Wedding #5 of 2018 with Erinn & Kate

Couple: Erinn & Kate

Venue: Fruitlands Museum, Harvard MA

Photography: One of the best to do it – Sara Smile Photography

Catering: Fireside Catering (I’ve DJ’d several weddings Fireside has been at, incredible food! Highly suggest checking them out)

Date: 6-23-18

I met Erinn & Kate through Sara Smile Photography, who I’ve worked a ton of weddings with now over the years. It is always nice when you get to work with vendors you already know, just makes the day run even that much smoother in my opinion. As always, I met up w these two months away from the wedding date just to chat music, logistics, and make sure we were all on the same page & hopefully I was a good fit. Sure enough after chatting all the important wedding info, then realizing we shared a love for J-Crew and haunted hotels, I was booked for June 23rd, 2018.

These two are awesome. Hilarious, sarcastic, and into good music & drinks. What else do you REALLY need? We finalized their music choices wants / do not wants over emails in the months leading up to the big day, along with a final check in over coffee just to cover everything verbally again & just a good excuse to hang out and discuss more haunted hotel stories we both had.

Before I knew it, which always seems to be the case because these dates book so far in advance, all of the sudden it was show time. Loaded up the car and make the drive out to Harvard, Mass to get to the venue super early as I was logistically planning on three different multiple setups. However, this was one of those days where the rain did not seem like it would quit, so last minute call ceremony was moved into the reception tent. But who cares?! They still got married, and still had an amazing view behind them. I had some very chill instrumental tracks playing as guests all started arriving and gathering around to kick off the ceremony. The wedding party led it off to “I Feel It All” by Feist while both brides then walked into Angels & Airwaves acoustic version of “The Adventure”. The ceremony itself was great & once they were official they exited to Macklemore’s “Glorious” which was a great choice.

I led things right into cocktail hour music which was a mellow mix of indie folk rock (Lumineers, Temper Trap, Florence & The Machine, etc.) as guests grabbed apps/drinks & mingled away. I then introduced E&K to The Bleachers song “Let’s Get Married” and went directly into their first dance “First Day of my Life” by Bright Eyes. Dinner music was a mix similar to cocktail hour and I started to add in a little classic rock, funk/soul tunes to pick it up subtly to lead into dance party. Both Erinn & Kate danced with their Dad’s and this opened up the dance floor. Their crowd was nothing short of awesome & packed it from start to finish. Mixing up some funk/soul classics with some 80s and 90s gems along with some indie dance rock from Arcade Fire, Alt J, and Passion Pit. After months of discussion and trying to decide – they landed on “Hold On” by Wilson Philips to close the night out with a massive group sing-along.

A massively successful day. Thank-you to Sara Smile for sending these two incredible humans my way, and thanks to Erinn & Kate for trusting me to give you guys the best musical choices for this huge day in your lives. You both rock, CONGRATS & let’s plan a haunted hotel weekend soon (while decked out in J Crew, obviously).

Disclaimer: I always take a picture with each couple I work with at the end of the night, however Erinn & Kate vanished & changed so quickly I missed the photo opp in their dresses!

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