Wedding #2 of 2016 ROCKED with Liz & Zach! Check it out…

Venue: Waterworks Museum, Chestnut Hill MA

Date: 4-23-16

Couple: Liz and Zach

Photo: Alexandera Roberts Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Hummngbird Bridal & Events

Liz and Zach, can we please do this again? This wedding was an absolute blast and one of the most easy going/fun/amazing/genuine couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with. My buddy Mandy from Humming Bird Bridal connected me with these two a year or so ago. We had a consolation meeting and the rest is history. We started discussing the music basics for cocktail hour/dinner and into dancing and all of us were on the same page, seriously they made my job way too easy with how chill they were and just 100 percent trusted my judgement.

As with every couple we exchanged multiple emails once we got closer to the date to work out the ceremony music and of course all of their first/parent dances. I made a site visit with them a few months prior to the wedding as well just so I could see the layout and setup area. It was a bit of a unique layout being held in the museum but we made it all work and the end product was amazing. The catering and decorations, everything looked great.

Once the day arrived I got everything set up and sound checked nice and early. The ceremony was held on the front steps entrance to the museum using their house speakers and mic. I supplied the music playing a nice mellow mix of Vitamin String Quarter before we started, and switching over to the processional song for the wedding party and Liz herself to ‘Here Comes The Sun’ covered by Whalebone. The officiant did an awesome job, and off they went exiting the ceremony to an instrumental cover of ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift.

Cocktail hour was a mix of some old school stuff like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald with some modern chill stuff from Michael Buble and Jack Johnson type of music, and people were really enjoying it. Once that wrapped up – we lined up the entire wedding party and couple and did the introductions. The parents and wedding party were introduced to Tyrone Wells ‘Feel Good’ (side note one of the groomsman did an actual back flip for his introduction!!!) and in walked the newlyweds and went directly into their first dance ‘You & Me On Top Of The World’ also by Tyrone Wells. (Another side note and why I love doing weddings – I’d never heard of Tyrone Wells and his music is great! Love being exposed to new music through this job.)

Once the dinner service began we had the speeches and toasts underway. The dinner playlist was a little mimic of cocktail hour but mixing in a little more fun and upbeat stuff like Lumineers, Vance Joy, and some PostModern Jukebox covers of Backstreet Boys to Coolio. Always fun to play that stuff! Dinner concluded and we were into parent dances and a massive surprise planned by the couple for the entire wedding!

I was told months ago by Liz and Zach they wanted to do a Lip Sync Battle with one another and they each e-mailed me over their song choices as a surprise so the other wouldn’t know what they were doing until that night. First up was Liz doing ‘Aaron’s Party’ by Aaron Carter. I had edited all of these tracks ahead of time so they could practice exactly how long they wanted to lip sync for. Liz nailed it with the opening song but then Zach was up and blew everyone away by doing ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ by Christina Aguilera. The place went NUTS! Liz was back up though with a mesmerizing version of the ballad ‘And I Am Telling You’ by Jennifer Hudson. To round out the battle Zach went back up to sing ‘Downtown’ by Macklemore which Liz joined in on the second verse and the entire wedding party all joining in towards the end. It was hands down one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen a couple do at a wedding and super original. I am waiting to see the videos of them go viral!

At that time we were into open dance floor with another energetic and fun crowd that just made the job too easy! I’m VERY lucky to work with such awesome couples who have such awesome crowds for me to get dancing all night. It was a wide age range so I kept it moving with all modern top 40 stuff into old school 50s and 60s and touching on the 80s and 90s to try and please everyone. The old school tunes were going over really well this night and we ended the night with their song choice of a reprise of Macklemore ‘Downtown’ with everyone in the crowd singing along and jumping up and down.

Liz and Zach, just a reminder because I know you already know this – but you seriously rock. Thank-you TONS for having me play some fun music for you guys! CONGRATS!

(Another fun side note I also learned on the wedding night – Zach and I share a mutual love obsession for Dumb and Dumber. Zach – I have the soundtrack on blue and orange vinyl if you ever want to rock out to it sometime! YACK! Sorry Liz, I know you’re not a fan!)

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  • colleen April 26, 2016

    This wedding sounds so good it makes me wish I had been there.Liz and Zach congratulations and wishing you both good health and happiness always.


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