah & Kiddush blessing. Being this was surprisingly enough my first Jewish wedding I really loved to see all of the different traditions and formalities of the day.

As dinner came to a close it was time to get that dance floor moving! First up was Dean and his mother dancing to Louis Armstrong “What A Wonderful World” followed by Rebecca and her father dancing to a blend of two songs by a family favorite band, Wilco. The first song was a slower song “Either Way” and after about a minute of that they had told me to transition into “I’m The Man Who Loves You” and invite everyone up to join them to start the party. This was an awesome idea on their part and sure enough the dance floor filled right up.

And then… something crazy happened… We had already worked out the plan was to go right into “Hava Nagila” for the Hora as the father/daughter dance was fading out and everyone was already up on the dance floor. Literally as I was transitioning into that song the entire power to my DJ table cut out! I won’t even deny this part of the night and I almost fainted. 150 people staring right at me as the music just cuts out. DEEP BREATH and I just quickly rebooted everything as fast as I could and kept my cool. While this was a hiccup to start the actual dance party it was actually really awesome in a way. The most organic dance party of “Hava Nagila” broke out all on it’s own with every single person their singing it at the top of their lungs hoisting the couple up on chairs in the crowd and the parents. It was seriously something to see! Instantly I had the power back up and went right into the song to join them. From there we were back into the 60s and 70s and 80s with lists of music I was trying to get through for the bride and groom. Lots of old school motown sing-alongs and later in the night we tapped into a little top 40 and some 90s old school classic hip hop tunes. A little set of some indie dance rock from The Strokes, Franz, The Killers, went over really well. Closing the night out with The Stones, Tom Petty, Aretha, Sister Sledge, and the Isley Brothers. This was an amazing party and an even more amazing couple.

My personal favorite part of the night was while I was packing up all of my gear and cables, a woman approached me. At first I was thinking “oh no I didn’t play stuff she wanted or liked”. Total opposite. She said she had the best time ever and loved the music choices and tapped her foot all night long. We started talking as this made my night seriously the best compliment coming from someone you’d not expect. Turns out she was Dean’s grandmother who traveled all of the way from Colorado on her own. Sweetest lady EVER!!! Safe travels back to CO!!

Rebecca and Dean – thank you guys tons for having me be a part of this event! Best wishes to you both and we will surely be doing drinks next time I am in NY for a show!!

(OH and their photographer who I just met that night was SO awesome, SO nice, and you should check him out! Jason Kan of Kan Photography.)

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  • Mandy Connor October 14, 2015

    You did such a great job, Tom – cool, calm and collected under pressure, and that dance floor was insane!

    Dean’s Grandmother was the absolute BEST! We had the loveliest conversation about one another’s shoes right before the ceremony. What a peach! <3

    Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. You're wonderful and brilliant at what you do.


    • Thomas White October 14, 2015

      Thank you Mandy!!! You were amazing as usual at coordinating and running the day and making it all flow flawlessly!


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