Vermont bound for Derek & Lily!

Couple: Derek & Lily

Venue: Lake Bomoseen Lodge & Taproom, Castleton VT

Photography: Gallivan Photo

Date: 6-16-18

Anyone that knows me, knows how in love with Vermont I am. It’s SO peaceful & has some of the best food & drinks I’ve ever had in all my life. So when I was thrown the opportunity to make the drive to DJ Derek & Lily’s wedding – I did not hesitate at all. I was actually connected with these two & passed this gig on from my friend DJ Ryan Brown who had a conflicting gig, and I cannot thank him enough for sending D&L my way.

We met for coffee a few months out just to chat as usual – their vision for the night musically and flow/vibe wise. We were very much on the same page with just a mix of throwbacks and some newer stuff to keep it current. They are the nicest people ever, super chill and friendly, no stress at all. (Very Vermont feeling in that sense – laid back, chill, no worries!)

I made the drive up to the venue nice and early to allow plenty of time for the multiple set ups and sound checking everything. I will 100 percent be going back sometime next summer for a weekend, it was AWESOME. It was a restaurant & taproom with cabins and plenty of lodging on site. Derek & Lily were kind enough to book me lodging for that evening as well which helped not having to make the long drive back that night.

The reception area itself is on top of the taproom and was similar to a rustic barn feel with all wood and exposed beams. I loved the layout and the acoustics were great once I setup and soundchecked everything. D&L held the ceremony on a small island in which they had boats transfers all of their guests to & from right across the street from the venue. It was a perfect day as well which made it all the better. I had a small cocktail hour setup on a lawn/tent area by the water when everyone came back from the ceremony. Mix of some indie folk rock with a little chill classic rock, seemed to fit the setting of VT and went over well with the guests.

Guests began to trickle into the reception area where I had some chill music going to greet them. Once everyone was in and settled we announced Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Lily White to “Bring Em Out” by TI (which I can easily say I have never introduced a couple to TI before, so that was fun!) and they went directly into their first dance “Home” by Edward Sharpe which was really fun and unique. I threw on some dinner music after the speeches and toasts concluded. They wanted a very chill hip hop/R&B vibe for dinner mixed up with some chill rock tunes and funk/soul jazz based tunes. It was personally one of my favorite dinner playlists to piece together.

As soon as dinner was winding down, we dimmed the lights down & it was an open dance floor. This crowd was ready to go! Musically was geared into the 90s and early 2000s which is some of my favorite time periods of music and mixed in a little current stuff (T Swift, Ne-Yo) and old school classics. One of the highlights though was on their MUST PLAY list – “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey. Yes, in the middle of June… and it KILLED. People were loving it regardless of it being 80 degrees outside. We concluded the night with a song they chose from Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

CONGRATS Derek and Lily and thank-you for letting me hangout and party with you guys on this amazing, special day. Another huge thank-you to Ryan Brown for connecting us and getting me a trip to VT. CHEERS!!!

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