Wedding #6 of the season, Heather & Paul! #GettinChizzyWithIt

Venue: The Pierce House, Lincoln MA

Date: 6-25-16

Couple: Heather & Paul Chisolm

So this was my first wedding back post my wedding a few weeks earlier on June 11th and man oh man I was ready to go! I had been connected and working with Heather and Paul for about a year now. We met for drinks to start and they were so easy going and chill – it made my job honestly too easy in a way! I was waiting to see where the “glitches” would be with them haha but there were none. So easygoing and an awesome couple all around.

I did what I always do and over the months leading up to the big day we circulated emails back and forth just organizing music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, etc. and the timeline of the day itself. Heather & Paul were great – they made Spotify playlists to share with me of music ideas/suggestions they wanted during the night from country to 80s dance jams and some new school top 40. We even did a site visit together of the venue ahead of time just to go over set up and all of the logistics.

Wedding day arrived and off to the Pierce House I went. I had a small set up outside (one PA speaker and wireless mic for the officiants) for their ceremony by the pond which was gorgeous. Running the music from iPhone – Heather had sent me over some instrumental MP3s of a few country songs for pre-ceremony while guests were being seated and I mixed those in with some Vitamin String Quartet songs. The ceremony started and the bridal party all entered to an instrumental version of Beyone’s “Halo” and Heather walked into “Here Comes the Bride”. They couldn’t have had better weather, the ceremony was great!

Cocktail hour was a blend of some mellow country tunes with old school jazzy music from Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra, and some Postmodern Jukebox covers of modern day pop songs which always go over well with the crowds once they recognize the songs. I then rounded up the wedding party and got introductions underway. The wedding party were all introduced to Will Smith’s “Getting Jiggy With It” to pair with the hashtag of the wedding #GettinChizzyWithIt – awesome song choice. Heather & Paul were then introduced to “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé & Jay-Z. They went directly into their first dance “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett. I wasn’t familiar with the song before but it was really great for that moment!

Dinner was underway and the music was still a similar mix of cocktail hour with some country tunes but now mixing in some mellow classic rock that Paul also wanted like Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. We had a few speeches and toasts which were all really well done and had some great laughs of stories of Heather and Paul. Once dinner was wrapping up we did the cake cutting to Maroon 5’s “Sugar” and then right into parent dances. Heather danced with her father to “One Call Away” by Charlie Pluth and then we had a huge surprise for Paul’s mother and their dance. Kate and Rich had practiced and brought their guitars and mics – and did a live version of LeeAnn Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”. It was SO GOOD and the crowd loved it. Really nice surprise for Paul’s mom.

And at that time – it was open dance floor! The crowd was an absolute 10 out 10 and were dancing all night long. Started out old school with some Sly and the Family Stone, Beatles, etc. and off into the 80s, 90s, and top 40, and back to the old school to close the night out. Some of the biggest sing alongs of the night were Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and “Shout” from the Isley Brothers.

Seriously – a top notch wedding and crowd all around. Thank you Mr & Mrs Chisholm for having me and congrats! Enjoy the honeymoon and Italy – we will recap over drinks soon!




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