T-Rex goes INTERNATIONAL with Nic & James for the 10th wedding of the year!

Couple: Nic and James

Venue: Bell Hall, York England

Date: 8-5-17

This was a massive milestone and one of the most amazing events I’ve ever witnessed and been a part of! I attended and DJ’d my first ever English wedding and could not thank Nic and James enough for asking me to do so. I met them in person just over a year ago when they flew over to Boston to attend our wedding as well.

Since marrying my wife (who was also the Maid of Honor for this wedding), Melanie last summer in 2016 – I’ve yet to even make a trip over to England with her yet to see her hometown of Yorkshire. So when Nic and James set a date very far in advance and asked me to play some tunes – we secured flights and made it all happen. Logistically it was very hard and tricky for us to figure out equipment, gear, speakers, etc since I can only fly over with my MacBook with all the music. Nic and James found out though which saved us a huge deal of work their venue supplied RFC Evox speaker systems for DJ’s/Bands to use and plug into – and they were able to find the DJ controller I use and love the Pioneer DDJ-SX2.

They were awesome to work with even with the time zone differences we would message one another and facetime whenever we could to go over the timeline of the day, specific music, all of the same details and approach with a wedding I normally would be doing. I think in my head I was over analyzing it to be some completely new & different world for me – but end of the day it wasn’t. They filled out the music form I send over to every couple and asked their guests on the RSVP cards some songs they would like to hear – so from all of that I compiled their playlists over the months & it all came together better than I could have imagined!

The venue was stunning – it was an old estate with sprawling greens and well kept grounds and they utilized the entire venue which I thought was great. The ceremony was held outside in a back garden area with Nic and James in the middle and a circle of chairs filled with their closest friends and family surrounding them. Also a huge thing to note – it was a gorgeous sunny day! That is rare in England so it was great we were all able to enjoy the good weather. Ceremony kicked off with a live gospel choir singing and they sounded incredible. I had my iPhone plugged into their sound system as Nic chose Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’ for the wedding party along with herself to process the aisle. The officiant did a great job and as everyone processed from the ceremony the choir sent them over with singing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’.

Cocktail hour was held in another open garden area – with an acoustic guitar/singer playing live – live the gospel group he also sounded incredible! He did a bunch of acoustic covers of popular songs and everyone was really into it.

One thing that is different with English weddings to American – English weddings start way earlier and end much later as well. Nic and James ceremony was 12:30pm I believe whereas in America – most ceremonies start around 4pm and the entire thing is done by 11pm. The curfew for this one was midnight! I had to pace myself as we had all day and night to party still.

Once the cocktail hour concluded – guests all made their way into the teepee tent that was set up – this was SO unique and unlike anything I’ve been in before. I had some chill music going while everyone took their seats before dinner and speeches started. As I got everyone’s attention I think the overall crowd really got a laugh and a kick out of my American accent and tone. I invited Nic and James up for their first dance – which was ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran. Next up – I got to actually introduce my wife to the crowd which was awesome – as she gave her maid of honor speech. The speech was well rehearsed and not just being bias here – she crushed it. She did a sentimental little speech to start and then busted out her ukulele and did an entire song/speech to the tune of ‘All That She Wants’ by Ace of Base. My amazing sister in law, Lucie also accompanied her by playing the tambourine to the beat. The entire crowd was laughing at each line and started all clapping along. It was SO good and all the practice of it paid off. “All That She Wants is her sexy Stevens, yeahhhh”. Following that were some other speeches by parents along with groomsman and then dinner began.

While dinner was going on – Nic and James arranged for an Irish band to play some music and it was great! I loved all the live music aspects they set up for their day and night – as dinner was winding down as well people would come and go to the dance floor dancing along to the Irish band.

Before I knew it – showtime! My first ever across the pond wedding. It was surreal for me and I was actually warned a little bit earlier that week from my British family that most British weddings aren’t big crazy dance parties like the American ones I do. Well that was completely incorrect as this crowd was INCREDIBLE. I had compiled all of the music Nic and James gave to me ahead of time so mixing all of that in kept everyone moving. It was really fun for me to play British artists like the Stones, Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Fatboy Slim, while in England. A lot of the set was similar to what I would do in America too though with 80s/90s and current top 40 music. Maybe a little more Spice Girls than usual at this wedding though!

We ended the night with Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ another English group – and every single person remaining in the crowd joined into a massive circle sing-along belting out every word.

It was such an amazing experience from start to finish – getting to experience the wedding itself but also be such a big part of it. I cannot thank Nic and James enough for giving me this opportunity and to my wife and British family for partying and dancing to the music all night as well! LOVE YOU GUYS!

CONGRATS Mr. and Mrs. Stevens – you guys rock – please plan another Boston trip sometime next year!

Enjoy the iPhone pics I was able to snag during the day/night: (not pictured – my British/American cufflinks, my London socks, and my British tie – I went all out in accessories for this one!)

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  • Maggie Maltby August 23, 2017

    I was there!! And Tom (djtrex) did an amazing job, not only keeping the great music flowing but also keeping us British going with his wealth of American enthusiasm!!


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