Wedding Recap #2 of 2017 season!

Couple: Elana and Pete

Venue: Seaport Hotel, Boston MA

Photography: Person and Killian Photo

Videography: Next Level Films

Date: 2-25-17

This. Was. AMAZING! Elana and Pete’s wedding was my biggest wedding I’ve DJ’d to date; I believe pushing a crowd of 250 or more guests at a gorgeous venue in the Seaport area of Boston. To start from the beginning – I was introduced to these two from Elana’s sister Stephanie who I’ve known for a few years now. We had a consultation meeting over drinks and chatted music and vibe and before I knew it they emailed me wanting to book and confirm me a year later for their date in February of 2017. I had a blast getting to know both of them and work with them to bring all of their musical ideas to life on the big day. (Pete and I in particular really bonded over the classic old school hip hop golden era which I was able to incorporate during the dance party!)

I met with the wedding coordinator of the venue a couple of months before the date of the actual wedding to just do a walk through of where we will be setting up and specifics of loading in and out, etc. After a few more meetings with Elana and Pete and several emails over the months leading up, it was suddenly February 25th and time to party! I loaded the car up and as always to calm my OCD lol arrived to the venue insanely early so I have more than enough time to cover all of the set ups and soundchecks in the different areas. This venue was SO easy to load in and out from – pull right up and the ballroom we would be in was right there, so nice when that happens!

We had a couple of different locations and set ups for this day but all in the same overall area so it was a breeze. The ceremony was held in a room off to the left of the main ballroom reception area so I had set up in there to start. Two QSC K12’s to cover the larger crowd and all of the music was played directly from my phone. Elana had selected the pre-ceremony music as a mix of Vitamin String along with David Gray & John Legend. Once we began the ceremony – Elana had me edit the song ‘All This Time’ from OneRepublic which would play out for the groomsman & Pete, parents and children to enter, all of the bridesmaids, and it was timed perfectly Elana would then walk the aisle near the end of the song at a specific lyric. We had gone over the time signatures a few times and nailed it! The ceremony was very well done and the Justice of Peace did a fantastic job. Once everything was done and they had said “I Do” – they exited the ceremony to Diana Ross “Can’t Hurry Love” and we all headed out into the hotel hallway area for cocktail hour.

I had another pair of QSC speakers set up out here running a playlist off my phone. Elana and Pete opted to go for a more fun and upbeat cocktail hour mix from Justin Timberlake and The Chainsmokers while mixing in some old funk and soul for good measure as well. People were really digging that playlist and set the tone for the massive party that was about to take place.

While everyone was enjoying the cocktail hour I ran back into the ballroom for a final soundcheck and final run through of my upcoming announcements. The crowd started to slowly trickle in and find their seats and I kept the vibe similar to cocktail hour as they did so. Up next were the introductions, I started out by introducing a mutual friend of Elana and Pete (to the song Picture Me Rollin’ by 2Pac nonetheless!) and he took over to MC the introduction of the bride and groom to ‘Uptight” by the one and only Stevie Wonder. With the attention all on them from the introduction they went directly into their first dance Bruce Springsteen’s ‘If I Should Fall Behind’. Once that concluded and everyone was seated we rolled into speeches and dinner music. The dinner vibe they wanted was a little more on the classic rock side with some funk/soul and to appeal to Pete’s hip hop side I was playing some old funk originals which our 80s/90s stars all sampled in their songs.

With dinner coming to an end Elana and Pete did the cake cutting with the back to back parent dances leading right into the most epic of dance parties! Elana danced with her father to ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder and Pete danced with his mother to ‘Days Like This’ from Van Morrison. Two awesome selections and I kicked the dance party off with some classic old school Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield to get everyone up and involved and from there ventured into modern top 40, 80s/90s unforgettable gems and the crowd was absolutely insane and a blast to play to. They were eating up the old school hip hop later on in the end and we closed the night down with some danceable rock sing alongs from Tom Petty, The Stones, S.O.B. by Nathaniel Rateliff along with the Isley Brothers ‘Shout’.

A massive thank-you again to Stephanie for connecting me with this – hands down one of the most wild and fun weddings I’ve ever been a part of!! Cannot wait to see the final video and pictures.

CONGRATS to Elana and Pete, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME! I wish you guys all the best!!!

Below are my several iPhone photos to briefly relive the night:

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