Rolling on with the 4th Wedding of 2017!

Couple: Shay and Scott

Venue: Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster MA (Cape Cod)

Photo: Doug Levy

Video: Veracious Productions

Date: 5-6-17

Shay and Scott everybody! This was one of the absolute best wedding I’ve ever been a part of from start to finish. I know I’ve said that before and I’m lucky enough to be saying it again now. It is said with the utmost sincerity as well – everything about it on my end as a vendor and working with these two rocked. Shay and Scott booked me fairly early on after being familiar with my Friday 90s Night at 6B Lounge in Boston and had a sense of my style and approach to gigs and crowds so that made things a little easy as well and already broke the ice between us. We connected for a consultation meeting over drinks about a year before the wedding date itself and the rest is now history.

After chatting in person and various emails, texts, and calls we narrowed down exactly what music/vibe they were going for and just as important NOT going for. They agreed mixing up everything and focusing on the music of “our” era would be the best fit – and it worked wonders on the crowd that night. Everything from new Top 40 tracks to some old school 60s Rock N’ Roll with the 80s and 90s and early 2000s gems. I arrived to the venue as always super early that day to set up and had the chance to meet Shay and Scott’s families who were incredible and all very much into music. I was happy that Shay’s Dad is a fellow Parrothead so I was asked to sneak in some Jimmy Buffett during cocktail and dinner hours – fine by me!

The venue is truly stunning and overwhelming in the best way possible. I had DJ’d here a few years back but this time we were set up in the main mansion of the grounds. Sadly – due to weather we were not able to have the outdoor front lawn ceremony as originally planned but everything worked out great inside the mansion ballroom areas. The ceremony ended up being held inside a split off room from the reception area where I had one speaker set up in the back for microphones and music. Shay and Scott chose a pre-ceremony playlist mixed up of artists like David Gray to Jason Mraz and it went over very well as guests arrived and took their seats. Once it was go time – they wedding party and parents all entered to Van Morrison ‘Crazy Love’ and up next was Shay walking into ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ from Ingrid Michaelson. The rabbi took over from there and held a great ceremony that everyone was thoroughly engaged in. As things came to a close S&S were now officially married and walked off to Stevie Wonder’s ‘For Once In My Life’.

We moved onto cocktail hour which was held in a different ballroom/courtyard area of the mansion with some chill venue house music covering that portion of the night. While this was going on I was doing my final prep and soundchecks in the reception ballroom. As guests started to trickle in and find their tables I had some chill instrumental music going before the introductions. Once everyone was lined up and ready to go we went into announcing the parents and wedding party to ’24K’ by Bruno Mars and Shay and Scott to Kanye’s ‘Good Life. As the attention was already on them right then and there – they went into their first official dance as husband and wife to Ed Sheeran ‘Tenerife Sea’. As everyone was then seated and we moved right into speeches and toasts with an awesome dinner playlist of chill classic rock with some mellow indie folk stuff and as I said earlier some Buffett for the Parrotheads in the family! Dinner was fantastic and once that was winding down we went into parent dances to kick things off.

Shay and her father danced to Tim McGraw ‘My Little Girl’ and Scott and his mother danced to ‘Child of Mine’ from Carole King. As soon as those ended we went directly into The Hora – the Jewish traditional party song where both the bride and groom are hoisted up in their chairs with the crowd dancing in a circle around them – if you’ve never seen this before make sure to check it out on YouTube – it’s pretty crazy and amazing! This was a great way to start the actual dance party as well – with everyone on the dance floor already we dimmed down the lights, threw on the party lights and transitioned into some old school funk and soul from Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Contours, and right into the modern day funk and soul artists like Bruno & JT. I was IN LOVE with this crowd. Like, I cannot say it enough. One of the best crowds I’ve had the pleasure of playing to – they danced to every single song played throughout the night. I loved near the end of the night being able to get away with some upbeat danceable rock songs like Tom Petty, the Stones, AC/DC as well. The 90s old school hip hop and 90s Pop went over VERY well. Before I knew it – I was making my final announcement and as discussed with Shay and Scott – we ended up doing a Boston/NY-NJ mash up as Scott is from NJ and Shay is from Mass. Mixing up songs like ‘Dirty Water’ into ‘Born To Run’ was very fun to do – and everyone singing every word made it even better.

Hats off to this crowd for being AMAZING and so much fun!

CONGRATS to Shay and Scott! Thank-you SO much for having me be a part of the day.

Enjoy a video link recap from the awesome videographers that night and some quick iPhone pics from myself:

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