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Hey everyone! Hope the summer is treating you well. As usual I’ve been absent from blogging but better late than never.

First up we have Caroline & Joseph’s wedding which took place June 21st at Curtis Farm in Wilton, New Hampshire. This was my first time at the venue and it was stunning. The views and landscape were gorgeous especially with the sun setting after the ceremony. They had live music for the outdoor ceremony and an acoustic singalong of “That’s What’s Up” by Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros. I provided wireless mic and amplification for the ceremony along with their recessional song after the “I do’s ” were said.

Cocktail hour was unlike anything I’ve ever seen or been a part of. As the guests of over 200 people started making their way into the tent and I was playing chill background music a 14 piece live brass marching band came down the hill with Caroline & Joseph leading them as their introduction. It was AWESOME! The crowd had no idea this was happening and even though I was in on it I was still surprised myself. They had the place rocking and dancing for a good hour before we went into speeches and dinner service. As the dinner portion of the night was finishing we all headed back outside the tent where I had a wireless mic and sound set up and the newlyweds gave a very heartwarming thank-you toast as the sun was setting behind the mountains.

Before you know it, it was time for dancing and I was on. The couple and I worked out an awesome playlist of new, old, and a lot of indie dance tunes (Of Monsters & Men, Lumineers, etc.). The crowd was fantastic and danced to any and everything thrown at them. Tons of energy and positivity all over the dance floor. Had an absolute blast working with these two and can’t thank them enough for having me as a part of this special day. Congrats C&J!



July 5th brings us to Emma & Chris’s wedding at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, MA.  I was lucky enough to have this wedding booked out about a year in advance from my friend Naomi who is Emma’s sister. I had met with the couple a few times and after all the email exchanges I knew this one was going to be an absolute party and it was. We lucked out big time with weather considering the day before on 4th of July was basically a hurricane and total wash out in Boston and Mass. I arrived to the venue several hours early as usual to start setting up sound and wireless mics for the ceremony and soundcheck everything. I was a little intimidated being that Chris is huge into music, knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t want, but it all worked out great. I’ve done weddings at this venue before and love the outdoor garden ceremony area. Chris & Emma had a little brass quartet playing live for the ceremony it sounded fantastic.

Cocktail hour was outside right by the main tent where dinner & dancing was held. I played chill background tunes Chris has picked out and what was great about this was I got introduced to some new artists I’d never heard before. One of my faves was the Bill Frisell album “All We Are Saying” which is instrumental covers of Beatles songs. Highly recommend giving this a listen! We then went into introductions and the first dance of the newlyweds before the dinner service. I was introduced to another band they had chosen for cake cutting called The Old 97’s. 

The dance party was awesome! Everyone was moving to the soul and funk tunes along with some classics from the 80s, 90s, and of course top 40 hits of today. I love when people come up to me at the end of the night complaining they have no voice left and cannot move from dancing too much. I even slowed it down at one point and played Earth Angel from the Back to the Future movie. Chris & Emma thank you tons for having me and congrats to you both!


C&E 1st dance


Craig & Erin are up next. I’ve known this couple for a few years now and have been very fortunate enough to DJ several weddings of this core group of friends which all kicked off in 2011 with John & Anna. The wedding was held June 26th at The Publick House Inn, Sturbridge MA. I loved this venue! Gorgeous and historic and a great layout. I set up music and everything for the ceremony held outside and it was an absolute gorgeous day. The ceremony was perfect and I had all the songs they wanted but I have to say the two of them walking off together for the recessional to Brass Bonanza The Hartford Whalers winning theme song was hands down one of the top most fun & random songs I’ve seen a couple choose! The crowd loved it.

Cocktail hour was held in a smaller room right near the dinner and dancing and from that we went right into the introductions, first dance, and toasts. The vendor meal provided was some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had (prime rib!) one of my all time favorites! The dance party started and I didn’t want it to end at all. This group is and was amazing to say the least. I love being able to play a crazy eclectic mix of all genres and time periods. Ending the night with REO Speedwagon “Roll With the Changes”  was a blast and led into a great after party. The couple was gracious enough to set me up with a hotel room on site and I was able to join everyone post wedding to hang out and have some laughs. See you guys all in October for Keith & Lauren’s wedding! Craig & Erin congrats and thanks so much for having me rock your party!



Last wedding recap for now is Miranda and Jon which was held August 8th at the Boston Public Library. I have wanted to get into this venue for a while now to do a wedding and it finally panned out. Miranda and Jon were so much fun to work with and get to know and build a friendship with over the last several months. I set them up with sound and wireless mics for the ceremony which is held at the library’s outdoor courtyard. They had live piano for ceremony music which sounded great.

I took over for introductions leading into dinner and it was great because they wanted a lot of the indie acoustic folk music which I am into myself. This was also one of the best vendor meals I’ve had. Amazing food and if anyone knows me I love food and love to eat! The dancing part of the evening was held in a smaller room right near by so I had to do some quick shuffling of equipment with my assistant helping me thankfully and was then rocking the party. Miranda wanted to kick things off with Party in the USA by Miley and it set the tone that this was just going to be a fun let it all out night. I was reading the crowd and taking requests switching into some 80s and 90s tunes along with oldies like “Shout” by The Isley Brothers and “Do You Love Me” by the Countours. The couple had a special request of ending the night with the classic R Kelly “Ignition (Remix)” . I feel like a broken record but this was one of the best weddings I’ve been a part of and the couple and crowd were all genuinely awesome! Thanks Miranda & Jon again for having me and a huge congratulations to you both!



All for now people! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more recaps as August, September, and October are jam packed with upcoming weddings.

Thank you also for those coming out on Friday nights still to 6B Lounge for 90s night and keeping it alive and well. This month (August) marks 4 years of this themed night being packed and filled every Friday. Thanks again!




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